[RO] The road less traveled
Quote:It's dusk, and it's breezy. Your character is feeling sick.
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The dark wood-colored wolf padded through the undergrowth noisily and ungracefully, the distinct crunching of wet, dead leaves underneath her feet the only sound she could hear through the thick forest. Swiping away another branch from her face, the she-wolf sighed with repetitive annoyance. It had been a couple days since she's seen another living soul, and even more since seeing one like her. Though, that could have been from her own choice to stay away from the more crowded cities and structures that marked either a Luperci dwelling or the remains of whatever civilization had come before them.

Most of her supplies were getting low, and she'd soon run out of food reserves as well. Wrapped in the sash around her waist, Moonwatcher took another piece of old, raw hare meat and snapped it up. Her stomach roared in protest of so little food, but she had to ignore that for now. Stomachache herbs only worked as long as you had something in your stomach, otherwise things would just get worse very fast. She learned that the hard way.

The sky grew warm and the air was hot against her thick fur, and although the wind was cool and constant, it did little to lull the heat. It had been raining during her journey, with the day before being one of the few drier days she'd seen. Perhaps this was an internal test of will, nature testing her to see how long and how well the shaman could live without the safety of a pack and consistent home and stores of plants. Now all she had was whatever she could carry and could fit against her sash.

The sickness came on slowly, urged on by the cold nights and rainy days. She used to think the chills were just from the rain, although when she found dry shelter and the fever didn't wane, she began to fear for the worst. Now it had been some days since, and the shortage of both food and useful herbs was starting to take its toll.

She kept onwards anyways. It was all she could do. Soon though, she relented that she would have to try and find some settlement or road for aide if the sickness kept up or got worse. The traveling shaman pulled at every corner of her brain to remember what kind of herbs she could find here and which ones helped with fever. She knew the names of plants, what they looked like, and what to do with them to treat people, but out in the wilds her knowledge was next to useless. Her aunt had mostly done the foraging, and Moon was still young and inexperienced. For a fever, she knew of certain plants that could help, but not where they could be found outside her homeland.

Her teeth tore at another piece of the hare meat as her stomach growled again. It was getting late; the sky was turning orange and pink above the trees. The she-wolf was tired, and hungry, and losing faith. The world seemed to tilt to the side, and even as she grasped onto the trunk of a tree to steady herself, she couldn't keep herself upright much longer. The next thing she knew, she was lying on her side against the damp wetness of the forest's floor.

Moonwatcher's green-blue eyes opened slowly and lazily, peering out through wavy brown hair as rays of dying sunlight illuminated the ground. One particular sight caught her interest: berries- no, not just any berries. Elderberries! She remembered the black clusters, and Riversong telling her to only eat them when fully ripe, and ran over their medical uses. Yes, she recognized the plants now. The berries were black, ready to be harvested.

Summoning every ounce of strength she could, Moonwatcher slowly rose from her place on the ground, brushing off the dirt and leaves as best she could, and staying on all fours to crawl towards the beckoning plant. It seemed to be calling out to her, urging her onwards. She reached out her hand and as she held the bundle against her palm it seemed to say "yes, this will help you. This is safe." Being a shaman, Moonwatcher knew of communicating with spirits. Somehow, it felt as if that was happening now.

Perhaps the world wasn't quite done with her just yet.

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