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did the wine make her dream - Octavius Poer de Angelo - 7 September 2014


Let me know if I need to change any assumptions, etc.

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He'd heard of a Vináttan come to the borders with gifts or items to trade -- and sought her out now, friendly and eager. He was happy to meet anyone new and provide a good impression of Krokar, or at least make friends. He, too, wanted to learn a little more about Farina's pack and perhaps ask this trader how she was doing.

Octavius wasn't certain where the trader had set up "shop" and so merely wandered what parts of the territory he thought most protected, where she might be trusted. The village was one such place -- a vulnerable area, but one with the most traffic. And he was a good guardian, one who'd proven himself before; there wouldn't be trouble.

When he grew confused and tired of looking, the great white behemoth paused and let up a howling bark, asking where she might be.

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Re: did the wine make her dream - Carya Aston - 9 September 2014

She had taken the liberty to set up camp north of everyone's dens, and houses and settled herself in tying the horses up and casually sipping on some whiskey, of which was already almost gone. Carya's head spun around at the sound of a call for her and a perky little smile came to her scarred face, milky white teeth shining out against her cream colored fur.

As she rose, she wobbled a bit then flickered her tail and approached the white male, her eyes adjusting to the shade of his coat, and she could almost be called gawking from how she stared at him. His muscles were huge, and he was just a behemoth of a man! She assessed him for a few moments, flickered an ear and looke up at him with blue eyes. Howdy! she called out, a fresh smile plastered on her face. Carya Aston of Vinatta.

Sauntering her way towards him with large strides she extended her hand towards him, ready to embrace his larger hand with a dainty little hand. Hopefully he wouldn't crush her small hand, and she internally winced at the thought.

Re: did the wine make her dream - Octavius Poer de Angelo - 12 September 2014


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A shape stirred at the edge of his vision -- and Octavius wondered why he hadn't smelled her or her alcohol. He watched her as she stood, unsteady on her feet but jolly in her approach. She wavered when she reached him, lovely blue eyes set in a tilted head peering at him. He grinned broadly in hopes she would not be frightened by his height, but she introduced herself and thrust out a small hand in greeting.

Carefully, Octavius took it -- dwarfed in his own fingers, which grasped hers delicately. He was a gentle giant -- and while clumsy in his own actions, he was very careful around other, smaller Luperci. I'm Octavius Poer de Angelo, he said in parallel to her own greeting, of Krokar. Which, uhhh, you already know, I guess. His smile was crooked and awkward, but he dropped her hand and beamed down at her.

It's good to meet you! he woofed. I -- my friend Farina is from Vinátta. Er, lives in Vinátta. She's an -- Ar-uh-dee.

Realizing that he was making a fool out of himself, his already slow and slurred speech further butchered, he scratched at the nape of his neck and cleared his throat as if announcing he was starting over. So you're -- uh, a trader? Whatcha got? He smiled again, friendly but tentative.

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Re: did the wine make her dream - Carya Aston - 13 September 2014

Carya wa pretty sure if he wished e could crush her head with his hand, and smiled at the thought pressing her mind, alcohol buzzing around and blue eyes peering into his big red ones. He had introduced himself and dropped her hand easily, and said he was from Krokar which she already knew, at which point Carrie stifled a giggle, in doing so giggle snorted partially.

its nice ya meet ya Octavius! voice was a bit louder as her buzz intensified the longer she stood, the mention of Farina and she immediately grew a large grin and could see why the two of them were friends. Well I shoulda figured you and Farina would be friends! she paused, gave a small laugh then explained. you both are quite large! changing the subject she says with full curiosity; how y'all meet? She's one of my best friends! so matter-of-factly Carya wagged her tail.

Then the subject was changed again and Carrie grinned even wider, ears pricking up as she flipped her hair with a hand and quickly spun around to saunter back to her camp where the alcohol and trading tools awaited. Follow me Mr. Octavius! and she would lead him back to her camp, just a short walk. Say, do you like wine? a questioned eyebrow rose, as she turned to him slightly with curious blue eyes. He was handsome, she thought to herself.

Re: did the wine make her dream - Octavius Poer de Angelo - 20 September 2014



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A laughing snort flared from her nostrils, but her cream face and blue eyes were not unkind. She was very pretty, if clearly a bit tipsy. He wasn't the most adept at reading others, but sloppy speech and booming volume was evidence enough she'd dipped into her own wares. More resolute about being careful around her, he chuckled then pricked small ears at mention of his pal.

Well, I'm way taller, bu I think she could kick my butt if she wanted, Octavius boasted. Their last match in the sea had ended in panting and weak shoves, a tie if there ever was one, but Octy doubted it would be the same were he on her bad side. But, um, we met when I was -- I was alone and, I was a bit down and just needed a friend, he said, speech a bit more rushed and slurred and clumsy as a result. So she showed up. Like an angel or something. His grin was huge and twisted in the irony of his words; Farina would just chastise him for comparing her to the supernatural like he seemed to have a habit of doing everything else. But yeah, she's -- she's great, he added, and blew air from his jowls because his face was oddly hot. Was he standing in the sun?

Flamboyant, Carya pranced from their meeting place to her goods, speaking of wine and drawing another short laugh from the giant. Yeah, sure. I'm a lightweight, um, with alcohol. He physically restrained tongue between teeth before he clumsily babbled about weight, and crossed muscled arms over a broad chest self-consciously. I -- wow, I don't actually really have anything to trade, he realized and confessed, lifting a hand to rub at his neck.

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Re: did the wine make her dream - Carya Aston - 21 September 2014

carya is slightly awkward....haha

Octavius was a match to Farina, and momentarily she imagined the two of them as mates and paused in her own speech to listen to him. He was such an awkward large fellow, his eyes a blazing red, and fur a weird color of white. Kind of like snow, that was surely to come by the chilling weather and she was pretty positive that he would be able to blend into the weather perfectly and make it so he was hardly visible to anyone, except for the red eyes he had. Which while not consciously remembering about Judas, her eyes looked at him in the eye and when his red met her orbs she gave a shiver and a flash of fear. Judas was dead, but he bore his eyes.

Quickly, the subject was continuing on about Farina and when he mentioned her to be an angel, Carya laughed. Sorry but Fari would kick your ass for jus' callin' her an angel. she then offered him a friendly and slightly flirtatious wink. Sounds like you gotta crush! she giggled out and got a tad girlie towards him, ears wavering on her head. Last time she was with Farina the two of them discussed her throwing herself a self pity party because of what happened, and she accepted that fact and partially wished Farina wasn't right, but knew she was.

At the mention of him being a light weight, she only rose and eyebrow and glanced at him crossing his arms over his chest, then she turned back around and led him to her camp. There was a fire out in the front o the house Lucielle said she could stay at. There was her two horses, her ram, and the cat that constantly bugged her. When he became a little more nervous as he said he didn't have anything to trade. Dont sweat it sweet cheeks. she patted the furs that were across from the fire pit, and then settled herself near the bags. Im mainly here to learn of Krokar. she started then looked at him. Are ya albino? she questioned, then laughed at her own question but expected him to answer it.

How did you come here? she crossed her legs and the cat newer and approached the duo. thise are my horses and this is my cat Lil Bit, and my ram Spot. she sipped the homemade wine from Vinatta, a slow smile spreading onto her face as she swigged it, then passed it over the fire pit. So, tell me about yerself, snowflake. she winked at him again.

Re: did the wine make her dream - Octavius Poer de Angelo - 28 September 2014


544how did i write 500 words WHAT??

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She flirted and teased at him and accused him of a crush on her best friend, all seemingly within the same breath -- leading to a very flustered Octavius. He puffed his jowls again and waggled his head at her in weak denial. Yes. I-I mean -- she would. Crush -- crush me if I called her that. He rubbed at his neck.

Then the mammoth of a man realized that he was behaving like a hormonal teenage boy discussing a girl previously believed to bear cooties, and all at once he erupted in booming laughter.

Though he all but squirmed under her attentions, from the misconstrued patting of furs to her odd endearment, Oct knew that this was a game. It was one he was unused to playing, scarred by what had happened with his brother. He hadn't flirted with a girl much since Everly, and even then that had been easy. He hadn't known her -- had wanted to get to know her, but she'd been whisked off elsewhere, and he hadn't really a chance. It was easy that way.

It could be easy like that with Carya. Farina, maybe not, but it was best if he didn't think about it. Give the moths in his belly a rest.

Albino? Octavius echoed, and raked his mind for a definition of the word. He shook his head even as he seated himself on the fur, the fire touching his fur to red and gold. No, just white with red eyes. He tapped his nose. Black here, and on my paws. And black if you cut all my fur off, too. That's -- not the same. He hadn't known an albino, but they were colorless instead of painted with blood and charcoal like Octy. The same loner he'd heard about them from had insisted they weren't wholly wolf, either, avoiding the sunlight and staying in the shadows. It was the type of story one would tell in Anathema.

A mew alerted him to the presence of a cat, and he smiled at the introduction. Hi, he woofed gently at the feline, and turned his gaze back to Carya. This time he grinned at her teasing, and shrugged broad shoulders. After my -- I mean, uhh. Already off to a bad start, he hesitated and gathered his thoughts, brow wrinkling with the effort. He knew how to herd them, but they were slow-moving, and happy to mingle at the edges of his mind rather than brought together neatly. Stubborn and wild and slow as caribou. I just kinda bumped into these guys. It wasn't anything special. I wanted a place to... to... belong. Luperci to spend time with.

He smiled and reached for one of the wine bottles, pouring it lightly into his jaw. I was born in Anathema, but me 'n' my brothers left. Wasn't a good place -- um, for me, I guess. Maybe not them, neither. We left a year before we came back, and an old guy trained me to fight, and that's what I do here. I mean, protect people. He licked his chops and caught tongue between front teeth, poking it out at her. What about you, dollface? he asked, but laughed.

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Re: did the wine make her dream - Carya Aston - 29 September 2014

lol Octy is so cute!! ;D that was a gorgeous post, btw!

Octavius was large in comparison to the small five foot-almost-nothing, Carya, but in the same sense he was much like a small timid child. She couldn't help but lift her ears and listen to him stable whenever she had said he was crushing on Farina, then she giggled. A small white hand was placed over her mouth so that he might not feel so awkward about it, but secretly; Carrie wished she could make him feel more awkward. And suddenly, he bursted out with laughter and Carrie couldn't help but feel like she should laugh as well, it was more girlie and a lot less booming, but a laugh nonetheless.

When he stated that he was not albino, she cocked a head at him the reached a hand up to scratch at her neatly parted mane atop her head, before humming in we throat then laughing. silly me! she exclaimed, a gentle grin on her face dancing against the red and yellow of the fire. Watching his coat change colors, it mesmerized her and although she wanted to reach out and stroke his coat, she stopped herself and just laughed again, taking another swig of the wine- becoming braver by the alcohol digested. i wonder what you would look like shaved. she wondered out loud and then raised an eyebrow at him, ears flickering. i have some sheep sheers. she stated, jokingly.

Although the sight of him as a black naked man with no fur to clothe his body, was a hilariously twisted thought, she couldn't help but say; just kiddin'. holding her hands up in fake retreat, as if he would try and playfully hurt her. She listened to his words about growing up in Anathema, and otherwise and she couldn't help but ask him more questions. Whos your brother-brothers? then would approach his term of calling her doll face with a small grin and a wag of her tail.

I was born and raised in Vinatta. Farina and her siblings were t play-mates as a child, so like- ya know. she shrugged her shoulders, them continued. I have known her for a long time... I got a bunch of siblings too. Claudius, my brother in Aniwaya- I think. she scratched we head then laughed a bit. Pretty much I got a bunch of brothers! I have one sister and her name is Andi- actually it's Andria. gulp, then swallow of the alcohol, deep breath. Continue. My momma's are Anu and Tayui Aston, maybe you know them? even if he did not, she was just talking... and talking.

Sorry if I talk a lot. she giggled nervously followed by a nervous hiccup. Now I am a trader for Vinatta and love to explore... an awkward silence pressed, and she flickered her ears taking a drink. She poked her tongue back out at him, a reaction slowed from te alcohol but nonetheless hilarious as she then quickly licked her chops.

Re: did the wine make her dream - Octavius Poer de Angelo - 29 September 2014


325Bahaha, thanks. And sorry about the insta-post, I'm trying to get all my Octy posts done at once so I can move on to other charries.

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Red eyes widened with the threat of sheep shears, and he quickly raised a large palm to ward off her suggestion. He grinned as she backed off from her playful threat, though it was a short-lived moment of frivolity. She asked about his brothers, and a look twisted between sour and grieving contorted his features.

As easy as it would have been to grumble around the answer, Octavius was honest. Generally. They -- aren't around. One's Severus, he... I don't know where the hell he is. The words were chosen in frustration, anger, but stated wearily. The other... He's... died. He was very, very ill all his life. He frowned and took another drink of the wine, hoping that the gentle fire in his belly could drown the snakes and spiders crawling there. It would be good to not have to think too much about it; he didn't generally need loosening up, already a jovial and open figure, but now was good a time as any.

No, I don't know them, Octavius said, smiling -- unaware that he did know the one. That sounds like a lot of siblings. I have a friend in AniWaya I haven't seen in a while, so maybe I'll meet your brother. He licked his lips, flicking droplets of wine from his whiskers. I have only two littermates, but I have a lot of half-siblings by my mom, Naniko. He knew that the former Anatheman leader had left her pack, and that Carya was possibly too young to have known about her. It seemed that her name would slowly fade from the land.

He grinned at her apology, offering her a look gentle and reassuring. Don't worry 'bout it, he insisted. I like hearin' people talk and tell stories. What kinda places 've you explored? He patted his thigh. I for one like to sit at home. I'm a homebody.

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Re: did the wine make her dream - Carya Aston - 11 October 2014

no problem! I prefer insta-Posts haha sorry it's late!!

Octavius was proving easy to talk to and she flickered and ear when he said one was somewhere he didn't know, and there was a tinge of anger in his voice. He stated that the other was dead, and Carrie immediately reached forwards to grip his large white shoulder with her tiny white and cream hand. I am so sorry Octavius I had no idea. she flattened her ears and gave a gentle whine, to the red eyed male.

He was speaking again though, so she would withdraw with her hand facing in her lap and her lips finding the top of the bottle again, and soon Octavius was drinking again as well. He said he didn't think he knew any and that she did have a lot of siblings and she just laughed and nodded her head, then listened some more. Naniko? She didn't know the name but just smiled at him, and shrugged her shoulders.

He spoke some more, and she was curious about one thing he had just said, so she questioned him. homebody? then she took another drink and leaned towards him curiously looking him in the eyes. if you ever see my brother Claudius tell him I love him. And I've been everywhere in 'Souls! Mainly I go to all different packs to trade, and even to the Outpost. My brother Alder trades with me on occasion too. she mumbled, then smiled, looking him in the face. your eyes are pretty. a statement as she looked at his face, hands folded into fists under her jaw.

why did you come to Krokar? Or did you always know Lucille and Gus? she knew of the leaders from the leader female herself. An odd colored dog who had weird hair, but who was she to judge?