how to price commissions
Once I build my new PC this weekend (AAAHHH! excite) I would like to re-open moi studio for more commissions and include options as well (right now it's just headshot/bust avatars). I suck at figuring out prices though so I was wondering how all you lovely and talented Souls' artists decide to price your offerings. I don't want to charge too little or too much ya know?
I also suck at coming up with options, like should I charge Optime busts and full-bodies separately from Lupus? How much should I charge for accessories and clothes? I wish there was a clearly laid out standard but alas the world isn't perfect. x)

Feel free to share your process. It doesn't matter if you make art or not, if you have a good idea about it I would be happy to hear it. I'm sure it could help others as well.

Thank you <3
I am available for commissions!

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