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[EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - 'Souls Assemblage - 5 July 2022

X-Mas in July!

Table of Contents

It's time again for our biannual exchange of art!

How does it work?

If you're unfamiliar with traditional Secret Santas, here's how they work!

First, you leave the information for one of your characters; name, appearance, reference images, etc. After everyone has signed up that would like to participate, we'll take the names of each person and give them out to another person randomly to make art. Finish the art for your recipient before the due date!

Gift assignments are done round robin style, so your giftee and the person giving you a gift are different people.

REMEMBER! If you fail to turn in your set by the deadline, you will be put on our Contest Ban list. This means that you will be unable to participate in any 'Souls boardwide OOC events or contests until you complete your assignment for Xmas in July. It isn't fair to your partner otherwise!

CHANGE FOR 2022! In years past, graphic table sets, signatures, and photomanip avatars were accepted for exchange, but moving forward, only drawn art will be accepted. This can be traditional or digital and at minimum, a bust portrait usable as a forum avatar. Full-body and more elaborate pieces are more than welcome though!

Great! What info do I need to post?

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Species:[/b]
[b]Character Gender:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Reference Pictures:[/b] (If you have any!)
[b]Additional Notes:[/b] (Accessories, scars and markings missing from refs, etc.)

Event Timeline

  • Signups: July 5 - July 10
  • Information distributed: July 11
  • Due date: August 1

Some things to keep in mind...

  • Please do NOT sign up for Xmas in July if you don't know how to produce cleaned up, avatar-ready artwork.
  • Art MUST be finished and colored and a minimum of a headshot/avatar. More elaborate pieces are definitely allowed, but unfinished sketches and uncolored lineart are not!
  • Please keep in mind board-wide graphics rules and guidelines.
  • Please only request items for characters at 'Souls.
  • In an effort to ensure that everyone receives their gifts, please remember that participants who don't finish their gifts by the due date will be barred from participating in contests and other board events until they complete their part.

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Viktory System - 5 July 2022

Character Name: Lorien Coara
Character Species: Wolfdog hybrid
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: ~3 and 1/2 years (17 Sept. '18)
Reference Pictures: See his wiki! Here is his main image and here is a hair reference.
Additional Notes: He can be drawn in any form with as little or as much accessories or clothing as you want to draw. Religious imagery of Nanin would be cool, with symbolism like: Trees, Circles, Stag horns, Ivy, Crows, Ravens, Thorns, Pre-dawn. (Optional) Thank you!

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Pabs - 7 July 2022

Character Name: Joaquin Rose-Morales
Character Species: Coyjackal
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 2 yr
Reference Pictures: 1, 2, 3
Additional Notes: More references on his wiki and profile pages. Clothing optional. Pinterest board for inspiration!

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Hydra Triangle - 8 July 2022

Character Name: Innokentiy
Character Species: Wolfdog
Character Gender: Non-binary
Character Age: 4 years
Reference Pictures: Despi Lineart, Optime Chibi, Forum Avatar
Additional Notes: They are usually always wearing their sapphire necklace. They prefer to wear fancier clothing, and are rarely seen without some type of clothing or accessories. Check out their appearance section on the wiki!

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Nat - 8 July 2022

Character Name: Zanthe Damaichu
Character Species: Wolf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 1 year
Reference Pictures: Full Gallery
Additional Notes: Would really like something showing off his eye mark; if full-body, an action shot would be great; he can be very pompous but also gentlemanly - think a less annoying Naruto XD

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Silverfrost - 9 July 2022

Character Name: Perses Stormfast
Character Species: Wolf
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: 2 years
Reference Pictures: 1, 2, 3
Additional Notes: Wiki. Seen in either Optime or Secui. Big, bulky, and muscular. Always wears this necklace. Associated with the moon and ravens. Warrior and hunter. Doesn't wear clothes.

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Jazzy - 9 July 2022

Character Name: Rex Calloway
Character Species: Coyote
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: < 1 year
Reference Pictures: Album here!
Additional Notes: Optime if possible! Wears a green cloak/poncho style thing, looks dirty and scruffy

RE: [EVENT] Xmas in July 2022 - Forest Family - 9 July 2022

Character Name: Marten
Character Species: Wolf
Character Gender: Female
Character Age: 1
Reference Pictures: Ref 1, Ref 2
Additional Notes: Marten is a non-luperci with few accessories, but who loves to go swimming. She has a simple leather bag that she wears when collecting materials, and sometimes decorates her fur with flowers and vines. If you'd like to draw her soaking wet, or with a lilypad on her head, or covered in water plants, feel free. c: