[IF + SL] War
[html]<h2 class="header-1 border">The <span class="if">Inferni</span> and <span class="sl">Salsola</span> War</h2>
<div class="infotable">

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/3TM1agf.png" style="float:right;" />

<p> Stormclouds darken the plains like the shadow of smoke, but there’s no mistaking it: there is blood in Drifter Bay. A series of incidents caused by impulsive individuals have sparked tensions between neighboring packs who were allies just seasons ago, and war is imminent. </p>


<li>Last winter, Inferni and Salsola banded together against old enemies in the Second Boreas Conflict. War strengthened the packs’ alliance, but official communication ceased during the summer, when peacetime reigned.</li>
<li>Inferni accuses Salsola of stealing a horse from Drifter Bay; the grievants are coldly turned away.
<li>Injured after an incident with a collapsed cabin, a panicked Virue is assaulted by O’Riley Eternity and infected with the Luperci virus.
<li>Enraged and determined to avenge Virue, Vesper attacks a young Salsolan uninvolved in the attack.
<li>The first casuality is discovered. All signs point to the perpetrator being Salsola’s second-in-command, Lokr Revlis... </li>
<li>Inferni and Salsola declare war.</li>

<h2>How Will This Work?</h2>

<p> Rather than publish a strict timeline of pre-defined events, we’re handing the reins over to you, dear players! Wink While the end of the plot is predetermined, the meat of this war will be developed and played out by members of the packs. Organize your own skirmishes and raid missions; suggest fun ideas to the leadership; plot your drama around your characters! Make your very own mark on ‘Souls history!

<p> To help with this, we have published a Discord channel for the war where players can offer suggestions and collaborate on threads! ;D DM one of the pack leaders for an invite!



<li>05 October: A Salsolan caravan returning from the pack's Portland Outpost is raided by Inferni members.
<ul><li><i>Sign-ups:</i> (SL) Misery, Neith; (IF) Redtooth, Briarblack, Fang</li></ul></li>
<li>13 October: When they refuse to divulge sensitive information about Inferni, a coyote is killed. Clan members give chase and find themselves led into a trap!
<ul><li><i>Sign-ups</i>: (SL) Salvia, Scorpius, Krios; (IF) Eire, Shikoba, Goliath</li></ul></li>
<li>25 October: <b>Battle of Drifter Bay</b>! Enemy forces clash in the no-man's-land between packs. The number of people interested in this event will determine the size and division of the groups. Sign-ups open: see below!</li>
<li>08 November: <b>Secret Event!</b> What's this? Look for sign-ups later! ;O</li>
<li><i>Got an idea?</i> Suggest an event to leadership!</li>


<p>Player-made war events can be as minor as a group spar thread or expedition to find herbs, and as major as setting up an ambush in the mountains or arranging a raid on enemy supplies. We encourage using the Discord to collaborate! Once you have an idea, please post the following form:</p>[/html]
[b]Description of Event[/b]: Self-explanatory. What do you have in mind?
[b]Event Date[/b]: What general date range works for this event? (E.g., a reconnaissance mission might make more sense early in the war; a major participant might be injured after a certain date and unable to do anything).
[b]Participants[/b]: Who is interested in participating in the event?
[b]Open Slots?[/b]: How many more participants are you looking for, if any?
<p>We will approve the idea (or request changes) as quickly as we can! This thread will be constantly updated to reflect new events being added, and whether there are open slots still.</p>

<p> You have until <b>25 October</b> to submit your ideas, so get them in soon!</p>

[html]<h2 class="header-1 border">The Battle of Drifter Bay</h2>
<div class="infotable">

<p>Group assignments have gone out with instructions! Remember, battle threads should be started by October 25! Here is a table of participants for quick reference:

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<table class="tg infotable">
<th class="tg-9hbo header-1">Group 1</th>
<th class="tg-9hbo header-1">Group 2</th>
<th class="tg-9hbo header-1">Group 3</th>
<th class="tg-9hbo header-1">Group 4</th>
<th class="tg-9hbo header-1">Group 5</th>
<td class="tg-133s">Vesper</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Brocade</td>
<td class="tg-133s">Briarblack</td>
<td class="tg-133s">Faith</td>
<td class="tg-133s">Shikoba</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Indra</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Goliath</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Lace</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">The Bull</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Till</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Salvia</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Duncan</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Neith</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Antioch</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Scorpius</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Fang</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Oriana</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Krios</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Vicira</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Eire</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Lilia</td>
<td class="tg-yw4l">&mdash;</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Redtooth</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Coaxoach</td>
<td class="tg-96af">Salvador</td>
<td class="tg-yw4l">&mdash;</td>
<td class="tg-yw4l">&mdash;</td>
<td class="tg-yw4l">&mdash;</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Grievous</td>
<td class="tg-2u7h">Helena</td>

[/html][html]<h2 class="header-1 border">Secret Event Sign-Ups</h2>
<div class="infotable">

<p>By the way, are you interested in our final event? Wink Our secretive sign-up form will help us place your character in the proper role for the event. There are no guarantees (other than we'll find some place for your character!), so please keep an open mind! We hope you like the surprise!</p>

<p>Sign-ups will be open until November 5 -- the event will take place on November 8. </p>
[b]Character:[/b] --
[b]Pack:[/b] --
[b]Role:[/b] What role is your character most likely to fulfill: are they a combatant, a spy or scout, a healer, an innocent bystander, etc.?
[b]Injuries:[/b] Will your character have major injuries by this point (i.e., could they realistically take part in another fight)?
Character: Scorpius D'Angelo
Pack: Salsola
Role: Combatant
Injuries: Yes, but he could realistically fight again.

Character: Duncan de le Poer
Pack: Salsola
Role: Scout/Spy
Injuries: No, he could realistically fight again.
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Character: Lilia Salcedo
Pack: Salsola
Role: Warrior
Injuries: Yes, she will have injuries but could realistically fight again
Character: Faith de le Poer
Pack: Inferni
Role: Protector, Guard, Diplomat (Yeah long shot but I'm putting it anyways)
Injuries: Probably some light injuries, so would be able to participate in battle again.

Character: Idrieus Eternity
Pack: Salsola
Role: Combatant, Spy, Interrogator, Guard
Injuries: Likely no injuries so she can fight if need be.
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Character: Redtooth
Pack: Inferneroni
Role: Diplomat, Bystander, Perpetual screw-up
Injuries: Yes. Redtooth will be fairly hindered, but if a fight breaks out, he's gonna jump into the fray anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Character: Brocade Valentine
Pack: Salsola
Role: Combatant/Protector/Spy
Injuries: He will have some small injuries - but nothing large enough to prevent him from another fight. The soldier in him would fight regardless! Shy
Character: Hope Lykoi
Pack: Inferni
Role: Scout, Spy, Makeshift Field-Healer
Injuries: Naw, she ain't got no injures. She can fights.
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Character: Nazario del Bosque
Pack: IF
Role: What role is your character most likely to fulfill: S P Y
Injuries: Will your character have major injuries by this point (i.e., could they realistically take part in another fight)? The worst of his eye injury should be healed at this point! .v.
a little less like my father, and more like my dad
Character: Krios Heiwa
Pack: Salsola
Role: Combatant or Scout
Injuries: Unlikely to be seriously injured, pending outcome current event thread. Will probably be able to participate fine

Character: Ondine Heiwa
Pack: Salsola
Role: Healer/Medic or bystander
Injuries: None
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Character: Kamari Kaiser
Pack: SL
Role: Innocent bystander, though, could be used for Spy/Scout? x3
Injuries: None

Character: Shikoba Whiplash
Pack: IF
Role: Scout
Injuries: Yes, but he could still take part, though, may not do so very well
Character: -- Helena Troy Lykoi
Pack: SL
Role: possibly a scout depending on her injuries
Injuries: Possibility of sustaining at least minor injuries, maybe a serious one
Helena Troy Lykoi
avatar by Songbird | player wiki | character wiki
Character: Fang Espinoza
Pack: IF
Role: Healer, combatant, scout
Injuries: semi-bad shoulder injury but still able to battle.

Character: Crucible de le Poer
Pack: IF
Role: Spy, scout, combatant
Injuries: No injuries so definitely able to fight.

Character: Meridia Lykoi
Pack: IF
Role: Innocent bystander
Injuries: No injuries but probably wouldn't want to fight or get into a fight.
Character: Jhiral
Pack: Inferni.
Role: Combatant - defensive/meat-shield/terror, slow-going scout or spy, can heal.
Injuries: So far, nothing notable, though he already is a touch messed up to begin with.

A little afraid but might as well.
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<a href="#!" class="apparel-accessories" title="Jhiral always wears linen wrappings and a hat, shawl and skirt. A dapper gentleman."></a>
<a href="#!" class="seclusion" title="Is not fond of large gatherings."></a>
<a href="#!" class="character-typical-location" title="Typically found in St Pauls Church, within or near Inferni territory."></a>
    <a href="#!" target="_blank" title="Speaks fluent sign-language, denoted by bold, italics and wrapped in {}, and some raven low-speech. Maja speaks " class="foreign-language"></a>
<a href="#!" class="injury" title="Jhiral has a disfiguring condition, leaving him virtually incapable of feeling pain, has horrible short-term endurance and is effectively mute." class="foreign-language"></a>
<a href="#!" class="mature-character" title="MATURE CHARACTER. Sensitive viewers beware, he's kind of like a lovable zombie. Don't stare."></a>
<a href="#!" class="accompaniment" title="Always accompanied by Maja, a larger and very intelligent, seemingly bright blue-eyed raven, unless otherwise stated. She is his responsible-birb, translator and guide."></a>
<a href="#!" class="scent-warning" title="Tries to disguise himself using something pretty, does not have a strong Inferni scent."></a>
<a href="#!" class="scent-warning" title="...Actually smells of; Something indeterminable and old, creaky leather mixed with faint scents of death, decay and blood, fighting against the scents of Jackal and then Coyote. Also might smell of raven-feet if you really concentrate."></a>
<a href="#!" class="optime-preference" title="OPTIME unless otherwise stated."></a>
          <div class="sigicons" id="signature-icons">

<a href="#!" class="skill-animals" title="Skilled with Ravens, particularly Maja."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-crafts" title="Can make traps, typically plant-fibre and stick snares, pop-up ankle-stabbers, and other devious things."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-fighting" title="Skilled in use of Fisticuffs and two-handed Axes."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-medic" title="Is a skilled medic, dealing with his condition helps, may need to improve his bedside manners."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-scholar" title="Can read and write very well, shame most of these savages can't."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-spirituality" title="Has Christian leanings, prays with Hope Lykoi."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-stealth" title="Is naturally silent, can be quite sneaky if he really tried, bit heavy-footed. Can pass information to and from Maja without arousing suspicion, if nobody can speak bird."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-social" title="He's something of a benevolent if disinterested spectator, and a hermit. Maja is much more outgoing, a touch obnoxious too for giggles."></a>
<a href="#!" class="skill-trade" title="Can trade trinkets, creepy, creepy trinkets."></a>
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Character: Neith Heiwa
Pack: SL
Role: Purely a healer. Can also stand between meanies and pretty ladies.
Injuries: His shoulderblade's borked from an arrow, so his right arm is out of commission. He's left-handed with his rapier. He's probably still on the skinny side from not eating enough while in prison. :v

Character: Salvador Sadira
Pack: IF
Role: Can roughly fit in wherever a niche is needed.
Injuries: I have totally not planned any scars or injuries because I forgot until this exact second, but I'm sure he's scratched and bruised all over the place.
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Character: Eire Lykoi
Pack: Inferni
Role: What role is your character most likely to fulfill: Combatant
Injuries: Probably Yes.
Regsleep Regsleep Regsleep
Character: Coax
Pack: SL
Role: warrior/scout
Injuries: yes, undetermined atm
Character: Indra Winters
Pack: Salsola
Role: Bystander
Injuries: Yes, moderate-severe; can walk with assistance or (painfully) sit a horse for the moment.

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