Ravanna Feyrune

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In Character

Female 07 Dec 2013
100% Gray Wolf Ortus
Fur & Coloration:
Ravanna is rather plain when it comes to her coloration. Her primary coat is a rich, jet black that in certain light catches in an almost iridescent manner, similar to that of a raven's feathers. Barely noticeable unless looking for it, are secondary undertones of rich chocolate brown. Sparse flecks of silver intermix with her otherwise dark pelt. Her eyes are a vivid, almost fluorescent magenta with just a hint of red nearest her pupils. Her long, thick, luxurious wavy hair is the same iridescent black and dark chocolate brown as the undertones in her fur. She wears it loose and cascading down her back and flowing over her shoulders, with a chunk of bangs partially side-parted so as to fall mysteriously over her left eye. Mostly covered by her fur are a small networking of thin web-like scars along her back from a time when she was held captive and whipped repeatedly for her wrongdoings. There is more silver in her fur here than anywhere else on her body. Any other scars remain well healed and hidden in her pelt.

Apparel & Accessories:
* A thick, black leather cloak with bellowing sleeves and deep-set hood.
* A black cord necklace with a rusted silver pendant in the shape of a spider, inlayed with a small cracked ruby in the arachnid's abdomen.
* An onyx ring with a raven engraved on it usually worn upon her left ring-finger.
* A single set of five rough silver rings formed to create caps over her digits, essentially elongating her natural claws, and reinforcing them with metal.

* Two bone daggers with red dyed leather wrapped around the hilts (hiding two poison dipped spikes on the pommel).
* Two thigh sheathes (one for each dagger).
* A small leather pack with various survival tools and essentials.
* A blanket made from the pelt of a black bear.
* A small vial of home-made perfume.
* An even smaller vial containing a poison/neurotoxin carefully extracted from various toxic plants, mixed with snake venom.
* A piece of rose quartz crystal naturally formed into what appears to be the shape of an open rose blossom.

Overall Traits: Intelligent, observant, witty, perceptive, bold, alluring, devious, impatient, mysterious, provocative, secretive, multi-skilled, ambitious, stubborn, mildly petty, competitive, reliable, moody, aloof, independent.

On The Outside: Enigmatic, dark, cold, calculating, quiet, cunning, dangerous, manipulative, abrasive, ruthless, malicious, sadistic, deceptive, sarcastic, distrusting, willful, self-destructive, nihilistic, corrupt, wicked, controlling, narcissistic, hedonistic, disturbed, impulsive, obsessive, paranoid, power-hungry.

On The Inside: Passionate, protective, fiercely loyal, self-critical, self-hating, complex, conflicted, afraid, confused, emotional, lonely, unsure, tormented, contemplative, flighty, cowardly, desperate, grim, regretful, insecure, timid, seeking warmth, love and light.
Born quite literally into a life of chaos, crime and hate, it's no wonder Ravanna turned out the way she has. A product of her upbringing, Raven is a being condemned by cold and darkness. See her Wiki for the full story!
She has disowned any and all of her blood relations and does not speak of them to many. She will not admit she has a soft spot for one of them.

Ex-Lover: Moriko

Adder: A pitch black, intimidating, Thoroughbred stallion. Stands 17 hands and is very temperamental with strangers. (NPC)
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