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A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Cedric Stryder - 29 October 2021

Through This Magnifying Glass - I See A Thousand Fingerprints - On The Surface Of Who I Am 

Feast Thread! - Please let Aldora reply first!

Hard work was something Cedric was always committed to, and this year of all years would be a special celebration. Ten years ago, the very first Cavaliers gathered at this very spot and announced the beginning of Casa di Cavalieri. Back then, Cedric wondered, did the founders know just what kind of pack it would become? He hoped they would be proud of what had been achieved, through all the ages, and especially now. Casa was blooming better than ever, thriving under the leadership of the Sola and Lune and celebrating more and more new life each cycle. As the final preparations were made to the town square of Fort Kingsbury, Cedric thought for a moment of his father. Wishing the old Lune was still around to see his pack reach this incredible milestone. Glancing up to the dark sky, now littered with stars, Cedric counted the few that shone brighter than the others and knew the past Cavaliers were watching. All of them proud. 

With a smile, Cedric looked back down to the Fort, admiring all the hard work put in to make this feast possible: Gravel paths had been covered with furs or cloth, wooden tables circled the main fountain in the center, all covered in plates of fresh food and bottles of drink. From that marvellous fountain, banners attached to string hung across the square, attached to the shops and houses nearby. A cooking fire was being tended to by Isaac, who snacked on a bit of food himself as he set about making sure there was a steady supply of meals for the whole night. And up by the Courthouse, just before the stairs to enter, a stage had been set up of wooden planks and pillars with curtains hung across them, where the night's performers would attend.

It all seemed perfect. The streets were crowded full of Cavaliers, which might seem chaotic to some but to Cedric it just proved how large and incredible the Cavaliers had become. Once enough had gathered and the sunlight was completely gone from the sky, Cedric called for attention and grabbed a cup to raise. "Cavaliers! It has been ten years since our founders stood at this very spot and decided to create our pack. Ten years of hard work and history, both beautiful and sad... this place is an amazing home to many and I am proud to stand here as your Lune. Let us enjoy this night of well earned celebration, and think of how many more years our pack will stretch on into the future."

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Aldora Knight - 29 October 2021

The darkness that follows a sunset is never so deep that it can change the inevitability of a sunrise

Have a fun time y'all! || +4
The quadruplets had insisted on dressing up, despite them still being bound to four legs. Not much longer though, Aldora reminded herself; before long they’d be on two legs, and have thumbs… dear Fenris, she should enjoy them like this while it lasted.

Zanthe and Veyron had been happy to wear the bandanas they had received in Del Cenere, while Lyra and Ambrose sported flowered wreaths around their necks (Ambrose’s only slightly less feminine than Lyra’s); this, they had all been happy with, it was the baths and grooming that hadn’t been as popular. Yet somehow, between Aldora and Minerva, they had managed to make their family look proper and presentable.

Casa di Cavalieri was no stranger to feasts, but this was something different. A decade of remaining stable was almost unheard of in these lands and the Cavaliers had worked hard to get the Fort looking its best. Every path had been cleared of weeds, every rock wall spit-shined, and the fountain had been cleaned of duckweed and algae and sparkled brilliantly in the light of the setting sun. Lanterns and wreathes and cloth had been hung; it was something magical, and it was just for them.

Aldora was dressed in a new confection, Darius always hard at work to bedeck her in finery now that she did not refuse it as vehemently as she once had. Minerva too looked as lovely as a flower in moonlight; the two women walked proudly into the Courthouse Square with their children at their side.

The Sola took her place beside Cedric as the Cavaliers began to pour in; many no longer lived in Kingsbury, so to see them gathered out in the open made their numbers all the more apparent. Aldora marveled at it, and her heart swelled with pride; the golden crown upon her head did not feel as heavy as it once had.

The young Lune, as eloquent as ever, made a wonderful speech about hard work, perseverance, and the honoring of both good and sad times. The Sola was drawn up in his words and when it was her turn to speak, she addressed her brethren with a smile.

"My dearest friends and family, this feast is in your honor; without your diligence, Casa di Cavalieri would not be what it is today; let us rejoice in our wealth, let us be prideful for just this night when we strive to be humble on all others; cheers to us!"

And suddenly at the end of her speech, a small explosion (which was just the beating of a large drum) rang out from the stage where the Troupe would perform, and a flutter of leaves and petals was thrown out from somewhere secret, and music began to play. Aldora jumped slightly, but when realizing it was just part of the show to come, she smiled and clapped.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Borya Hushhowl - 31 October 2021

Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust - For a moment we get to be glorious

stuff here

Although the Library and Wolfville had been a wonderful place to live, there was something exciting about the family taking a trip back to the Fort for celebrations. It felt funny to Borya to feel like a trip to the place he used to live and spend all of his time now felt like a night out and away from home instead. Of course the scholar wasn't just looking forward to the Feast as a chance to celebrate the life of Casa and see family; the book tucked into his sling that detailed Casa's history had a new page to be added and Borya wanted to be writing as he experienced things. There would be a show from the visiting troupe and plenty of food and reasons to be happy, overall it would be a night to remember. 

Tlama had been the only one from the family to go to the Fort and help prepare, thought Vezda and Luna had gone with her to watch, so really seeing the banners and strings of display pieces was only a surprise for Borya, who looked to them with a wide smile and chuckle as Tlama nudged him to show off her proud face. Vezda and Luna already moved away to find the other children their age to mingle with, leaving the couple to find places to sit. Borya was immediately opening the book when he sat down, writing the words from the Lune and Sola's speeches as they spoke them. Tlama went off to collect some food, coming back with a slice of venison in her mouth that muffled her laugh. 

"You never stop, do you?" She asked, sitting down and moving her large arm over to hug Borya close. The man smiled, pausing his writing to kiss her cheek. 

"This is a-a big thing... many years o-of being around so I need to m-make it perfect." He explained, though despite his words he did put down his charcoal pencil to take a drink that Tlama offered him. They both drank it together, also jumping as the music and performance began. Tlama glanced over to the dance and song, before catching Borya by surprise with a kiss. 

"It will be perfect, you make everything perfect." With her words, Borya blushed a little and smiled warmly, taking his pencil once more to begin sketching the scene of the decorated Fort and wonderful performers.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Nazar - 31 October 2021

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[Image: Nazman.png]“A decade,” Nazar mouthed quietly as he leaned back in his seat, a little bit too casual for the schene. No cape honored his shoulders, the Dishonored that he was. A decade was a long time to create rules, laws, have tales of a burdened past and several Kings that have come to pass. He wouldn't admit to them nor in the realm of the open air crypt that were mounted with the revered and the recessed corner where the villian's eroded, he couldn't deny a certain truth. Perhaps, just maybe, there was a slight consideration that, with further thought, that what they were doing was working.

Either that, or they were lucky.

After all the talking about hard work and diligence, about beauty and sadness, of pride. What did luck have to do with it? He hadn't seen anything of beauty. Not yet.

The boom of the drum popped off and a smirk found Nazar's maw as Aldora jumped with a start. A winded chuckle sat deep in his throat as he leaned over the table and took a whiff at what was provided. He wouldn't say that he was proud of himself for what he'd managed to help catch, but having done so did make the meat he took from his plate feel less like he'd be ordered to return the favor in chores later.

A mouthful filled with meat and drink found him with a filling stomach, and pale sights crawled over to the Hushhowl that scribbled away at his book, with his larger woman at his side. Nazar watched in silence for a long moment, chewing away at his food, wondering something that he found held more weight than he could have imagined.

Was this history being written?

Was he a part of it?


RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Lyall Hushhowl - 2 November 2021

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The night just kept getting better and better it seemed.

Dressed in a dapper off-creme suit, the boy wore a contrasting shirt of blue coloration, more like the skies, Artemis had told him. Regardless of that fact he has went with her to her room, gotten ready and dressed, and had given her the opportunity to braid his hair. She had braided in two feathers, one from an owl, and one from a falcon, each were entangled in the braids that went from his cheek fluff around the base of his skull and ended in a heap of silky raven hair.

The contrast from the hair to his bright shirt, sitting upon his monochrome pelt, had made him look especially dapper that night. Not including the jacket he had adjusted and put on, it’s coloration was the same color as his shirt. There was a long trail on it, that briefly hit his upper thigh, as he walked. A pair of off white shorts were put on, and adjusted to make him look deliciously dressed.

With a head cocked down at Artemis he grinned at her. “Shall we?” An arm was extended at the elbow, aiming for her to place her hand there, once again.

Together, the two of them walked into the feasting area, and he was taking a seat, just as Cedric and Aldora began to speak. He held up a wooden mug filled with alcohol, and roared with triumph before he dug into his meat, drinking the wine, chatting with Artemis and anyone who fancied his attentions. Although, he had not seen Aberama that night, not yet, and his gut twisted uncomfortably in sorrow. He missed him.

With a full belly and his head beginning to swim with the alcohol, he watched the beginning show, a lazy smile upon his muzzle.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Kai Wolfe-Denahlii - 2 November 2021

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The Cavaliers had been preparing for this evening for weeks and the sable woman couldn't remember a time when the Fort looked so festive and inviting.  Not only the Fort, but each Cavalier and guest were dressed to impress and pulled out their best attire. Kai was no different, and took longer to get ready than she would care to admit. Ombre locks trailed down her back in waves, the front pulled back of her face wrapped around her head.  A flower crown, made of the last few flowers of the season, accompanied her crown, resting between her ears. In preparation, she had commissioned a new dress from Darius, well in advance, and the tailor did not disappoint.  The color of the deepest oceans or the twilight night sky, it complemented her dark pelt, and enhanced the color of her mismatched orbs. Lastly her rank cloak, dyed a dark grey and hemmed to an appropriate length, completed her outfit for the night of festivities.

Humming to herself she gracefully made her way from the gardens, over the bridge, and entered town square.  The dark furred woman had to stop for a moment, the scene that unfolded before her eyes was breathtaking, the celebration was a huge success and she felt a proudness develop within her to be a Cavalier. The delicious smell of food, the music, the outfits, it was all completely perfect.

Before the Wolfe-Denahlii woman could enjoy the evening, there was someone that she wanted to see first. The silvery man that had made her birthday absolutely perfect, and though she had already thanked him multiple times, she felt the need in her heart to thank him again for giving her the best birthday to date. Hues and sun and moon finally fell on the Lune as she made her way over to him, being sure the curtsy and bow in her fancy dress, when her eyes met the deep golden hues of Cedric, she couldn't help but smile.  Thanking him once again, not only for her birthday, but also for being who he was and thanking him for his friendship the two had forged, especially over the last few moons.  Kai didn't want to keep him from celebrating, or his leadership duties so after a few moments she rose up on her tip toes and giving his a soft kiss on the cheek before smiling and turning away to find a seat to enjoy the show, some food and drink, and then maybe even dance the night away.

And oh she danced, she laughed, she had the time of a life.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Artemis Hale - 2 November 2021

Artemis lead Lyall to her room and they got ready together for the feast. This was the first major thing she would be involved in with the pack and she felt sick,  nervous to the core because so many of the pack members would be there that she hadn't yet met. She braided his hair gently,  adorning the braid with both an owl feather and a falcon feather.  She smiled as she looked at her work before stretching out to gently lick the underside of his jaw in a gentle, caring and almost submissive manner before she stepped away to get herself dressed. 

She had purchased and had fitted a deep crimson dress and after sliding into it she backed towards him, holding her long onyx hair out of the way. "Do you mind lacing me up Lyall?" She asked softly, looking back to him over her shoulder. They'd grown quite close since she'd run into him in search of the white light, but not as close as she wanted to be, not yet. She knew his feelings for Aberama and she supported their relationship, so she kept her feelings mostly to herself,  but she could not help but crush on him hard.

He looked stunning as always tonight and she wanted to do her best to look good as well, since she was going with him to the party. She left her hair loose, letting it cascade down her back. She looked up to him once ready and he cocked his head, offering his arm and she took it lightly, rubbing her cheek against his arm lightly as she always did when they walked this way.

They headed to the feast and she was quickly overcome with all the merriment being had around them. She'd never been around so much noise, so many people in one place, and her hand tightened slightly on his arm. They sat though and once they did she felt a little better, looking to him then letting her eyes wander. She smiled to Cedric, who she recognized and she watched as he and another who she did not know spoke to everyone. Lyall raised his wooden mug in triumph and then dug into the food.

Artemis ate only a few bites, and drank even less, her nerves getting the better of her and killing any appetite she had. As time passed, when Lyall had begun to slow in his feasting she looked to him curiously. He seemed a bit off, but she really did not know from what and she smiled softly as she sat by quietly.  The sounds of the party began to change though and something deep in her psyche told her there was something off, though she had no idea why she felt that way.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Zasha Hushhowl - 3 November 2021

The day was finally here, her season of life had come full circle and the celebration Feast of Casa di Cavalieri being a pack for ten years.  While the thought was a little over her head, this life was all she had ever known, but she knew it must be something special. Unable to sleep the young mahogany Hushhowl was up with the sun, which only meant a special daddy and daughter moment as they were usually the only ones up so early.  Snuggling into him for some much needed cuddles to start the day,  tears threatened to escape as he whispered to her, <It's hard to believe that you're almost four seasons old, you've grown so much and I couldn't be prouder of the young woman you've become.> Nuzzling deep into his mane and neck Zasha squeezed her daddy a little harder,

"Thank you daddy, I love you." she whispered back.

It wasn't long before the rest of the den was up, and chaos erupted, because with four young pups, it's always chaos.  But as the day dragged on, Zasha was getting more antsy, she was ready to leave and start partying.  She was about to sneak out, when her daddy kissed her head and took the four younger pups out of the den.  Confused, she tilted her head and looked over to her momma, her light blue hues met those mismatched orbas of the matriarch and she smiled walking over to Dusk. Wrapping her arms tightly around her,

"Hi momma, I love you."

Recently with Dusk's recovery and her younger siblings, they hadn't spent a lot of time together. The mahogany Hushhowl reticent took a seat as instructed by her momma, it was a special day and Dusk had decided to help the girls with getting ready for the Feast.  When her momma was done with her hair, dark ringlets waterfalled down Zasha's back with a few smaller braids, and a couple of larger braids made a half crown around the back of her head.  She was about to thank her momma when Dusk handed her a brand new dress.  Squealing with delight, she threw her long arms around her mother once more squeezing tightly,

"Thank you momma, it's perfect."


Zasha arrived at the Feast with her family looking their best, even after Alyonna's little temper tantrum about wanting to wear a bowtie instead of a bow around her neck.  It all worked out in the long run, and they all happily entered the Fort as one big happy family.  Giving both of her parents and kiss on the cheek to thank them again, she twirled around causing the dress to flare out, before she was off to find friends, especially Caspian and her new friend Romeo.  The decorations were stunning, everything was absolutely perfect.  Even her and Kazi's experimental fountain decorations were staying afloat and looked amazing. 

She danced, oh she danced, maybe a little more than normal for a particular bard as she caught glimpses of his smiling winks. The way he smiled made her ears warm, her heart race, and her stomach flip with butterflies.  The Hushhowl had been spending quite a lot of time with Romeo lately, dancing as he played his lute, talking and more. It was an attraction she hadn't felt before and was looking forward to spending some time with him after the performance.

Finally realizing she hadn't eaten all day and was starving, Zasha excused herself to find something to drink and eat.  Finding a seat at a table, her blue eyes still drifted towards the terrier man causing her to smile.  No longer that hungry for food, she just nibbled at a few pieces of meat and drank some apple cider.  Finally Romeo approached whisking her away to somewhere more private, to share a meal and maybe more.

What a night to be alive.

Word Count 681

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Viridian Soul - 5 November 2021

The Soul didn't quite have the vast wardrobe that some other Cavaliers could boast, nor did she had the dainty physique to support such a thing, anyhow; and with her new scars, still fresh and pink, she felt more worn than ever. She'd never quite be the delicate flower that her mother would've wanted for her, for shame, for shame.

She arrived in her plain clothes, not at all dolled up as some of the younger girls were around here, but she supposed she was never one for posturing and playing dress-up anyway, not even for such a grand proclamation of permanency.

The mutt didn't much care for the reasons for the gathering, in truth; not initially, anyway. But if there was something Viridian could get behind, it was a party.

It was so strange to think about, the absolute eternity that was ten years. She remembered having a great grandma or grandpa that lived to be ten or so, and they were positively ancient by the time they kicked it — yet Casa was alive and vibrant, an organism kept pumping by the lifeblood that was its Cadets and Officers.

As easy as it would've been for the more sentimental-minded to get a little teary eyed at the thought, Viri was much more interested in the vast array of wines and foods they had set out for the event, and just as soon as the dear Lune and Sola gave their spiels, she made a beeline for the refreshments, eager to get a bit of liquid courage in her system before dancing the night away.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Brannon O'Neil - 13 November 2021

Nervously Brannon played with the hem of his kilt. It had taken a lot of trial and error to get it on and look right. He had only a vague description of what it looked like on from his Maman from what she remembered what it looked like on his father. Somehow it was folded over and over again before wrapping it around his waist and pinning it in place. The folds were sloppy, but after an hour of struggling, he was done trying to make it look any better. The white shirt hung loosely off his frame as well; He did not have the same height or muscle mass of his father.

Yellow eyes darted around as he made his way to the Fort. His sister had barged in on him in the middle of changing and had promptly turned around and left. Bran was worried that his sister was mad at him for wearing the clothing of their traitor father. Perhaps she would barge out and fight him on it before he made it to the feast.

The problem was that besides the rank cloak, this was the only formal clothing he owned. Wearing his everyday cloak didn't seem too nice enough for an event such as this today, and by the whispers of excitement, he gathered that mostly everyone was wearing their finest. That wasn't the only reason he wore these garments, however; In recent months, he'd been able to separate the acts of his father and the feelings Brannon still held for him as a father. Doing his own research and gathering the words of others had helped him with that. Now he thought was the best time and try to honor his heritage by wearing his father's traditional wear. He wanted to be able to separate the man from his acts.

Still, in the back of his mind, he wondered if others were questioning his motive for his choice of outfit. He still couldn't help but wonder if those around him feared he might turn out the same. Still, he had made many friends and allies in the pack and felt that distrust towards him and his sister was slowly disappearing.

Bran sat down with his family, though he hadn't spotted his sister yet. His eyes drifted around the crowd, momentarily stopping on the young woman in braids and a brown dress. He smiled at her, glad to see she was in good spirits. As the Lune and Sola spoke, he listened intently, ready to celebrate Casa and dig into the wonderful food around them.

RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Zetsubou - 21 November 2021

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[Image: Zetsunewref.png]“Looks like it's you and me, son,” Zetsubou chuckled as Dusk got to work dolling up the ladies. For Kazi, there wasn't much work to be done, but for Zetsubou, he had a penchant for dressing to fit the part. Work clothes were folded neatly away in the dresser, and the fine fabrics of his wedding attire were pulled out from the shadows of the drawer. The blue shirt and nice pants didn't take much to put on, and a quick tug of them pulled the wrinkles out. After that, the cloak was added, the mantle of the Cavalier's on his shoulders. He was ready.

Before he headed out of the door, there was a bit of chaos. Aly herself had gotten it in her head that bows were just not for her, and that she wanted a matching bowtie to go alone with Kazimir's look. Zetsubou couldn't help but chuckle as he helped resolve the situation, and as a whole, they left the Denhouse and the Densite, making way to the Fort and the festivities that awaited them.

When they'd arrived, Zasha bid them farewell with a peck and a flourish, and Zetsubou smiled and offered her a wave of his hand. He and Dusk would have their hands busy with the pups, Zetsubou taking particular care for their more impish son and his skin seeking teeth, so that Dusk could properly care for the girls without the unnecessary drama he might cause. For as handsome a boy as he was, the pup was just a little devil sometimes. Zetsubou hoped that when he grew, he'd level out some and really start to bond with the family rather than trying to run off whenever he had the chance to.

The speeches that were lead by their leaders were uplifting, and it really made Zetsubou proud to be a part of something. Setting Kazi down for just long enough to clap, it was only a matter of seconds before the boy was off on his own. Stumbling to his feet, he planted a kiss on Dusk's cheek and took off after the wily boy who had not concern for whose feed he ran under.


RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Ezra Vahn - 21 November 2021

[[Cnpc's Arrow Lee and Fiorenza Vin Vahn. Fiorenza's garb - Arrow's Garb - Ezra's Garb]]

[Image: Ezsm.png]Fiorenza was hopping in place, the new outfit blooming around her. Arrow, too, spun around himself and took in the dashing outfit that had been made for him. It was clear that they were both surprised and enamored by Ezra's tailoring work.

“So dhat's what ya been doin' all your lonesome?” Arrow chuckled and tugged at the edges of the piece on his chest.

Ezra, too, had a new outfit on and flatted the low-cut neck of the shirt with his hands, “I had to do something with all of my new found free time,” He chuckled, knowing full well that he'd burned some midnight oil to finish the work, thankful that his pupil and his daughter both slept sound through his stitching from their day work.

“I love it, Papa,” Fiorenza chirped and gave him a peck on the cheek, “I'll get things ready for us at the Feast,” She explained before giving a wave and heading out the door.

When the hem of her skirt had trailed out of the room, Arrow turned to Ezra and nodded, “Are you ready?”

The old poet nodded and gathered his cane up in his hand, “I am. Let's head out so she isn't waiting long.”

Up the steps and through the hall, then down the steps they went, and a wonderful show was made of all the décor and the Feast spread. Once they had their seats, The Lune and the Sola both spoke and just as Aldora finished, the party came alive with music.

At his seat, he was set up with food and drink, but his eyes looked over the crowd that gathered, and those that danced, those that visited and those that surrounded the tables, dining on the merriment, “Now, don't the two of you feel you need to stay here on account of me. I'll be fine right here. Have some fun,” He instructed, turning to Arrow who had already a mouth full of food.

The collie couldn't help but laugh and nod, unable to say a thing to the old man and his perfect timing. Ezra's daughter didn't need to be told twice as she got to her feet and skipped away to the dancers, hoping to have her eye on a strapping young Cavalier.


RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Kazimir Hushhowl - 21 November 2021

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[Image: Kazimirpub.png]He could feel himself being lowered to the ground, and almost as if a count down had entered his mind, his eyes hungered for that nearing freedom. After being put in this itchy bowtie collar, he couldn't wait to show his father what he thought about it, but all he needed was some space between them to do it.

At the instant that his paws hit the earth, he charged off. Like a bolt of lightning, he shot through the legs and the skirts of dresses, cackling like a mad man the whole way. He didn't look back, couldn't look back, or he knew he'd be caught. His prize, the fountain where the floating decorations that he and Zasha had put together was his prize. Sliding into the ledge, he met it with a thunk, but rather than whine about the sudden whack of his body against the ledge, he scrambled to get his collar off. Curled over himself, back legs kicked at the collar on his neck until half of it was draped and pressed over his face.

That was when his paws left the ground again. Rats! With a yelp, his master plan was foiled by the familiar scent and careful hold of his father's hands. A tug on his collar had it properly back in place, and like a prisoner, he was carted back to the table where the rest of his family that hadn't gone off to was gathered.

The boy was propped on the table and with no surprise, the instance that food was put beneath him, he got to chowing down. Little did they know, It was the only time during the Feast that he'd sit and stay for long enough that his parents could enjoy a conversation.


RE: A decade of honour, lifetimes of sharing - Jace Wolfe - 24 November 2021

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The dark hand held out to her, the elder woman eyed both it and himself with a telling half-frown. Temnota smiled, a small thing, and drew himself up tall, looking dashing in the clothes he'd dusted out for the Cavalier's Feast.

<"Cahn I ehscoert yeu, Бабушка?">

"You may."

Taking his arm, she let the young man lead her away, towards the gathering Cavaliers and the chairs, the elder expressed her relief that she wouldn't have to traipse the entire way across the pack for this festivities, and, really, did they ever consider their elderly when planning these events,

"Just wait till I see Honrin." She finished, tutting disagreeably.

Though he tried his best, Temnota could not contain all of his mirth, and sniggered a time or two at the old woman's tirade, thankfull not aimed at himself.

They managed to make their ways to their chairs, narrowly avoiding disaster as Zetsubo's young son pattered across their path, with father in hot pursuit. It was here she lost some of Temnota's attention, the blue and green drawn to the flare of a dress, the flash of a pretty calf and toss of long, slender head.

Letting go of his arm, she gave him a shove,

"Go and bring her a drink, go, go on, shoo with you."

Hesitatingly, he looked between his elder and the lady that'd caught his eye, before swallowing heavily and striding away to do as he was bid.

Taking her seat, cane set beside her and out of the way so it would not be tripped upon, the voices of the Young surrounded her, and she lost herself within it, remembering a time along ago, and people now years dead. Slowly the stars descended upon herself, filtering the light and casting a brilliance to it that was not all down to the decoration and favor of the night.