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The morning was dull and cold. Pale grey clouds like sodden cotton drifted above at an annoyingly slow pace to the west. Red pine and striped birch rose to meet the sky and dance a secret dance to the wind. As the breeze picked up, they would sway like drunken lords and bastardly sons who drank to much moonshine before the clock could shakily bring both hands to slightly past midnight, a breaking point. On the ground, new life was cut short by a fresh layer of snow--a soft blanket to suffocate the green sprouts of grasses and ferns. Spring never looked so desolate and lifeless in the eye of a wanderer like Benjamin.

The bulky mutt sauntered his way through the trunks of the trees with his knife at hand, always ready for whatever might happen. His almond eyes were tired and solemn. He had been walking all night, in no given direction, just trying to get away. He is always trying to get away, but he doesn't know what from. Bearing his dirty jean vest and soiled leather bottoms, he tracked on, leaving large marks in his wake. The burly male was hungover, and feeling overall pissed and overly apathetic.

For some reason, a small birch to his left pissed him off especially. It wasn't particularly out of the ordanary, very ordanary actually, but Ben wasn't having some shit from a tree that didn't even say a word. He waltzed over and grabbed the trunk firmly in his grasp--which was only maybe 12 inches around--bent the sapling over and snapped it on his knee with a grunt. Tossing the splintering half aside, still attached, he moved on. Middle fingers raised to the rising sun.

Everyone has bad days.

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