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Coat & Eyes:
Her primary color is a creamy, off-white tan that extends from her toes to just above her hocks/ankles in the rear and to mid way up her shoulders in the front. This color also covers her underbelly, the underside of her tail, forms a small patch at her throat and base of her lower jaw line and fills the insides of her ears. Her secondary color is a soft brownish grey which covers the tip of her muzzle, creates a sort of raccoon-esque mask around her eyes with tapered ends along her cheeks, fills the small spot between her eyes, as well as covers the back of her head running partially down her neck scruff and also creates a sort of skirt like covering that starts at her spine on her lower back and fans out and down over her haunches. Her tertiary color is a dark, smokey gray which frames over her head like a hood, spans over her cheeks, down over her shoulders and blankets along her back, tapering to a point before melding into the dove gray. This dark gray also tips her tail.The quaternary color is the least extensive on her body, a reddish-brown, that only colors the backs of her ears, fringes her cheeks, makes a wide strip across the bridge of her muzzle, covers the top side of her tail and occasionally peppers randomly into the dark gray of her coat pattern. Her eyes are a bright icy blue. In optime form, which is also her preferred form, her hair is long and straight, about mid-back length, and primarily colored brown with accents of deeper brown at the ends.
*This description is written from a right facing profile perspective, in lupus form.

Belongings & Apparel:
* Light leather cloak with detachable hood.
* Leather knife belt and sheath.
* Bone hunting knife with wrapped leather cord grip.
* Basic survival tools (flint & steel, rope, wax, canteen, etc.)
* Rudimentary first aid supply kit.
* Two fur blankets.
* Parchment and writing utensils.
* Small hand carved wooden dinnerware set.
* Rusty metal trinket box with various raw gems and minerals inside.
* Dented, hand held candle lantern.
* Small glass vial of dried herbs.
* Old, weather worn, leather bound book with most of the original ink smudged away (blank pages) with a single dried, pressed Columbine flower in the middle pages.

* A thin gold chain necklace with a small rough cut, blue topaz gem pendant.
* Rough hewn pewter, bangle ankle bracelet (usually worn on left ankle).

Moriko's personality is a mix of sugary sweet and boldly spicy.

See Wiki for more details!

*Exact details of personality to be determined and worked out by adoptive player with collaboration from Westy!
Born in Alaska and raised alongside two siblings, Moriko had a fairly uneventful childhood. There was nothing special of note when it came to her family, and this was something she always felt bored with. There was never anything exciting or different to provide any kind of interesting dynamic. Her life was pretty much that of your "average Jane". So, when she was old enough to leave home, Moriko set out to explore the world seeking excitement and anything that would enrich and spice up her mediocre life.

Just shortly before her first birthday in her travels East, Moriko met an intriguing and very alluring young female named Jade. The two young ladies bonded quickly and traveled together for a time. It was Jade whom started the first spark of many that led to an inferno of excitement that became Moriko's life. Jade was confident, intelligent and everything Moriko wanted to be. She showed Moriko an entirely new world she never knew existed and she soon came to idolize the older woman and even began to develop romantic interest in her friend. Before anything could truly take off between them however, circumstances forced the two ladies to part ways.

The girls promised to find each other again some day and that promise forever haunted the back of Moriko's mind as she continued on in the world, her eyes now opened to all the new possibilities ahead of her. She continued her explorations of the lands to the North and a bit to South for a year and a half, living as a loner, discovering herself and picking up a few new skills and friends along the way. One such friend was yet another alluring female named Ravanna Feyrune. The dark pelted beauty was mysterious, dark and deeply passionate and it was not long before the two of them formed the very kind of relationship that Moriko had once sought with Jade. The two became lovers and traveled together. Ravanna continued to "educate" Moriko in the ways of the world, only the lessons she learned from the Feyrune woman were almost always darker, more sinister in nature than anything Jade had ever shown her. After about a year, Ravanna's attitude towards Moriko, whom up until this point she had wrapped around her paw, changed and the woman began to become overly possessive, controlling and insisting that Moriko participate in morally 'shady' activities in which she did not agree with. Partially out of fear and partially out of not knowing any other way of living anymore, Moriko stayed with Ravanna despite the ever growing discomfort in her relationship.

It wasn't until one night during one of Ravanna's usual less than pious schemes that Moriko witnessed her lover commit murder in order to achieve her goal (which was to steal valuable goods, -mainly alcohol and drugs, from a traveling band of gypsy folk) that Moriko knew the depths to which Ravanna had sank. Amidst the chaos of the heist, Moriko fled her companion, even as she heard Ravanna calling for help as she had been captured by the very people she'd tried to thieve from. She never looked back.

Her life had now become too exciting for her liking and desperate to find peace of mind and to leave her past and all the horrible things she'd done in it while under the manipulated command of Ravanna, Moriko's mind once more turned to the comfort and warm, positive memories of her old friend, Jade. She spent the next 6 months tracking down the woman. Her search led her to Nova Scotia where she sent for her old friend after word from a loner that Jade was in a local pack. As Moriko had hoped, Jade responded swiftly to her summons and just like that, almost as if no time had passed since their last meeting, the two hit it off again. Moriko told Jade of everything she'd endured and Jade was there, always ready to help her good friend leave the darkness behind and see the light that still lie within reach ahead.

The two women traveled side by side, just like old times, leaving behind the lands of 'Souls and the old spark between them reignited leading into a new chapter in Moriko's life. Together, with Jade, Moriko regained more of her old, sweet self, but some of the darker qualities she'd picked up from her ex-lover could not be easily erased. Even so, Jade accepted her as she was and loved her all the same. Jade even gifted her a new animal companion, a kitten she'd hand raised, named Greymalkin (Mal for short) so she'd never be lonely.

After about a year or so, the two decided to return to Nova Scotia. But along the way, tragedy struck. A brutal winter storm separated the two females on dangerous, snowy cliff side. Thundersnow caused an avalanche that swept Jade away from Moriko and ended up knocking Moriko out. When she came to, battered and bruised, Moriko could not find Jade no matter how hard she searched. Finally after many exhausting, emotional days, Moriko succumbed to the probability that her dear friend had not survived and with a broken heart forced herself to continue her trek onward, for that's what Jade would have wanted. By some miracle, Mal had survived the avalanche and remains a reminder of the warmth once shared with Jade. Moriko now wanders the wild of 'Souls, downtrodden, but surviving, seeking companionship and a pick me up to reignite the light in her life.
Parents: Kirito (Father) & Alacria (Mother)
Siblings: Silas (Older Brother), Aeon (Younger Sister)
Lover: Jade Nightwalker (Presumed Dead)
Ex-Lover: Ravanna Feyrune


Greymalkin (Cat)
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