[CdC] Diplomacy Summit & Ball
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After learning of the formation of the Del Cenere Gang and New Caledonia, Casa di Cavalieri decides it is high time for a diplomacy summit, as it has been many years since the last. Invitations are hand delivered to each pack by members of the Brotherhood.</p><p>Members of Casa will be expected to contribute to preparing for the arrival of the foreign guests. Now is the perfect time to get all gussied up and put our best foot forward to show the rest of the packs true hospitality, Casa style!</p>
<b>September 20th - 27th:</b> Messengers arrive at each pack, delivering the written invitations, and personally inviting each leader to the summit. They will also discuss the details of how the guest packs will be hosted. They will return to Casa di Cavalieri with each pack’s RSVP and guest count.
Salsola: Teagan Stryder
Mistfell Vale: Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Del Cenere Gang: Aldora Knight accompanied by Starlight Hushhowl
New Caledonia: Veri Secanti accompanied by Cedric Stryder
<b>October 20th:</b> The summit begins. Each pack will be assigned an escort (the same as the messengers who originally invited them), and any weapons will be collected at Fort Kingsbury's gate and held for guest safety until the end of the Summit. Casa di Cavalieri members will also be rotated as guards throughout the territory to ensure the safety of all guests. The first day will be for rest from the journey, food, and drink will be provided to the guests, and they will be allowed to mingle with Cavaliers under supervision.
<b>October 21st AM:</b> The leaders will meet in private to discuss relations, the health and well-being of each pack, trade possibilities, etc. Posturing galore!
<b>October 21st PM:</b> A feast is held within the Great Hall of the Courthouse. Reverie for one and all! Music, dancing; Casa will even break out its stores of the drink, locked away and dusty for too long (but please, keep it classy folks).
<b>October 22nd:</b> Another day of leisure, Cavaliers are encouraged to pair off with guests, let them see life within the pack.
<b>October 23rd:</b> Summit draws to a close, the leaders make any announcements they would to all gathered. Luca presents each leader with a token of gratitude.
<b>October 24th:</b> All the guests depart.

<h3>Casa di Cavalieri Turns Eight Years Old!</h3>
Happy birthday us! We are now the second longest running active pack on 'Souls and we don't plan on going anywhere soon! To celebrate our birthday and awesome players, we will be hosting a drawing for art prizes for players with posts made in relation to the Diplomacy Summit and Ball!</p><p>Each thread with a minimum word count of <b>600</b> will equal <b>ONE</b> name submission for prizes. Posts need to be made between <b>October 20th</b> and <b>November 20th</b>. Please post all drawing submissions <b>directly to this news post.</b> Winners of the drawing will be announced at the end of November!</p><p>Happy threading, everyone!</p>
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