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Where we were and why we will - Owen Winsor - 14 May 2022

It's early afternoon by the Cavendish Estates, and it's another nice day.
Your character 's shedding fur becomes unbearably itchy, and while scratching themself, they're caught in a compromising position by a stranger.

The balmy springtime temperatures were slowly, surely, and persistently rising and giving way to summer highs as the sun hit its stride. It was great, for the most part! Owen had enjoyed the sun, the wind, the smell of the surf and the ocean spray off the coastlines, and with it came the panging and sore memories of wasting away summer days on Simo’s farm, flinging fistfuls of acorns at Mosie and Landon and getting ambushed from tall green grasses while they made up excuses to goof off between stints of amateur work.

The more passable work ethic had stuck to an extent, at the very least. Owen kept returning to the Cavendish Estates in hope that sailors would have popped by with boats, or more passing traders would make use of his muscle, and with it, he brought snacks back to camp to split among his brother and newfound friends who he couldn’t entirely tell if they were merely humoring him and tolerating his boisterous attitude.

To him, Ciri and Nathan were good as blood – though, the jury was still out on his brother’s nebulous girlfriend-ish-figure that he could not quite pinpoint. She and her handler were dreadfully enigmatic and far too hard to figure out – Ness’s tolerance for him waned quickly, and he was content to make himself scarce when she showed her pretty face.

Shaking his head of his thoughts, he meandered through the quiet ruins and the stone walls, surprised to find it empty as it was. His nose twitched a little, and he tugged out spare tufts of his shedding coat as he meandered along, only to feel the telltale prickle of it creeping all along his spine and belly. Swearing softly to himself, Owen’s hands fished into the front his trousers for a good, hearty scratch, leaning into some of the stones for a bit as he took the brief reprieve, only to hear an audible gasp. Ears perked, he looked up to spy a woman, covering her mouth and looking right at him, and he gawked openly.

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