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[NEWS] Wiki still down, aNPC procedures - 'Souls Assemblage - 2 August 2013


News & Updates

'Souls Wiki

The Wiki came under attack recently, and we've locked it as a result. We're looking into new security measures and testing a possible integration with the forum so we can use forum accounts for verification. Hopefully we'll be able to sort it all out soon. We're super sorry for the inconvenience and hope you'll be patient with us! We want the Wiki back as much as you do! :c

Absence NPC Procedures

Previously, our procedures regarding absence NPCs/"NPC status" were a little hazy. It has always been the case that players needed their leaders' permission to aNPC their character, but verification of that permission got a little messy sometimes, with multiple channels of communication in play. So! Procedural clarification follows:

  1. A player wishing to aNPC their pack character should PM their leader requesting such. Remember that Loners cannot be aNPC'd.
  2. If the leader approves the request, the leader should then post to the Drop Thread with the aNPC request.
  3. If the leader rejects the request, the player should drop their character normally via the Drop Thread.

Basically: players should no longer post for NPC status in the Drop Thread because then we'd need to double-check that they have their leader's permission to do so!

Spotlight & Community Soul!

Congrats to Lola (X-tian) and Miyu, our Spotlight and Community Souls for August! Read more about why they're awesome here!