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Brighten our Horizon - Lunatini - 25 November 2021

You lift your chin a little higher - Open your eyes a little wider - Speak your mind a little louder

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The two children were dedicated to their new job to look after papa, taking it in turns to make sure he always had company whilst the other went off to find food from the family dens or even try and get lucky with hunting some themselves. But it was the boredom that was really starting to get to them. Usually, when Luna had lounged around the Library on her comfy fur pile, she had her dad to talk to the whole time to entertain her. But now Borya was silent, working like a machine as he wrote in his books without a single expression on his face. Rarely she'd get a question from the man, but it was usually asking her if she and Vezda were alright or asking them what time of day it was. Luna didn't spend long lying around because of that. But alternatives weren't much better... waiting around for nothing after all never got any more entertaining. 

Luna couldn't imagine how hard it was for Vezda; the boy had always been following around mama, learning with her or running around. He seemed his best self now when given a chance to swap shifts with Luna and run off, practicing his hunting or just exploring one of his favourite places. If Luna could manage the insanity of doing nothing all day, then she'd even offer to let Vez completely off the schedule the two siblings had to keep papa company. 

That generous thought was beginning to dry out when her brother was late by over an hour, leaving Luna drooling by the front doors of the Library trying not to think about her very late lunch. When Vezda did come trotting back, Luna's golden eyes focused in with a glare. "You know I was this close to eating the door, Vez. Collecting food doesn't take that long!" The girl barked, realising after speaking that perhaps she was being a bit too grumpy because of her stomach. 

Especially since Vezda then stood there, his mouth comically stretched open with not only the package of food, but also a fresh rabbit stuffed in there. The boy frowned and huffed through his nose, rolling his eyes as he dropped both items at the threshold. "You're right it doesn't. But I wanted to get us something fresh today so you'll have to deal with a late meal... means we can leave the prepared stuff for papa."

Not able to argue with that logic, and also feeling a bit bad for snapping, Luna smiled apologetically and helped her brother tear and share the fresh rabbit. All whilst listening to the boy explain exactly how he'd managed to use the packed food like a lure to get the prey out in the open, looking goofy and proud as he reprised the story around mouthfuls of meat, whilst Luna didn't dare comment on the fact that the rabbit looked pretty old and skinny and was no doubt a lucky kill.

Just after their meal, and once Luna had taken the packed food in for papa, the pair turned at the sound of approaching footsteps.