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No, it's not a spider! - Bellad Songthorn - 22 June 2022

Backdated to end of Spring. In the former Infirmary in the middle of the City Square, Bellad is working on a strange drawing on the wall. Though he's been expecting Sólveig to join him, he may well have to accommodate another onlooker as well. [+413]
One thing he wasn’t becoming was a finer artist. The drawing on the inside wall of the former Circle of Athelas infirmary was, in a word, an abomination. It did, upon closer examination, convey the image of a Luperci in Optime, sprawled out with arms and legs apart. Bizarrely there was an extra pair of legs and arms close to their siblings as well, but they seemed narrowed and more schematic. Why Bellad would choose to mark his fingers in coal painting an eight-limbed Luperci wasn’t a question easy to answer.

This was far from the first iteration. Bellad intended a message behind this. And no, the message was not, for once, that he had an artistic streak beyond his singing. Nor was it a fresco of some new deity for either Councilor Songthorn or any would-be followers of his to worship. It was something else entirely. He was pretty certain that, until the message could be deciphered by someone without him being there to explain explicitly, the project would not be complete.

Indeed other than the fruit of Bellad’s questionable artistic talents, there were multiple sheets pinned to the wall, each with images of leaves or flowers. He wished he could add in seeds, but they were quite difficult to accurately convey with what crude implements he’s been using for the painting. From the sheets, arrows or lines connected them to the different parts of the spindly thing he drew on the wall. Some lead to the joints, others pointed to the thinner limbs, others yet indicated the thicker ones. Some lines converged at the toothy maw of the scary Luperci with far too many arms and legs.

Bellad took a step back. He didn’t wince this time, not like he had when he attempted some of his first drawings. Perhaps he could show it in some different way. Perhaps the purpose of conveying knowledge to someone who couldn’t read needed to be executed by some other means. He was certain by now that the individual sheets were sufficient to identify the plants at least. His work with Baelfire proved as much. He tested some notes from Sólveig’s mother’s journal. It was as though separate parts of the project had been put to trials before. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, well…

He very nearly missed the footsteps behind his back as he contemplated his work, looming on the wall in a state of dubious progress.

“Ah, Sólveig, I was expecting-…”

RE: No, it's not a spider! - Sólveig Dawnrunner - 3 July 2022

[Image: wolfmoon.gif] Teem Word of the Day - 3 July 22 verb | to be filled with something; to become full to overflowing

Location: City Square || NPCs: Reblin (Percival's cNPC) || Form: Optime

"Holy mother of calamity, what fresh hell is that!?"

Standing behind Bellad with an expression that knitted his brows above a wide eye and curled the corners of his open maw — a look that suggested a mixture of disgust and disturbance with a healthy sprinkling of discomfort to top it off — was not Sólveig Dawnrunner but rather the piebald wolfdog whose life had been saved by the very man to whom he was voicing such criticism: Reblin, the impetuous and decidedly unbidden (never mind unofficial) court jester of the Realm.

There was rustling and movement behind him that suggested that another was not far off.

"Is it- Is it a..." He leaned forward and squinted. "Some kinda spider?"

The movement quickened, pawpads scurrying over the old clinic's old floors, and Sólveig appeared with excited, searching eyes.

"There's a spider?" When she saw Bellad's latest iteration of the drawing that he had been working on for a while, she deflated visibly before turning on Reblin with a reproachful expression. "Mister Reblin! Of course that isn't a spider! Look—" Sóli pointed out the drawing's ears and tail. "It's a Luperci, and Councillor Bellad has been working very hard on it."

"Huh." Reblin cupped his chin thoughtfully. "I thought the tail was another leg and the ears were, like... I dunno, teeth or something." He shuddered. "But hey! The last time I checked, which was about, you know, right now, Luperci don't have extra pairs of limbs, so..."

Setting the supplies that she had gathered and brought with her (and had Reblin help carry for her which, in hindsight, she now regretted a little bit) down on a nearby table, Sólveig gave her teacher a look that was teeming with profound apology. The scarred Peer was well-meaning, but she was fast discovering that he had no skill in tact or etiquette.

"It's for a project that the Councillor has started for the Circle," she began to explain, looking again to Bellad, this time for help.

[WC -- 344]

RE: No, it's not a spider! - Bellad Songthorn - 23 July 2022

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Bellad wasn’t so delusional as to expect praise for his work’s artistic merits. And yet the sheer extent of Reblin’s reaction still seemed to flabbergast the Councilor. Sólveig stepped in with little hesitation, though at first it seemed she was looking for the spider Reblin advertised. Bellad’s features gradually eased from their would-be insulted stupor as his apprentice correctly read his intentions. Granted, she was involved in the work, so she’d know more.

“That’s right.” He replied to the high lady Dawnrunner’s defense of his efforts. He realized belatedly that this could be read both as him agreeing that he’s drawn a Luperci, and proudly accepting the acknowledgment of his hard work. The latter, for some reason, seemed embarrassing to admit with quite the tone he used. Like a scorned pup insisting he should be praised. Hastily, Bellad righted himself and turned once again to his work.

“Yes, well… There is distinction. These…” And he stepped over a sheet with notes that’s fallen on the floor. He chose to connect picking it up and indicating what he meant, leaving him in an awkward pose. Half-hunched, one arm reaching for the floor, the other pointing at one of the spider-wolf’s thinner legs. “… These are meant to be bones. The thicker ones are… well, legs and arms. I know not all that many means to alleviate the pains in joints or bones without splints, but I saw it fit to… indicate.”

He trailed off ever so slightly, looking over the note in his hand and pondering just where it went. It was likely to be used internally, but there had already been enough lines leading towards the drawn Luperci’s maw to make it seem as though it were breathing fire (precisely what a spider-luperci missed). He’d pondered pointing at the stomach, though briefly worried that whoever uses it for reference might just decide to mash the berries onto the surface of one’s belly. And then there was the opposite issue of sheets with far too many lines pointing at the monstrous Luperci as if a weapon projecting arrows against it. There were, after all, plants that had multiple uses based on how they were prepared. A process that for now had no reflection whatsoever in the new image. He pinned the sheet on an empty spot in the wall all the same, resolving to find a way to grace it with a proper line later.

“The lines are not fine enough to make distinctions… But I am trying to make something of a guide. The sheets tell of the plants and medicine.” He tapped one of said sheets, which sent it fluttering to the floor and sent the Councilor himself scrambling to catch it. He was deft enough to do so before it touched the floor. How long has he been at it by now? Come to think of it, upon closer inspection, he didn't look well-rested. Still better than the creature on the wall, but that would be following a pretty low bar. Bellad returned the runaway sheet to its intended place, a temporary one to be sure as he’d most likely have to scrap this iteration and start over. Rather than think about all the work yet to be done, he continued the explanation.

“Whereas the Luperci… indicates parts of the body that said plants and medicine are meant to reinforce or ease the pain in.” It occurred to him at that point that the eyes weren’t nearly prominent enough in the image to be reliably pointed at. Reblin would probably be delighted to know that had this been considered earlier the monster on the wall would have also had enormous round eyes.

“… I imagine there won’t be whole walls to use to replicate these guides, but before it can be put in something like a book I thought I’d attempt to view it as a… bigger picture.” He stepped back, standing now between Reblin and Sólveig. This let him have the dubious pleasure of regarding the bigger picture of his creation. And the more he watched his creation from that distance the more he seemed to deflate.

Sweet Myriad, it was an absolute monstrosity.

RE: No, it's not a spider! - Inara Ailurus - 23 July 2022

As something that had been a part of so many tragedies, it was hard for Inara to remain....just Inara. She was more than just a name, of course, but it still didn't stop her from losing who she was once in a while. She lost not just herself back in the Citedal but she lost a litter. That was fall, winter issues. Yet, she never showed Percival the truth of her "self"...the being she keeps to herself.

Inara was a duel entity. She was told she swallowed up all her family. She was forseen as such. Inara ran from the truth many times, but..Mazey would find a way out..a way to show her wicked head and thoughts.

Today she was roaming the City Square trying to find her place in this crazy world. That was when she saw two Was...was that the healer that aided her years ago after the pack packs huge get together thing....of sorts. Whatever...she didn't care. She needed to maintain Inara...so she would smile and say in a friendly voice, "Why...hello..Solveig. Then her eye looked right to Bellad with a odd unnatural flirtatious smile. 'You..making a map!?" Her broken ears twitched with curiosity. "hmm",

Jayne came up next to Inara. He was shocked to see Inara being flirtatious, and it caused his stomach to not knot up with worry. His ugly face caused her to step back. She remembered how attractive her stepbrother was becoming before he self-harmed. She spoke"/[B] You know I can hear and see you coming up behind me Jayne. Her head tilted to the sky with a noble air about her. [B]" I ain't in the mood for your shenanigans. I am a heart ward after all...if someone likes a little flirtation, I will do as mother taught me. " She huffed before leaving the scene.

Jayne stood awkwardly there for a moment before bowing kindly to those of higher standing. "I am sorry for my sister's behavior...she can be..."[;/b] He sighed thinking of the unborn she buried. [B]" she can be a handful after a crisis past. He then followed suit and began to shift into his coy-dog form and trotted along after her like the sentry he was trained to be for her.

Inara never noticed how much she didn't know her brother. She didn't realize that all this time, being followed that he was the littlest of animals. Inara was big in her own rights. But she was big like a dog. A native to the area for as long as she cold.[I] Could she be remembering the promise made to them back in the gypsy camp??[/B

[B]Damn my brother....I just wanted to have fun....and before I wed. Maybe I should see what the other married wolves, dogs, and cats!?[;/b][I] Do can't. No..I can't.

She broke thought then wheeled around on her little, heels well. Now. Littles. Littles, what!?[/I] she pondered to herself.

[b]"How...how do you always know! She cried.
[[b]How...who else knew?
he cried back! How could she be so, so difficult. She was his sister after all. But he would refuse to do what they were raised for. Jayne had more self-respect and care. None of the gypsies or the wolves were around anymore. The eyes of Omni was taken care of. Nothing more could be done.

Did the whole pack now know that Inara carried the signs of a new beginning?

RE: No, it's not a spider! - Sólveig Dawnrunner - 6 August 2022

[Image: wolfmoon.gif] Adjudicate Word of the Day - 6 August 22 verb | to make an official decision about who is right in a dispute

Location: the City Square || NPCs: -- || Form: Optime

Reblin, his brows still knitted and the lid of his remaining eye still hooded in a squint, tried to follow Bellad's explanation without perceptible success. The Councillor's choice to bend awkwardly for the fallen page while at the same time pointing out the thinner lines enclosed between the thicker set only seemed to confuse the Peer further. He pitched one corner of his mouth up sharply, giving him an almost pained expression.

"Uhhh, what... Is this a—? Are you, like... demonstrating something here?" he asked hesitantly of Bellad's inelegant pose. When his expression softened into a cheeky grin, Sóli felt her belly clench in anticipation of whatever he was about to say next. "Maybe how a spider-Luperci does whatever a spider-Luperci do— Ouch!"

Sólveig, officially feeling awkward for her teacher now, turned sharply to Reblin and elbowed him gently in the ribs.

"Oh stop it," she said dismissively to his exaggerated yelp and hurtful expression. "And stop teasing Mister Bellad, too. He's trying to do something really difficult and he's doing his best at it," Sóli continued, formally adjudicating the pair's back-and-forth. "Besides, this isn't even the final iteration." She smiled then and looked from Reblin to Bellad.

Standing along side the two men, her eyes on the drawing, Sólveig nodded along with the head Healer's continuing explanation. Maybe it was because she had been a part of the project all along, but she certainly didn't see a spider — even if she squinted. Sure, it looked a little cluttered and some of the lines and structures were a little nebulous, but it looked better and clearer every time Bellad tried again.

As they stood in momentary silence, another figure appeared and when the idea of a map was suggested, Reblin snorted loudly. Sólveig shot the piebald wolfdog a disapproving look, but before Sólveig could get a word in, another figure — Inara's brother — appeared. There seemed to be a bit of a disagreement between them, followed by Jayne's apology, and then the both of them were gone again as quickly as they arrived.

Sólveig exchanged a bewildered look with Reblin and Bellad, feeling instantly distracted. Reblin shrugged, dismissing it casually.

"Cool. Good talk, friends," he joked flatly after the silence stretched on. "So, you're gonna, what, put this... uh, not-a-spider on parchment? Won't it be kinda... small?"

Looking up at Bellad, the apprentice considered that thoughtfully then shook her head.

"The picture is only intended to allow Luperci a quick overview, right Councillor Bellad? And then they'll look through the book for the right section get more information."

That was how she envisioned it, anyway.

[WC -- 461]

RE: No, it's not a spider! - Bellad Songthorn - 23 August 2022

ooc: Let's close this thread here. Going to put up a new one some time soon! [+400]
Much as his apprentice tried to cut Reblin’s comments short, they still reached Bellad. He knew the young Soul was not part of the Circle, certainly wasn’t inducted into the ways of healing, even if he had directly benefited from them. This was, in fact, the case for the absolute majority of the pack. For better or for worse, the Councilor took this as a call to examine his work rather than Reblin’s manners.

This was not like the spoken lessons of the Elders. This was meant to be spread out and given even to those who weren’t yet literate enough to read a proper text.

Soon Inara came by, a member of the Circle. She passed by like a sudden downpour, and left mixed emotions in Bellad. For a time he stood with his jaw somewhat slack. Even she would mistake his diagrams for something not even remotely related to its actual purpose. A map? He did a double-take between those present and the wall on which he’d left his (admittedly hideous) mark. Come now, surely there was no place warranting a map like that, was there?

A map showing reliable sources of useful plants. Now that was an idea.

No, he had enough work as it was. Splicing into a whole other project would be a definite stretch. Inara left in the company of her brother. The strange exchange left Bellad pondering the need to check on her at some point. And, at the same time, he tried to ward himself from further disappointment in his work. It was fine that she didn’t recognize it for what it was. Inara was a Heartward – not a Healer. She did not know Luperci bodies. At least not in that capacity. But then, Bellad’s abilities to depict one were also questionable.

“I… would have liked this to be a reliable reference. But it seems to me that there is simply too much to tell and too little space… Perhaps if I were to distribute it across different pages.” This was going to use up a lot of paper. He would, perhaps, need to ration his consumption of the valuable resource. Solveig suggested as much, and he nodded at her, reassured perhaps for the first time since fellow pack mates intruded on his work in progress.

“Let’s take this down for now. It seems I will need to work on another draft…”