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I think that I might while the going's gone - Ragna Eklund - 27 April 2019

Man, there's something wrong


tNPC: Mathis

tNPC’s animal companions – American Crows: Eeny, Miny, & Moe

The day was nearly over, and he felt as anxious as ever. Where were they? He continued his hobbled pace before the hunter’s cabin, his golden eyes watching the ever-darkening skies. There were only a few hours of daylight left at most. If they didn’t make it back before then, it was unlikely they would have made it back at all. They were smart, and they followed his orders to the T.

But they were just birds.

He glanced back at the cabin’s roof were his other avian companion, a large crow named Moe, perched. He nearly considered ordering the bird to go find the others, but, what would have been the point? It was almost too dark for the crow to fly, much less, find two of their companions who could have been anywhere from there to the Loch. He turned back and continued his pacing with a snarl.

Could she have known? He paused in his hobbling, only to shake his head after a dreadful moment of despair. No. There’s no way. They look like ordinary birds. He hobbled over to the log he had been using as a bench. So many different considerations were running through his head, and none of them boded well for his plans.

“Boss! Boss!”

He perked up. They’d returned!

Two crows landed before him, and were joined by their egg sibling that had been perched on the roof. They cawed and pestered one another until the Luperci had gotten to his feet and snarled. “Well?!”

The smallest of the crows, Eeny, flattened his feathers as he cawed, “Female. Wolf. Ugly scars, face. Brown, black, cream.”

“Yes, yes, that’s her! Did you find her, you burnt chicken?!”

Miny, a crow with a piece of plastic tied around her ankle, flapped her wings, and hopped backwards to put some distance between her and their Luperci leader. “Found, yes! Live by river! Human building, lots.”

The man held his chin as he considered the birds’ broken report. A place with lots of human buildings? “A town?” Was their territory really that large that it encompassed a human town? He shook his head, “Nevermind. How did you get there? You went from the forest like I told you, right?”

“Yes, Boss!” Miny cawed, bobbing her head.

Eeny bobbed too. “Forest. Plains. Town. Just like before!”

“Live with horses, two! One biiig!”

“On edge!”

“Yes! Yes! On edge!”

“Three puppies! Follow!”

“Yes! Yes! But! Wolf chase us!”

His brows furrowed as he heard something peculiar amongst their back and forth. “Wait, wha—”

“Yes! Yes! Wolf don’t like!”

“Boss don’t like Wolf!”

“No like! No like!”

The man snarled, swiping out at the crows. “Silence!” They scattered, each of the three birds finding a perch high out of reach of their Boss. While he may have been their leader, they remembered well what had happened to Meeny. He swung around, his golden eyes flashing with anger as he pointed to Eeny. “Eeny! Report, and only Eeny!” He glared at Miny who shrunk and looked away.

Eeny shook out his feathers. “Found Wolf, Boss! Forest, Plains, Town. Live town. Near river. On edge.”

He shook his hand dismissively, “Yes, yes, after that! What did you say after that?!”

The crow cocked his head and shuffled his feet, as if nervously trying to recall what else it had discovered that the Boss might have wanted to know. “Puppies…follow?”

He grinned, clapping his hands together. The sudden and sharp sound caused the crows to flinch and squawk. “Yes! Yes! You beautiful bird!” He yelled with glee, he had to hobble back to the log to sit down. She had children! Three of them! He threw his head back in a laugh.

This…this changed everything!

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