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[M] [LcSs] A Hypocrite's Warning - Zsorthia Mercedes - 8 August 2021

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: drinking, language.

Ooc: For Ingvildr! Foredated Aug 24th. Lancaster Stockshow!

Her reflection on the lake's glassy surface was distorted and rippling as Zsorthia looked into the water, running her paws through her hair. In one hand she held a partially consumed flask of booze (which always somehow found itself refilled), in the other she dragged her fingers along her scalp waking it up after a long day at the Stockshow. The evening was still just as lively as the daytime, event goers were gathered and enjoying themselves within Charmingtown making a ruckus and consuming food and drink graciously provided by the Ashen.

What a party this Stockshow was! Zsorthia could really come to enjoy this event annually. Smirking at her reflection and taking another swig of her alcohol, the red woman moved away from the water's edge and proceeded back along the beach and up the pathway that lead to her cabin. Even from here she could hear the fun goings on in Charmingtown. She shook her head, smiling. The dark trees nearly hid the form of her horse, Cinder, a flaxen chestnut mare who stood calmly, tied to a post, and snorted a greeting to her rider.

The horse wasn't stabled this night due to having a problem spooking and stressing out with loud noises. And there were plenty of that happening tonight. Moving to pet the mare's muzzle and face, Zsorthia kissed the little piece of white on her face before ruffling the mare's forelock and patting her cheek. "Good girl..." She muttered before moving along down the path towards her cabin.

Taking another swig from her flask, Zsorthia stumbled a little, her vision swimming a second as the booze successfully intoxicated her. She hiccupped, chuckled and somehow made it to the porch of her home, sitting down a little roughly, nearly falling backwards on the stoop. With a sigh she looked around her front yard. The large fire pit was dark, cold, and seemed unfriendly in the cool moonlight which washed over everything. The various wooden frames, makeshift tables and stacks of wood, random receptacles and sticks propped against trees all spoke of her work as a Tanner. At least she herself didn't smell too badly of her line of work.

With a small smile, Z finished off the last of her flask and then decided she wanted more. Setting down the flask she tipsily rose back to her paws and stumbled her way inside the cabin. Disappearing inside, she rummaged around a moment in the kitchen before returning to the porch with a small jar of moonshine, courtesy of the Ashen's own stock. Finding the rickety old rocking chair on her front porch, the drunken coydog plopped into it, rocking slowly and observed the world before her as the second night of the stock show's festivities continued on. She'd return to the party soon enough, she just needed a little down time. Time to process the booze she'd already consumed. Then she could go do it all again!