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I have thin, oily hair and went "no poo" many months ago because shampoo and conditioner never seemed to work well on my hair, and I felt constantly miserable from it. For the alternative I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar because that's what everyone on the internet said to do xD, and then months later I came across some info about hair ph, and discovered baking soda can damage hair with its high alkalinity. I was noticing my hair felt a lot more straw-like, and seemed to be falling out at a ridiculous rate. My hair wasn't as crazy greasy as before I stopped using commercial shampoo and conditioner, but it just didn't feel healthy. So I did some more research and came across a few intriguing finds, but most of them were for people with curly/thick/dry hair (one in particular was a coconut milk/aloe vera mixture that looked very nice, but thin haired people said it didn't work for them ><).

Then I found an article explaining how rye flour can be used to clean the hair. It has a ph of 5.5 which is pretty much the exact same as hair (you want to stay in the hair's ph zone, which is slightly acidic) and it also has tons of vitamins, not to mention it's completely non-toxic. It's like the poor person's pro-v. xD If you have celiac disease don't attempt to wash your hair with this stuff, as I'm sure you know but just thought I should mention in case someone goes making themselves miserable.

This morning I tried it for the first time and OH MY GAWD. My hair feels soft and clean (without that stripped, squeaky feeling) and all I used was 4 tbsp of rye flour mixed with water to a shampoo-y consistency. I used it on my skin like soap too and now I feel soft and clean everywhere. This is seriously amazing. I've struggled for YEARS with hair/skin products and I think I'm finally on to something. The only drawback is to make sure you get fine ground rye flour, because I accidentally got stone ground and now I have little hull fragments in my hair that I have to brush out. xD But it's totally worth it.

Just thought I'd share this tip with fellow Soulers. I'm sure many of you are poor but still want to feel and look fabulous.

Feel free to share other hair/skin/body healthcare tips here!
Oh, I'll have to try the rye flour alternative.

Like you, I tried baking soda/apple cider vinegar, and while I never got the straw-like texture, my scalp always felt really raw afterward. I have (a lot of) fine, dark blond hair, so it tends to get greasy/oily only a day or two after shampooing, which was what prompted me to try the 'no poo' (can I just say how much I hate that term?) craze as well as achieving cleanliness without all the chemicals/residue most shampoos leave.

Um, there's a tutorial over here on tumblr for creating your own exfoliating scrub, and as a bonus it's hilariously written. I highly recommend it, but if you have sensitive skin, you may want to use it, wait a day, and then shave your legs.
i use commercial shampoo and conditioner, but i loooove argan oil. it makes my hair smooth and silky, and it helps fight frizz and fluff. i buy argan oil on its own, but i mainly make sure that i use hair products that include it because i can see and feel a difference versus when i don't use it. when i was living in a hot, humid climate it was hell on my hair. it world curl and turn into a frizzy mess, and it was absolutely impossible to style. but someone recommended argan oil to me and i never went back. i love it so much. ;c
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