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{M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 14 January 2022

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: Just in case.

It's not my problem if you don't see what I see
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Anactoria decided an excursion east was in order. She rode Chernobog, the massive stallion's hooves thundering. She wore a red tunic under a black leather corset with a black skirt. She carried her belongings in the stallion's saddle bags with her most important items in her satchel. Above her flew her crows, the pair known as Saffron and Heather. The crows were her eyes in the sky. She wanted to find somewhere to set up a camp. She didn't feel like rushing at dusk to set it up and she could explore after she found a base. The massive draft was a fearsome beast and ornery towards strangers. Though she would prefer to have the horse near her as he was her best protection against miscreants. She should have picked up a weapon. Though the witch never thought she would be in this situation. Forsaken by her Coven and on her own.

The Cersine heiress didn't find much of a dwelling to set up camp in. She lived in houses for most of her life and she felt degraded having to set up in a cave. She had lived on the lap of luxury all of her life. Now she had to hunt for her own food, care for her own horse, and defend herself. Before, she tended to gloss over her horse's care, giving it to a slave. But now she had to get her hands dirty. She hated living this way and she really wanted to find somewhere to live. But it had to be the right place. Not full of Godless heathens nor feral Luperci. She had standards and a purpose. She had been born in a witches' place, she wouldn't settle for anything else. The gods sent messages, and she believed she had the ability to read the signs they sent. She believed she had been chosen by the gods, that she had been fated to be a priestess.

The tri-colored hybrid figured the cave was safe, small enough that she didn't fear what might be lurking within though not too cramped. She still hated having to roll her bedroll over a floor that was mostly uneven. She considered shifting into one of her feral forms when the time came to sleep. She would debate it later. While she looked down upon ferals, she did utilize her lower forms. In her mind, shifting was its own form of magic from the gods. The godless had it, but she believed they could still be turned towards the light. Non-shifters were damned as they had no gift of magic, and converting them was one of the ways they might be saved.

With her camp having been decided, the calico decided to look around the area. It was afternoon and she was within eyesight of Chernobog and the cave. She left her saddlebags on the horse as he was the best protection she had. And she didn't stray far from him. The area scouted, she decided to settle down for a moment. She set up a campfire within two meters of the cave entrance. She pulled a cigarette from her satchel and lit it in the flames. She felt calmer now, considering she might do a reading. She had some food saved over from yesterday, meager scraps but she could improve it with greens. She was set for the night. She pulled out her tarot cards, shuffling them.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 14 January 2022

Tallulah had no use of mystics or faith. Anything could be explained by natural means and common sense. She liked to think she was a rational woman, and it showed in her neutral way of accepting not everyone believed the same. While rational was one word, she also did not throw her beliefs on others like a plague. She did not care if they thought gods and devils existed. No, the woman believed only monsters roamed this land. It was a choice, not a divine one, to be something worse than a mortal being. None of this "my mother or father" had been a bad person, hence they should be one too. Everyone had a choice; it set them apart from divinity.

Directing Rusty closer to the Frost Reaches, Tallulah leaned forward. A hand cupped her brow, eyes squinting for want of trying to see better. If she was a medicine woman, she would think the mountain a grand place. But she had lived near mountains mostly in the backdrop of the Colt ranch. See one, you see the entire collection. "Let's go," she said to her horse companion, who trotted at a slow and leisurely pace. She wanted to explore beyond Del Cenere and had on a few excursions, but the Frost Reaches was somewhere foreign to her. The Tides had been traversed briefly too. Prime location for adventure.

Rust led her near the mouth of a cave, where she saw hoofprints and smelt a horse. Saw the large horse and also smelt Luperci. "Hello?" she called out, glancing around. Her own horse slowed and looked to his side, right at the other woman. He seemed to just notice her. "Oh," she said, sliding from his back and giving him a thankful pat. She approached the stranger with confidence, but also caution. The cigarette was not kin to Hosea's - for all she knew, this woman would be rude not to put it out. "hey" she said, lifting a hand to wave at the other. They smelt like vagabonds; no true pack scent. But they didn't have to have one yet.

She could be new. Tallulah's own mostly coyote scent was faint. So she didn't fault the woman for her lack of community; most assumed the dog hybrid was a loner as well. "Sorry to bother ya" she added in "but do ya know if there's a town or caravan close by?"
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 17 January 2022

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Anactoria shuffled her cards, a serenity came upon her as she focused. She wondered what her future would have in store. She was a woman of faith, some may call her a zealot. She was born in a witches' place and had been raised with the belief in gods. Zeus, Athena, Ares, Hephaestus, Dionysus, Hera, Aphrodite, Apollo, Demeter, Hades, Hermes, Hestia, Posiedon were the main gods though there were countless more. And she learned every figures' name. Her mother worshiped these gods as well. She knew of the Norse gods as well, having learned of them from one of her mother's paramours. Ragnarok was an interesting concept, as were the tales of Loki's children. And then there were the Christian mythos, the stories from the bible, the demons, and the angels. She thought only one god was a bit bland, somewhat shortsighted. There were technically two, possibly three. God, Satan, and Jesus, though she was more interested in the demons, especially the fallen angels.

Chernobog stomped his foot, nostrils flaring. The stallion didn't enjoy the presence of other horses and strange Luperci. The witch looked up to see a doggish woman. She looked rather pretty, her colors pleasing to the eye. She had blue eyes though her pelt -- as far as the woman could see -- looked simple. The woman did prefer the company of women over men. The calico hybrid put her cards in her satchel and rose to her feet. The other woman issued a greeting and it was something of a comfort as the woman wasn't much of a fighter. She didn't think she would need to defend herself, considering she had been promised -- in her mind -- the throne and would need not to defend herself as she would have guards. The witch mimicked the woman's hand movement, a small wave, accompanied by a small smile. It wouldn't do the sorceress well to scare off the woman. For she might be useful.

"Hello," the Cersine heiress replied, her voice pleasant as she held her cigarette between her fingers. She rose to her feet, realizing she had height on the other woman. The woman spoke, asking the witch if she knew of other settlements. A town or caravan? She had been looking for a settlement but had yet to find one. She wondered if the other woman was a stranger to these lands or perhaps had some knowledge. She also as always, wondered what this woman knew of witches and gods.

"No," the blue-eyed witch responded. "I am new to these lands," she added. She figured she might as well be honest. She didn't offer any other information, as she would need to gauge the usefulness of this stranger. She kept her name close to her chest as she wished not to share too much of herself. "What brings your here?" she asked, figuring she could see how willing this girl was willing to tell. A neutral question that could tell much about someone. She wished not to waste her time.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 17 January 2022

Rusty glanced at the other horse, refusing to look upset. His typical easy-going nature made him blink once - slowly - at the other large horse before his attention roamed back to Tallulah. The dog hybrid gave a gentle 'hmm'. Another Luperci either refused to give up information or didn't know. The woman went on to say she was new, and the Unkindled had no reason to distrust this. She'd keep a healthy skepticism all the same. "I'm seekin' to do some tradin' and travelin' outside me pack's land" she replied, the southern accent a stark contrast to the other's articulation "I'm also new to the North, and this area."

The woman gave a gesture around them. The location was not properly explored by Tallulah Colt. The Frost Reaches, not the entire Northern Tides, were not familiar. She had traveled to the Loner Band that housed the Rest Stop but wondered if the other woman knew of them. Bête Noire was a friendly bunch, but Tallulah was not going to give out the information unless this woman desperately needed food, water, and shelter. "What about you?" she asked back, a friendly enough curiosity. The dog hybrid wasn't the type to actively use information against others. But the woman didn't know that. She couldn't.

Her own words could cause more inquiries though. She didn't really mind this but would be careful about giving out anything that would be used. As she waited for the other to respond, Tallulah placed one hand on her hip and the other hung loosely at her side. From behind, Rusty munched on some grass he nosed the snow off of. He paid little attention to the Luperci talking. It wasn't his business, really, unless he felt some form of aggression toward his friend. So far, so good. His basic instinct would make him run between them if something happened, protect Tallulah or die trying.
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 17 January 2022

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Anactoria was interested when the woman spoke of trade. She had once been a trader in some capacity, joining the caravan of witches headed towards the ports to trade. She had closed some deals and made some profit from her own trading ventures. One of which being the trade deal that got her her slave. She wished she had more to trade with the stranger, but she had only her valuables and no surplus. Nor any supplies to craft with. Sometimes she whittled but those creations she didn't think would be considered her best work. She was a perfectionist, especially when it came to her crafting. She wondered briefly if the woman might be interested in a fortune. She could garner a small trade. She needed some food and perhaps raw materials. But she would need to gauge this woman's beliefs, for the godless she was less inclined to read fortunes for, only if they seemed to be swayed towards the gods' light.

The mention of a pack was once again strange to the hybrid. The scion lived in a Coven and most of her contacts outside of the Coven spoke of towns. She only knew of packs in context of their feral roots. But the woman seemed advanced, not feral as she looked to come from a civilized place. It was a touch perplexing as she reasoned the reason behind the word choice. Was this how these settlements worked? Was it some sort of culture where packs referred to civilized groups?  She hoped so as the witch couldn't tolerate feral lifestyles and she judged those who did. The woman also said she was new to this place, coming from the north. There were "packs" in the north? She wondered if there were other packs around here, though the newcomer seemed to not know much. Well, perhaps she could offer some useful knowledge. The stranger asked about the woman.

"I wanted to explore," the witch responded. She offered an answer and now she figured she would need to offer some more information in order to gain information. But, she was still somewhat untrusting of this woman. This woman seemed to know little of this land and she didn't seem of much interest to the hybrid. But she couldn't let any opportunity go to waste. So she compromised with herself, figuring out what to offer the woman. "My name is Anne," she said. It was part of her name, a half-truth that if truth came to light, she couldn't be accused of outright deception. There was no need to offer her surname.

"What is your pack like?" she asked, her question neutral. She wanted to see what sort of packs this land had to offer. She had a few criteria. Mostly a witches' place, for she had little tolerance for the godless and she grew up in a Coven. She couldn't imagine living in a godless place. She also wanted a "pack" that was civilized. She wouldn't degrade herself by living in dens. She was careful with her words and body language, keeping a neutral facade.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 18 January 2022

"Aye?" she said, tapping a finger to her chin "did ya find anything interestin' out here?" Another friendly sort of question, for Tallulah was mighty keen on discovering all she could about the area. Who knows? She could go back to Del Cenere with useful knowledge. She didn't really think most Ashen went outside of their land as much as she liked to. Something about unfriendly wolves and threats. Nevertheless, a name was given. She nodded once, acknowledging it. "Tallulah Colt, ma'am." she added formally, politely. As she was raised by a single-parent household. A question next, about her pack. The dog hybrid looked the woman over, wondering if she should decline the question.

Anne had some coyote in her, but also wolf... And smelt like a dog too. There were characteristics of a hybrid in her. She would be accepted into Charmingtown for a few days. "Del Cenere keeps to itself" she mused at last "we're tight-knit, a found family" she tried to remember Hosea's words about the gang "we have traditions like any pack, but we're all allowed to practice, preach and teach what we like. Long as we don't hurt anyone" Tallulah hadn't been in Del Cenere long enough to stake a claim on any traditions "we value hard work and progress." That she could agree with. The living was tough but she liked a challenge. She wasn't sure if Anne did or not.

"Workin' the land mostly, side-by-side with animals we keep" she added "tends to be our way. You lookin' for a pack?" she directed, frowning softly "Del Cenere has open borders, so you'd be free to have a roof over your head for a few nights and a warm meal. Long as you have something to trade for them" But the same could be said of any place, really. Even the Rest Stop had the same policies. It looked like Anne only had those cards, her horse, and a few items on her person "can't give anything away for free." Another truth. She waited for Anne's reply, wondering idly about her. She didn't seem much of a threat, but... you never could be careful enough.
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 19 January 2022

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Anactoria listened as the woman spoke, noting some things in her mind here and there. She for a moment was unsure of how to answer the woman's question. For there was much she knew not what to say. She was a good liar which was an asset for the woman of mystery. For she desired not to speak of things to one she did not trust. She knew witches were not always welcomed by those who disliked anything strange. She also wished to not speak much of her past. "Not much," she answered neutrally, a half-truth for she did not see anything of interest to herself.

The woman's name was Tallulah Colt. It revealed little to the witch of this woman. But she did note the respectful "ma'm" and the willingness to share information. This woman might be an asset to the hybrid. She spoke easily, with little in terms of secrets. For Anactoria had not divulged a last name yet the woman seemed willing to share hers. So willing to speak of information in response to learning so little of the stranger. It spoke volumes as to how this woman had come to be. Perhaps of a place with little in secrets or perhaps proud of her family's name.

The pack's name was Del Cenere it seemed familiar. She recognized the meaning of it from Italian. It meant, "Of ash". How strange indeed! She wondered why this pack was named after ash. Ash was related to fire, the product of burning flames. The pack of Tallulah Colt was said to keep to themselves. Then pray tell why the woman was so willing to share. She could relate to a tight-knit found family. The Coven had been something like that. She was intrigued by the talk of religious freedom but wondered if there were godless heathens in the pack because it was so free.

The woman went on to state that the pack was about hard work and progress. Were they advanced and civilized? It seemed so, even though they called themselves a pack. They worked on the land and kept animals. She wasn't too sure on that front. Sure, pets could be made useful, for she had two crows that proved useful scouts. Her horse was useful, even though she detested getting dirty in order to care for the beast. Livestock was useful too, for a steady source of meat. And for sacrifice as well. But she wouldn't want to help take care of them.

The woman said that the borders were open. She was a bit distrusting now of this pack. She had grown up in a closely guarded community of witches built by founders who were fleeing persecution. And they was harsh scrutiny of outsiders, most outsiders were brought in as slaves and those who came of their own will were questioned and pressed. The openness of this community was suspect. They welcomed all? They were some sort of trading port? She wasn't quite sure.

"You allow anyone to join this pack?" she asked. She wasn't quite sure how to cast judgment and needed more information.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 19 January 2022

"No," Tallulah said with a shake of her head "wolves ain't trusted" Anne was difficult to read but she assumed the woman was faking some interest. From the way the other spoke and avoided talking about herself, she was either cautious or tight of lip "Del Cenere only lets them in a few days, so the border is semi-open to them" Otherwise, Charmingtown was free and welcoming "so if ya more wolf than dog or coyote... don't expect to be without suspicion. I haven't even seen a wolf in the pack, to be frank." Dogs, yes. Coyotes, yes. But higher content wolves? Not a chance.

She could not tell - nor was it her business - what sort of hybrid Anne was. "If yer looking for a more open place, there are a few loner bands around" she knew only of one though and could easily direct her to Besekel and Uriah Greyfire "I dunno if they seek new members - most look to trade" speaking of trade, it did not seem Anne had much on her person to offer. It was fine because Tallulah wanted nothing from her. What interested her at the moment were those cards "you a fortune-teller?" she asked, lifting her blue eyes to view the Luperci. She might as well amuse the woman for a few moments. Maybe she'd get a better read on her.

"Do ya mind reading my fortune?" she asked boldly "I can give ya some dried meat in return, and an apple for your horse." A fair trade than most would offer a mystic on the road. Still, the dog hybrid did not come closer unless invited. She kept her stance polite, unthreatening... like dealing with anyone. But she did have a dagger at her hip, and a bow on her back. It indicated she was able to defend herself if push came to shove.
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 20 January 2022

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Anactoria had standards, she really did. The idea of a pack being anti-wolf didn't sit right with her. She had quite a bit of wolf blood in her. She was equal parts wolf, dog, and coyote. She knew she held her own biases, but this pack was anti-wolf. While she didn't discriminate on species, she didn't feel like a place like that would be good for her. She could handle being discriminated against by the Godless. But for what she had no control over? She didn't like the Del Cenere. For she felt that such wolf bias would hinder her in this pack.

The woman spoke further, suggesting the witch seek out one of the "Loner Bands". She was a bit confused by all these new terms for groups. They weren't packs, she was sure. Or else the Colt woman would have called them that. She said that they mostly traded. But in her mind, the Cersine classified them as caravans. Groups of loners that traded. Anactoria didn't think she would find much interest in them. For she already hated living like a Loner. She couldn't imagine choosing that life for herself for the long term. No, she wanted an establish settlement and she wouldn't settle for a "Loner Band". 

And then the coydog asked if the Cersine was a fortune teller. Not exactly the term the witch would have used. Perhaps she saw the cards the calico hybrid had put away? And then Tallulah asked for her fortune to be read. Now the woman wasn't in the business of telling the fortune of anyone. She wasn't quite sure of this woman. While the Del Cenere member had yet to be cruel to her, the pack she originated from did not sit right with Anactoria. And fortune telling was something special to her. She had done some fortune telling for profit but only to those who had some religion or leaned towards it.

But, the woman did offer a trade. A trade that was enticing to the woman. Some food for her. She could take the apple too, Chernobog wouldn't mind. Who was she kidding, he was just a horse. Some food in exchange for a fortune telling. Anactoria had compromised what few principles she had for a greater cause. She could use the food, she would be a fool to turn it down as it was winter and she wasn't the best hunter. She considered the trade, her hand going towards her satchel.

"A fortune reading for dried meat and an apple," she said. "That will be the deal." Her words were firm as she made the agreement. If the woman agreed, the woman would prepare.

She looked towards the fire, her eyes scanning the clearing and then the surroundings. She wouldn't be as daft as to disrespect her craft by placing her cards on the ground! She found a relatively flat rock a few meters away from the camp she had set up. And it was away from her stallion so the horses wouldn't fight.

"Over here," she would say. She would walk towards the rock, seeing it was fairly dry and a few feet high and a few feet wide. It wasn't the best fortune telling place but it wasn't the worst. She would sit on her knees, holding the cards in her hand.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 20 January 2022

Anne remained quiet during her explanation. Tallulah could almost tell it didn't sit right with her and she did not blame Anne for that. She was not anti-wolf, and it showed in the way she was polite and willing to talk. But Tallulah kept it to herself, for she knew speaking about such things was a sore subject, and... well, she learned quickly to keep that to herself in Del Cenere. They could have anti-wolf bias. She could keep her own opinions unless someone was treated very unfairly in her presence. Eventually, the talk went back to the fortunetelling. A trade, a deal, was struck. She nodded as she followed Anne to the location.

"I heard if ya put those cards on an unfit surface" Tallulah began, scratching her cheek idly "it messes up the readin'? Something about energy..." She tried to fill the gap of conversation best she could. Anne sat and she did as well. Try as she might, she didn't really have an interest in card reading. But she picked up a few tidbits of information on the road. It could be enough to start the talk, or it could be false to Anne and she'd be reprimanded for her words. Tallulah was politely curious, willing to understand. She didn't have to learn to be interested. She wanted to apologize about Del Cenere but knew that was weak.

She cared about her pack, however brief she stayed there. She valued their opinions and their way of life. All she had done was be courteous and repeat what she knew to a potential joiner, who had seemed interested at the time. It didn't matter that Anne wouldn't join now. Tallulah was not a recruiter by any means; she had just been answering questions. Oh well. It was time to move on.
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 24 January 2022

It's not my problem if you don't see what I see
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Anactoria wondered if the woman believed in gods. She didn't ask yet, for she wasn't at that stage. But she would be soon, for there was a lot to reveal when one did a reading. The gods spoke through the cards. The cards read the woman's past, present, and future. Or at least this reading since Anactoria didn't quite feel like doing the ten card pattern. She wasn't getting paid enough for it. The food that was offered would hold her over for a bit, she might actually store it until she couldn't find food. But this all hinged on the Colt woman holding up her end of the bargain.

Now the heiress wasn't much of a fighter. She actually preferred not to fight if she had a choice. Chernobog had done well to defend her as the stallion was a force to be reckoned with. Now the woman could become intemperate when it came to her beliefs, for religious fervor had a strong hold on her. She looked down upon the godless for they had no belief. She looked down upon the non-shifters because in her eyes they were damned by the gods for they did not possess the gift of the gods. However, in this situation, she had to hold her tongue and temper herself as there was a trade to be made. But, if the woman didn't hold up her end of the deal, the best the woman could do was place a hex on her.

The woman spoke, saying what she'd heard about cards and readings. This intrigued the witch, since the woman seemed to know a bit more about cards that the woman would have thought. This was interesting as she wondered how the woman learned about tarot. Now the Cersine woman had many reasons for why she chose to do her readings on a surface like the rock. It was flat and the closest thing to a table. And she wouldn't degrade her precious cards by placing them on the ground. There was a method to the reading, a tradition. She liked to do things the correct way when it came to her witchcraft. For if she did it incorrectly, at best it might not work and at worst it might anger the gods.

"You seem to know more about tarot than most do," the witch said. She shuffled the cards once as it was customary. She observed the woman from across the makeshift table. "Pray tell, dear," she said, attempting to meet the woman's eyes. "What answer do you seek from these cards? Do you have a god you seek answers from?" This was a telling part of her practice for one could not read a fortune without a question. She might oblige the woman on a fortune regardless of her belief. If only because she made a trade deal. And there might be a possibility -- if the woman was one of the godless -- that she could guide the woman into the gods' light. She awaited the woman's answer.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 24 January 2022

"Just tidbits I've heard over my travels" she replied honestly "me old community had few elders that read the cards" But mystics weren't high in demand there. Sure, a few had visited them if pregnant and wanting to know all was well, or desperate and downtrodden Luperci needing to gleam the future "when I could help 'em around the homestead, they would tell me a bit." Not much, because they were polite and not pushy. They knew Tallulah didn't care about the craft. Anne would prattle briefly about gods, and the dog hybrid had come to expect this in due time. Anne seemed the religious sort. Tallulah did not poke the bear.

She shook her head, not caring what Anne thought but attempting to be civil about the whole religious devotee thing. Tallulah knew from experience that some vagabonds didn't accept help and hand-outs. Too proud, too suspicious. She only wanted to help a traveler in need and would - in her own way. She mused the topic of asking the cards for something before deciding on something. "If it pleases the cards, ya can ask them about my love life" She wanted to laugh about the words - but did not. "ya can ask any god ya like. I have no preference." Tallulah was a secret romantic. She liked reading and hearing stories of love.

The dog hybrid kept it vague - did she have a lover? Was she wanting after someone? Unrequited or courted? She let Anne's so-called skills reveal it. "What does it say? I'm curious about it." She tried to even lean forward to view the cards better, remarking on the surface of them mentally. The colorful pictures took skill to make, probably. She could draw a bit, but not enough detail like that. Still, a lingering curiosity about the future of her love life could be fun to muse for a bit. Maybe they could point her to a man or woman capable of handling her. She also wanted to laugh about that but resisted.
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 25 January 2022

It's not my problem if you don't see what I see
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Anactoria considered as she heard Tallulah speak. The woman had had experience with tarot cards which was of note. Apparently the elders of her homestead used them. She had questions but kept them close to her chest. She wondered if that meant this woman was of faith. But she would not ask as she should focus. The cards were not things to draw lightly for she was seeking answers from them. She needed to focus and she needed a clear mind. The cards were familiar in her hands and she knew each one by heart, name and meaning. She also knew how to interpret the cards and fortunes.

It mildly displeased the woman to learn that the Colt female didn't seem to be inclined towards gods. But the question she asked was typical, love life. The witch held back her rolling eyes, nodding instead. Anactoria had her affairs before, but mostly secret romps or strictly business encounters. As long as she made no acts of courtship, most of the witches could care less. Her mother had been like that, flexible and her entourage of higher-ranking witches often were old partners. She didn't even know who her father was. Lilura had considered marriage to someone, but Ajak deemed him unworthy. Ajak's own spouse died before Anactoria was born. Sometimes romantic relationships felt like traps and the Cersine woman was picky about those she considered.

But, nonetheless, she started shuffling the cards. She focused on the question, mentally repeating it as she shuffled three times. Her cards were of high quality and well-cared for. The cards came from the witches' craftspeople and the trade had been passed down for generations. The cards were of importance and blessed by priestess before they were received by witches. The cards were to be well-cared for and respected for it was of great taboo to need a replacement, especially if it was the whole deck. The cards were on Anactoria when she was exiled, but they would have been the first thing she grabbed as she fled.

And then Anactoria drew three cards, placing them face down in between her and the other woman. The woman's question went unacknowledged. For it was rude and she would not entertain it; being hastened to read a fortune was her pet peeve. The woman was lucky that there was a trade to be had or else Anactoria would have snapped at her. But she kept calm, she needed to interpet the cards.

The first one she flipped was the one that spoke of the past. It was The Devil, it was interesting to see that card pulled. But she considered what it meant and then spoke. "The first card speaks of your past. The Devil represents temptation; a desire for relationship in this case."

The second card she flipped was The Lovers, speaking of Tallulah's present. "The Lovers represent  love, harmony, and connection. This speaks of your present. You are looking for a relationship that goes beyond sex, a soulmate. You need to be open with your desires and honest with what you want."

And the third card to be flipped was Two of Cups. "The third card reveals your future and that card is the Two of Cups. The Two of Cups indicates a new relationship based on mutual attraction and respect. It might indicate a future marriage."

With the fortune read, she allowed the Colt woman to take it in.

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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Tallulah Colt - 26 January 2022

Some would say this was a basic reading. They would be right, in Tallulah's mind. She didn't know if there was even skill involved or Anne was taking a guess - for the dog hybrid didn't know the meanings behind the cards. Anne could be saying anything that came to mind or just guessing from what she knew of Tallulah thus far. But the wolf hybrid wasn't the only one who could fake either. "Thank ya" She forced a pleased emotion into her voice, already deciding that the Ashen would be tolerated spiritually and religiously over a woman she met on the road. She turned to look at Rusty, clicking her tongue. The massive horse lumbered toward them so she could take the items out of her bag. "hang on, lemme get your stuff out..."

She had wanted some sort of explanation as to why she had such trouble connecting with people. Romantic or not.

Alas. Marriage would come in due time, or not. She was in no hurry to look for a mate but she did wonder if she was pushing others away subtly. Anne wasn't from the future, despite glimpses into it. Tallulah could not expect much more of her or her cards. "I was a bit worried" she added, rising from the ground and taking out the bartered items. She bent to place them near Anne; meat and apples. All accounted for. "seein' the Devil of all things..." She knew somewhat from the elders it was a double-edged blade, or similar. It meant many things. Some could say it meant strength of character, but Tallulah held no ego. Especially regarding herself.

"It's all there" she gestured to the items "thank ya once again for the reading" she learned a bit more about what those fancy cards meant in the process "I hope ya find somewhere interestin' on the road" she added politely, for she recalled Anne wanting to explore "I won't take much more of your time." She would hesitate near Anne's horse as she began to lead Rusty back, waiting for the two women to part ways officially. As much as Tallulah had learned, she also did not. Anne kept herself to herself, and while she had begun to expect that from loners... It felt somewhat irksome. She had done nothing but be pleasant and welcoming to these lands. Some folk just weren't friendly. It was a shame.
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RE: {M} Today, I'm thinking about the things that are deadly - Anactoria Cersine - 26 January 2022

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Anactoria was not sure what sort of reaction she would get. Tallulah Colt was a stranger still, but she read the cards as they were since it was her job to interpret the messages she was sent. She wasn't too concerned about the fortune as it seemed rather mundane all things considered and it did not look like it was too negative. Rather, it looked more than promising as it seemed to answer with a possible union. In her humble opinion, there was more to consult the cards on than just romance. Was that this girl's singular aspiration in life? Her only ambition was romance? Or was it the only thing she had any questions about? Did it mean she was either sure of her path? These packs had ranks, right? Did she have any ambitions to rise from whatever station she was at? How strange these Luperci were on this new land!

Although, the Colt woman didn't seem to comment much once she finally spoke. The hybrid witch wondered what the woman was thinking. But the singular "thank you" was enough for her. She did expect at least some gratitude from this "client". Though there wasn't much else the woman had to comment. No reaction other than a smile. While Anactoria wasn't interested in unions or marriage, she would think that it was a positive future to most of those who desired that sort of thing. After all, she asked for a fortune about her romantic future and to the witch, there was a different between a romantic relationship and a sexual one. Anactoria had been in more of the later as she rarely felt any romantic urges considering she would assume she would be pushed to get married when she was queen, as she had heard whispers of her mother having considered courtship when she was queen but no one seemed good enough to the Crone.

Nonetheless, the woman seemed to be ready to hold up her end of the bargain. The witch wasn't quite sure what she would have done had the woman tried to leave without payment. Usually, Coven witches would have had warriors on their side to shake down anyone that tried to leave without paying. But Anactoria wasn't all that much of a fighter. She did have some size advantage on the smaller hybrid though she loathed having to get her own hands dirty. Or worse! Tarnish her looks as she put a lot of work into her appearance. For she had been blessed with lush fur and a unique tri-colored pelt. Her mother's own beauty had been notable as well, having bewitching green eyes and a beautiful pelt. Anactoria's pelt pulled heavily from her doggish blood and in her humble opinion, she looked very unique. Of course, she had a high opinion of herself.

She put the cards away in their little leather pouch within her satchel.

The Colt woman spoke as she worked to get the items to exchange for the reading. The Devil, Anactoria knew was a negative figure in Christianity. Of course, the Bible had a lot of rules and things that if broken would send the sinners to hell. Which was ruled over by Satan or the Devil. Now the Cersine woman knew that there was no shortage of things that would send her to hell when judgment came, but she also worshiped other gods as she figured different pantheons worked together somehow, perhaps gods were different facets or names or they all existed together. She grew up in a Coven that worshiped many gods and priestesses had to work together somehow. So there were generally held beliefs that the gods coexisted, no religion was the true religion but those who believed in gods were above the godless. Maybe that was some confirmation that the Colt woman was of faith. Or that was what Anactoria chose to believe.

The coydog placed the goods near Anactoria. The witch looked over them, and they all seemed good. She picked them up, placing them into her satchel. She gave the apples a squeeze, testing their age. She didn't have the means to preserve them but she might eat them tonight. The dried meat could last her longer so she would probably hold on for a bit and ration them in case she couldn't rustle up some food. She could hunt, for some sacrifices involved witches having to catch their own prey but rarely did they call for larger sacrifices so she was most adept at hunting small prey. She nodded, a look of gratitude towards the woman was delivered, of course it was only proper to thank her. Anactoria was a woman of class, or at least that was what she was when she needed to be. She of course did whatever was expected of her in situations if it might help her.

"Thank you," she responded as the woman finished speaking, a farewell and thanks were given once again. "May the fates be in your favor," she said. She didn't obviously wish the woman a marriage as she was every vague with her words but it was implied. She would turn, rising to her feet and dusting her skirts off. She would return to her fire and sit, lighting another cigarette and waiting until the woman left. She wasn't going to quite let her guard down around a stranger so she thought and considered.

Anactoria would need to prepare for when the sun set and she would need to get ready to spend the night here. She would need to set up a bedroll at the very least. Gods, she would hate her decisions in the morning when she woke up with a sore back from an uneven floor. It would take a lot of time and work for her to hunt down rabbits or perhaps other small, furry creatures to make a more suitable bed. Not to mention the work that would go into preserving them, some of which required resources she didn't readily have access to. She had some leather scraps but they were rather meager. And having a lot on her made her a beacon for scoundrels so she wished to only carry what was absolutely necessary.

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