[P] The spear of justice
Quote:Nike was growing restless. Not that staying with her mother and siblings wasn't terrible, in fact is was great, but she was starting to get restless. The four of them were still living in Anathema's old territory. Why? What was the point? The war had occurred at a youthful point in her life, but her father did everything in his power to make sure she and her siblings were not involved in any way. That didn't keep any of the events from happening in the first place. Once the pack had split, Greed took his own followers with him, while Lust stayed put right where they were.

Why would they want to stay in a place that reminded them of such unlawful nature? Why weren't they following in her father's footsteps? For all her bubbly nature, Nemesis still had a sense of justice and breaking away from Anathema's past... which was kind of funny given her name.

Well no longer!

The palest sibling had long since earned the right to call herself an adult, so it was time to make her own life choices. It had been common knowledge where her father had set up his camp, their uncle following along with him as well as other stragglers form the war. The trip to the location itself was not that far, a spot just outside what would have been the borders, a place easy to reach on foot. Their cause was just, a fitting thing for his children to follow in line with... well except Nox. A strange one that one, but loved none the less.

Nike stepped forward among the lacked shore, fur and clothes dancing gently in the autumn wind. Her one ear of piercings gave a slight move before her icy gaze peered around for the brown, scarred man. It wasn't hard to pick him out from the others. Arms crossed as she stepped into the camp, as if she had been living there the entire time. They were all from Anathema once anyways, so why should it matter if she came prancing on in without anyone's permission?

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