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Male 17 Aug 2016
Jackal Non-Luperci

Robine is a grey male jackal with deep bright green eyes. His coat is covered with many white, black, and ginger markings- which are especially noticeable on his chest and stomach- giving him a slight resemblance to a Robin bird. His fur is feathery yet rough to the touch, as he doesn't spend a lot of time keeping his pelt clean or neat. He has a crooked tail- but it's barley noticeable.
Robine has a small scar over his muzzle, which stretches over his right eye, along with a few more on his left shoulder. His ears are large and nicked, the tufts of fur around them thick and long. He usually has a rather sly, cocky look on his face. His muzzle is weirdly thin, and his whiskers are prickly to the touch. He has polydactylism- along with some strangely long legs. He often wears feathers in his fur, and his face can often be seen painted with random berries and/or flowers.
Robine is slender, long-limbed and could even be considered boney by most... It's clear at first glance that he doesn't eat nearly enough. He has small paws, the claws tiny and short, which are practically worthless in a fight. [He avoids violence at all costs, either way.] His mouth, on the other hand, is something to watch out for. His teeth are strong, big and sharp, with a long tongue to go along with it.

Robine has the scent of pine, grass, berries, and smoke.

Robine- based off of first impression- is very kind, light-hearted and generous. He's a caring canine at heart, and will often do whatever he can to help others, even in the smallest of ways. Despite what he went through as a young pup, he tries his best to stay positive and leave every person he meets happier and better off than before. Though, it's not to say he's a man of all good [which can be obvious by first glance to some-- he gives a strange vibe at times.].
He can and will use his trust-worthy demeanor to his advantage. Though he is kind, he can also be extremely manipulative, arrogant, and controlling. He has a strong belief in Uresha, a religion his birth-pack introduced him to as a younger pup. He has since devoted his life to said religion [and can often be found spouting out random stuff referencing it], and strongly believes no canine is truly happy unless they, too, put their faith into it.
He isn't the type to go out of his way to harm “non-believers”, though. He's just a canine who wants to spread the happiness and acceptance he feels in life- But he's a bit demanding about it, is all. His family was banished from his pack for not believing when he was still a younger pup. His birth-pack, as much as he loves it, has shaped him to think that non-believers will spread unhappiness and violence in the world, and will be punished by Glaaquir when they see fit.
Robine does not want this for anyone, and tries his best to get them to believe. He wants them to be just as happy as he is.

Likes: Birds, humidity, foggy days, sand/dust/dirt, the smell of wet grass, Uresha/Glaaquir, the night sky, meeting new people.
Dislikes: People who refuse Uresha, cowards, clinginess, bugs and worms, the heat, abandoned cities/towns [Gives him weird vibes.].

Robine is rather good at scouting/searching and manipulating others. He isn't the best hunter-- and a terrible fighter. If you can't beat em physically, gotta do it mentally, i suppose.

Robine was born to Dove and Tiger, alongside Daisy and Falcon, as members of a pack who went by "Canines of Purity". It was a Pack completely devoted to 'Uresha'. While Robine was completely hooked on the concept of Uresha, his family was not, and very often expressed their disliking for it. This caused a great divide in their relationship. Robine often attempted to pressure his family into believing- which resulted in many arguments- a part of the reason being because he knew they would be punished otherwise.
It wasn't long before the pack did find out, though. Non-believers are not allowed within the pack. Once you are found out, you are banished.... Or maybe even killed. Robine was heartbroken over his newfound lack of family, but Uresha was there to comfort him through all his troubles. Though his family holds a special place in his heart- despite their rocky relationship- he holds no grudge against the pack for what they did.
As an older canine, Robine quickly went up the ranks. His strong belief in Uresha made him very much loved and trusted by the pack. Some even believed he was a reincarnated Gaaquir. Robine soon decided he wanted to help spread Uresha. He wanted to spread the love and acceptance he felt from it. And after a quick chat with his pack leader, he was off to wonder and spread the religion he loved so much.
His leader required that he take another pack member with him, though- and that is why Gator lingers by his side. They have been traveling for many months, and though they are often hungry, they refuse to stop their journey or turn back. Robine doesn't really plan on permanently joining any other pack. The first thing on his mind is Uresha. That's all that matters to him.
Maybe something can later change his mind?

Dove, mother | Tiger, father
Daisy, sister | Falcon, brother
[current status of all are unknown. Assumed dead]

Gator, Friend
Robine has a younger pup friend, Gator. [Who im bringing in as an NPC, if that's ok.] It's unknown whether they are related or not. The pup is a similar pale brown to Robine, but with amber eyes, and without as much ginger and black. His fur is unkept- missing in some places, even- his ears are strangely large, and his teeth are very crooked. Robine spends a lot of time teaching him the ways of Uresha.

'Uresha' (your-e-sha), is a religion about balance and finding happiness in one's life. Non-believers are seen as those who are only there to bring darkness and unhappiness to the world.
They worship Glaaquir (Glack-qeer), who was basically the god of said religion. They are often described as a large black wolf with icy blue eyes, whos limbs fade at the ends. It's basically your normal religion-- they pray and stuff. They also sacrifice small prey to Glaaquir, and paint their fur with crushed up berries/flowers.