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Casa di Cavalieri Maintenance
This is the official Maintenance thread for Casa di Cavalieri. For clarity please use the forms provided below, if the reason for your request does not fit any of these forms feel free to leave them blank. We ask that you be clear in your requests. If you'd rather request privately, please private message the pack OOC account.
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Remember, you must receive permission from the leadership of BOTH packs before requesting a points transfer.
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House Claim/Desc.

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Are you experiencing another maintenance issue that isn't quite covered by the forms above? Feel free to let us know here. If your issue is sensitive or requires our immediate attention please PM the CDC OOC account and we will get back to you ASAP.


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Character Name: Lucian Marino
Current Game Tally:0
Amount of Points Submitting:278
Adopt a Casa Adoptable: 75 points
Monthly Top Poster:
February: 1st - 15 points
March: 1st - 15 points
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Post 2: 314 words - 3 points
Post 3: 344 words - 3 points
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Let me know if you have any questions, or need anything <3
Character Name: Lyall Hushhowl
Claiming a New Residence or moving your Previous Residence?: new residence
Where you would like to claim a residence: CL3
Description of Residence: a small space with only a pile of furs in the corner. Upon redecoration, it harbors his two-sided weapon, and various furs and leather materials that litter the surface, creating a cluttered environment.

(If he can perhaps claim a house o.o)
Character Name: Lucian Marino

Current Game Tally: 278

Amount of Points Submitting: 518

Total: 796


The Colours of Honour : Join a AW Thread, Join a Pack Thread, Word Count. 22 points.
Warm drinks and full bellies : Join a AW thread, Join a Pack Thread, Word Count. 24 points.
Best Day EVER! : Word Count. 57 points.
A Chance Encounter : Work Count. 14 points.
Different can be better, right? : Word Count. 8 points.
Don't Fear the Fall : Word Count. 21 points.
It'll Give You Sour Dreams : Word Count, Good Deed. 14 points.
May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers : Word Count, Good Deed, Thread w/ New Member of 'Souls. 44 points.
New Places to Seed - Wolfville : Word Count, Pack Thread. 20 Points.
No Breaks : Word Count. 22 points.
Something About the Smell of Horses : Word Count. 23 points.
Tell Me, Kid, Can You Hold a Note? : Word Count. 11 points.
The Tale of Dual Axes : Word Count. 23 points.
This Old House Creeks, This Old House Talks : Word Count, Pack Thread, Co-Rank for Minerva. 30 points.
Young Eyes See the World in a Different Colour : Word Count, Co-Rank for Borya. 26 points.
Cloudy with a Change of Falling Trees : Word Count. 14 points.
Everday I'm Loiterin' : Word Count. 28 points.
Forget-Me-Nots : Word Count. 4 points.
History Told in Ink and Paper : Word Count. 30 points.
I Don't Think I Told You : Word Count. 21 points.
Rhythm of the Night : Word Count. 9 points.
Running in the Nineties : Word Count. 13 points.
But What About the Kids : Word Count. 5 points.
Top Poster 3rd Place - April : 5 points.
Top Poster 1st Place - May : 15 points.
Top Poster 1st place - June : 15 points.
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