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[m] I can dream about you - Carya Aston - 27 February 2020

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

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Quote:dated for 2/27/2020, Carya and them started out by Jordeheim and are traveling to the Haunted Forest (which is old Inferni territory) preferably to let Nyx and Lukos post first! <3
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It took several more days, a week even. Until Nyx and Lukos had returned from their adventure to go find Aani. The kind female had taken it upon herself to see to it that the injured and distraught Aston, was taken care of. Nyx made it known that she would come back and let her know of the were-abouts of the Aston’s pup. While the Aston often days paced back and forth, she couldn’t help what she thought.

Traitors. She thought once, her blue eyes staring at the wall while she waited.

No, that wasn’t right. Carya was irrational and irate. She ate, and slept and ate and slept. For six days and seven nights. On the morning of the seventh day, she could see the forms of the duo coming into view. Practically throwing her bowl of soup that was made by someone whom name she had forgotten. She looked towards the other wolves whom seemed to pass by her in slow motion, as she rose to her white and tan feet. Quickly, and gracefully, Carya approached the couple.

They weren’t smiling. Oh Gods no, not Aani. What had happened? What did they find? She was in her own mind, she missed the words that Nyx spoke to her, partially. Her eyes went wide and her heart pounded. Then as if she was swallowing hot lava, and her stomach ached, she paused. Frozen solid, she lifted a hand towards the little female.

Wait, what? Had she understood the duo correctly? She cocked a head to one side, left eyebrow raising and her ear flickered backwards. You found her? Nyx smiled then, she looked so tired.

Oh thank the Gods. She hit her knees, and tears fell from her face. Aani is alive. Thank you Thor. Thank you Odin. Thank you all my Gods and Goddesses. Nyx seemed happy for her, or maybe it was a small hint of sadness that drew on her face, that drew Carya from her relief and looking up towards the little female. S-she’s he-headed towards the ha-haunted forest. Her eyes seemed dark, like Aani wasn’t in the best shape. Like she was hurt.

Ignoring the look, she simply asked; When do we leave? The duo were talking, but Carya didn’t hear them. She was too busy gathering up supplies. Lukos and Nyx explained that they would leave after they rested at first light. Carya nodded her head, but was bound and determined to leave now.

For fuck’s sake this was her child they were talking about.

Instead, she nodded her head. Retiring to her room she was given from the nice couple and their family, she didn’t rest. Closing her eyes, she envisioned herself slashing a hole in the bastards neck, and gutting him from groin to sternum. He had hurt her daughter. She could feel it.


Awakening at first light, Carya didn’t even remember passing out. She cleared her throat, grabbed her bow, her pack, and her hunting knife, and approached Nyx and Lukos finding them already getting ready. They were leaving now, and heading towards the Haunted Forest. Once Inferni’s lands. Normally she would have shuddered at the thought of this, but not now. Not whenever her daughter’s life was on the line.

For Aani, and for my family. She thought to herself, looking towards the duo, as they began their trek in complete silence. Or at least to Carya it was complete silence. If they said anything to her, she simply nodded her head and kept the pace. She knew exactly where she was going to, knew exactly where Inferni’s old lands were. After all, it wasn’t just yesterday she was born. But Why Aani? She kept thinking to herself. Then again, why did Judas kidnap her all those years ago?

They had left at day break that morning, and had been walking for almost 8 hours. Every so often they would slow down and nibble on something and drink water, but the Aston’s mind was else-where. She couldn’t concentrate right now. Her entire being was set on one mission. Saving Aani and making the poor bastard responsible for this pay.

She felt the eerie feeling of approaching the Haunted Forest, before she even noticed the smells of death, ashes and decay. Stomach churning, she silently watched and took off on her own, her nose leading the way. Carya wasn’t a good enough tracker to track at night, as her vision was going with her old age, but her nostrils flared at the smell of blood. And lots of it. Then there was Aani's scent.

Upon approaching she hunkered in a bush watching the flickering fire. The scent of her daughter was so strong. So was the scent of blood. Her daughter was lying there, muzzle tied, eyes swollen with blood, and hands tied behind her back as the male whom she assumed wasn’t the captor, forced himself onto her. He was too scrawny, beady black eyes and mangy fur, the full coyote was deranged looking, and his scent smelled nothing like that of the day her daughter went missing. She watched, eyes wide and her mouth agape, until he finished, pushing his daughter’s face into the dirt and laughing at her. Drawing a fist back he hit her again. Her eyes shutting tightly and she didn’t make a sound, not giving him the satisfaction of her pain.

Looking away, Carya silently gasped, and looked for the couple. Where were they so they could do something? Why hadn't she moved? She wanted to kill him, her ears flickered on her skull as Judas' actions towards her flew back in her mind. Carya was frozen in fear and intimidation. Something needed to be done. Anything! His cackling in the background and the way he put his bulge away in his pants, angered Carya and she finally moved. Not my baby, you sick bastard. They needed to do this smart. She steadied her bow, and notched an arrow in the string, taking a few steps forwards. This bastard would die.

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Re: [m] I can dream about you - Nyx Greyfire - 19 March 2020

The snowy femme panned through the old Inferni forests in search of the young woman that they had been asked to help rescue. There was a grave feeling sitting in Nyx's chest like a stone weighing down her beating heart. They'd been exhausted and ill prepared and their target had been on the move when Nyx and Lukos had located them on their patrolling, but now they'd had rest, a meal, and time to gather weapons and plan.

They followed the trail with Carya all the way back to the Haunted Forest where Aani had last been known to be, Nyx halting them as they got close. There was no scent to follow, only the knowledge that she had been headed this way a couple nights prior, and with this information Nyx turned to her travel companions and comrades in the fight that was sure to come. "I-it'd be best i-if we split up while we search, t-to cover more ground. I-if you find them..." Nyx started, amethyst eyes resting on each of them in turn. "Do not g-give yourself away o-or start a-a fight alone."

She said this partly because she didn't know how well Carya was in a fight, partly to reassure Lukos that she would not be reckless, and partly to ensure that he would follow suit and stay safe as well. They each took a direction and headed in, searching, quite aimlessly in Nyx's case. After a while, she decided that it would be best to check up on Carya, and evidently, so had Lukos. The pair ran into each other on the way, Nyx giving the male a weak smile, attempting to mask the mounting anxiety that she felt, barely contained in her small form.

She heard something then, a distant impact, the trace coppery scent of blood on the air, and she motioned to Lukos with a silent gesture of her muzzle in the direction they'd be headed, and the pair of them ran to it. Stopping just a ways off to assess the situation, they found Carya crouched there with an expression of pain and horror. The fighting pair peered out of the forest at the scene ahead of them, a mangy beast with an exposed organ reeling back to punch the tied up girl, before tucking the disgusting thing back into his pants. Nyx felt a shock of fear and helplessness flood her at the memory of finding herself in a similar situation, but the movement of Carya readying her arrow, of Lukos bursting out ahead of her, snapped the wintry warrior out of her daze and into action along side them.

She darted out beside Lukos, noise and chaos erupted as the snowy femme slid into place behind the rapist, grabbing him and jamming his hand into a position that threatened to break the fingers she held if he did not comply and move with her, his eyes went wide and a snarl curled on his lips as he attempted to reach for the white vixen or struggle against the hold but the threat against his fingers was too painful, seemingly, until she heard a solid thud and the male lurched and Nyx felt the two fingers she held snap in her hand, and suddenly Lukos stood in front of her and the male was clutching his broken hand on the ground and scrambling to get up, cursing and screaming and snarling profanities at them.

Nyx rushed to the girl on the ground, her hands hovering over her for a moment, stricken with uncertainty, before the warrior and mother began to untie her. "W-we're here, y-your mother is here, w-we're gonna get you out.." She whispered as the bonds began to come loose.

Re: [m] I can dream about you - Lukos Greyfire - 21 March 2020


Lukos Greyfire

For how little information they had going into this situation, Carya was being awfully impatient with them. The party had to skirt around the north side of the mountain range to avoid Vinatta lands, down near the shore to make good time. Granted, had it been one of their children, Nyx and Lukos would've laid her out by now if she tried to slow them down, but Lukos was trying not to lose his cool, and make sure everyone else kept theirs as well. The circumstances as they were, going off half-cocked could get them in serious shit, not to mention risking injury to the one they were trying to rescue. Even if it was the right call at the time to call off their prior search to get reinforcements and arms, they were left with only evidence that pointed to Aani not being alone. They had no idea who else was there, what the situation was, what they looked like, anything. They had to be absolutely sure that they got it perfectly the first time around.

Having drawn near where they last had wind of her scent, Nyx quickly briefed them on how they should proceed, as Lukos gave a grim nod. He was content to see Nyx handling herself in a professional manner, a hard line in her eyes telling that she intended to operate by her own words, but was still worried over how Carya might react if she was first on the scene. Depending on the scenario and how it played out, she could show their hand too soon before they were all ready to move in at once. Still, knowing how fraught with fear she was for her daughters life should help keep her calm enough for backup to arrive.

All in agreement with the plan, they split up immediately and began to search, Lukos parallel to the river in the south to establish a perimeter. The worst thing for the searching part would be for their target to have been moved off somewhere else, and the quicker they could establish that they were in the right area still the better. Fortunately, after traveling for some time he couldn't find any recognizable scents leading away from the forest, so for now he could bank on that they were still holed up in the locale. Feeling that now would be a good time to link up with the others, as the sun fell low and disappeared, Lukos doubled back at an angle, trying to catch one of their party on the move when he ran into Nyx.

She looked a little antsy, probably because of how long this was taking to find Carya's daughter, but Lukos gave her a reassuring squeeze of the arms. It wasn't a matter of if they'd find her, but when. Though, he couldn't deny the other questions surrounding that eventuality worried him as well. Both hunters snapped to the dull thud that echoed from somewhere deeper in the woods, and stalked off with trepidation. A faint scent of iron gained a sudden potency, sending a pessimistic chill down his spine as Lukos crept towards the source with his mate. Growing ever closer, they slowed their pace to avoid being noticed, eventually encountering Carya as she was transfixed with a stunned, terrified expression. He and the white warrior crouched next to the mother and followed her gaze, as Lukos' gut wrenched and twisted into itself.

A shard of a memory, broken and hateful, had lodged itself in his mind as he saw the scene before him, spilling forth old wounds as pictures flooded his head. Sobs racking his ears in a dark cave, break downs after break downs, that self-assured, ugly sneer of the thing that got away with it, lived near his family, took his children, that he raised, then probably laughed his baleful ass to gods know where, skipping out on half a decade of vengeance that he deserved. And here it was happening again, with someone else, as this sickening, malignant blot thought that he could get away just as scot-free, and all simply because he could.

Oh, fuck that.

Lurching to his feet, Lukos thrusted his sword into the ground scabbard and all and strode towards the bastard, only keeping a presence of mind to hold in any outburst until he was right on top of the asshole just so he could break him bone by bone. Something he never really understood was when people would give away their attack by yelling at the top of their lungs, but as the red haze clouded his vision till only this sad sack of shit was visible, it took everything he had to only bear is fangs, instead of roaring at the asshole. Of course, it's hard to miss a seven foot wolf hulking his way over to you from a nearby bush, but this weasel's mistake is that said wolf had backup.

Lukos could feel the breeze of Nyx flying by him as the male cried out in anguish, but his attempts at trying to be pitiable only fueled the Greyfire's lack of eloquence in the moment. Venom pumping through his blood, the grey wolf let loose a vicious snarl as he reeled back and sent a curled fist smashing into the side of his head, howling his rage and frustrations. "Feel powerful, don't you?!" the wolf thundered, a satisfying snap coming from somewhere where his hand should be. Nyx's shape disappeared from the edge of the haze, as Lukos towered over the male that tried to scramble away before an arrow whizzed from behind Lukos and pierced the mongrel's leg as he yelped. "You felt so strong just a second ago, what happened? Not so tough when it's not a helpless girl tied up?" he spat as Lukos got in a swift kick to the abdomen.

The enraged male paced vehemently between the collection behind him and this shit ball, waiting for, begging even for a reason to crush this mutt into the ground. He'll grind him into a paste and feed him his own genitals gods willing, he swore that the only way this degenerate would die is due to complications after a long, painful torture given the chance. Three and a half years of therapy wouldn't equate to the amount of catharsis he was about to inflict on this poor bastard, that's for damn sure.

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Re: [m] I can dream about you - Carya Aston - 13 April 2020

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Before the Aston female could even react, the two others were upon the male, and she steadied her bow, her ears flickering on her head. Azure eyes singling out each of them and taking a few deep breaths, ears laid back tightly against her head. She didn't want to hear anyone at this point. One shot, to the heart, and he would be dead. Lining up the shot, she paused, as she watched Nyx break his fingers, a gentle smirk came upon her lips, then faded as she watched her handle her daughter with care. Gritting her teeth to herself, she aimed her bow at his left knee-cap, and the sound of the thud into his bone, and the screams now burning from his mouth, made it apparent she met her mark.

Quickly rising to action, Carya went towards Lukos as he all but pumbled the bastard into a bloody pulp on the ground, all the while this wolf? Coyote? Oh, it didn't even matter, this male stammered out threats to the trio. You're dead. She could hear his words echoing in her head and she grinned. Blue eyes became wild, and the Aston female rose her hand to her belt, to find no knife. Cursing herself mentally, she rose a left foot to his throat as he lay on the ground bleeding and broken, all but spitting on her feet. His jowls snapped at her feet, and Carya pressed tighter, the sounds of him choking, made her stop. Can you take her somewhere safe? She called out to Nyx whom held her baby, and Aani desperately clun to the little form of Nyx. Without looking at her, her voice completely calm and collected, Carya's voice carried the smile she had. She doesn't need to witness what mommies about to do.

Without even really thinking about what she was going to do next, Carya found herself releasing his neck with her foot, and then pressing her left foot into his genitals. Reaching down with her right hand, she snapped off the arrow that stuck out of his leg, and flung it behind her, eyes wild. Catching his sickly gaze, she watched as he cackled and then yelped from her pressure on his left nut. Standing with a cocked head and hands not knowing what to do, she raised an eyebrow and watched the seer pleasure on his face turn to pure terror.

With a hidden smile, Carya couldn't help but reach down and grab the ball with her sickly sharp cat-like claws. Squeezing, blood coated her hands, and for good measure she squeezed once more. When his yelps suddenly turned to screams of agony, she grinned. Then, one single jab, and she punctured the left nut. Her head tilted and she pricked an ear towards Lukos. The male squealed like a stuck hog beneath her, and she let out a small "shh" to him. She ripped his nut out of his body, and with a single bite, bit the chord that held it intact, in half. Hearing his screams and his agony, almost made her want to hurl. But some part of her screamed out with slight pleasure. She held it between her fingers, and then thought about throwing it to Lukos, but thought better of it, and instead threw it onto the ground.

You're pathetic. She spoke quietly as if lecturing a pup, and she knelt down to the ground so that Lukos or Nyx couldn't hear her, her lips smacking in his ear as she watched tears roll down his face. I hope you suffer in Hell. Vallhalla has no place for the likes of you. Loki would even be ashamed. I will enjoy this. Withdrawing from the male, his blubbering made her cringe, so she wound up shoving the ball that was covered in dirt and hair into his mouth, and held her hand over his mouth, so he wouldn't scream.

Then, there she sat, with a knee in his throat and a hand on his mouth, waiting patiently to kill him.

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