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Wolf Ortus
Cyndral stands at 6 foot and 7 inches and weighs in at 250lbs, her fur is based in black but is so richly highlighted in browns and reds that she is often considered to be a brown wolf. The darker shades of black and gray of her colors are most noticeable on her chest, stomach and insides of her arms and legs where sunlight rarely kisses her frame. While she is obviously female with healthy curves she is still strongly built with clearly defined muscle on her arms and especially her legs, the results of many years of running, hunting, and training for battle.
Cyndral’s hair is mostly free floating along her back but for the lengths that would creep onto her face which she wears braided and pulled back to the center of the backside of her skull, held there by leather string. Shining out from behind bangs cut at an angle are her eyes, bright and crisp gold with flecks of orange throughout the irises that can’t help but to sparkle through the thick dark mask that is her fur.
Each of Cyndral’s ears sports a hole the size of an acorn through which you can see clear through unless she’s otherwise decorated them. Clipped to the top of her right ear is a single feather that she has kept with her since her very first hunt and kill as a young adult. No matter the occasion or location she is never without the quiver of arrows that peaks out from behind her left shoulder while the tip of her bow, when not in use, can be spotted over her right having been slung over her back the opposite direction of the quiver.

Openly to all, and especially wolves she is not very familiar with, she seems to be serious and cold. A face she has learned to put on in order to receive the respect a wolf with her experience deserves despite her gender. This sometimes repels wolves she would have liked to know but comforts herself in the thought that if they were too quick to judge then they were not wolves she would want to be friends with. Cyndral is very goal oriented and focused when she feels she has a mission or a purpose, often pushing herself beyond her own natural limits just to ensure the ones she cares about are well taken care of.
Once a friendship has been established it is plain to see that she is truly a sweet and nurturing wolf, eager to give to others before taking for herself. While she may not be warm and affectionate in public even with her siblings or parents once there is privacy to be had she is quick to give her loved ones hugs and hold them tight preferring to keep this between just them and in doing so making it more special. Cyndral has no problem giving credit where it is due and even complementing others when she feels they have earned one but she just as easily gives criticism. Criticisms are usually given in hopes of helping the other to achieve better but due to her detached outward appearance this can often be mistaken for bullying or even acting as if she were better than another but never has she ever intended for it to be such.
Cyndral is the third and last of three daughters born between two litters shared by her parents Horstan and Kristene. Though she was the youngest she was the strongest and sturdiest of the three from day one, both of her older sisters leaning toward the more glamorous side of being female. As the closest thing to a son Horstan would ever have he developed a very tight knit bond with his youngest, teaching her his skills when hunting and in doing so passing on valuable life lessons she has lived by every day since. The closeness between her father and herself did not mean she and her mother weren’t close, in fact she would grow to consider her mother her very first best friend and found it a struggle to leave her mother behind when she found it was time to disembark. While she had loved her sisters dearly they had never been close, the oldest two so similar in personalities she only seemed to clash.
In the end it was an argument she shared between herself and the eldest two that drove her away. Softly she said her goodbyes to her parents one evening while her siblings were away, choosing to spend her last moments within the pack happily rather than arguing with the two beauty queens who always seemed to outshine her achievements with their beauty alone. There were several times she nearly settled down in a pack only to find no one willing to give her a chance, judged too quickly by her caution to latch on to others instantly. Cyndral refused to fall in love at first sight (with a single wolf or an entire pack), finding it necessary to think through every action and thought first.
A little over a year has passed and she has grown tired of being a lone wolf, the thought of starting a pack of her own had crossed her mind but all the land she would have chosen was previously claimed and without a partner and no desirable property there was little to form the pack around herself. Instead she has set her eyes on a pack in which she can contribute and be a valued member given more than a passing glance due to beautifully average looks and thick shell.
Father: Horstan
Mother: Kristene
Siblings: Michone (Sister)
Saundra (Sister)
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