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Despite having many vegetarian and vegan friends over the years (it's a big thing in the non-Christian side of the homeschooling community), I've always been a bit too ambivalent about the meat industry and a bit too carnivorous to ever consider stop eating meat. I probably wouldn't get enough nutrients if I tried. :I
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I never thought I would be vegan but here I am. I'm still in transition phase (I caved and had spicy chicken wings last night- it's my weakness), but I've noticed how much better mentally and physically I feel after giving up meat and dairy for the most part. I can't say I will always be a vegan, but where I'm at right now I'm doing it for personal reasons. I know everyone is different, and I'm not one of the extremist "vegans" (I know I can't really call myself that until I stick to it lol) who judge and hate on meat-eaters. For awhile I tried paleo but it just didn't work for me. I've known other people who do extremely well on paleo though so that just reaffirms how different everyone truly is.
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I've been thinking about giving up meat for the most part. I don't like it much and have thought about going vegetarian or even trying the pale diet. The problem is nutrients as well, so I've thought about completing the diet with insects and derivatives.
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Hi Seal! (cool name btw) I was worried about that too, but I have found no shortage of nutrients from my diet- I am 10x healthier than before and feel "cleaner" and "lighter" too. I don't eat gluten either. I feel a lot better not having that, or dairy and meat. I occasionally take iron supplements and I take B12 supplements more frequently. Before I quit all that stuff I used to be bloated all the time, horrible gas, bathroom trips were no fun, super oily hair and skin, breakouts, all that good stuff.

On a related side note, sometimes I think our society is infiltrated with false information about diet and nutrition, seeing as everything is controlled by giant, corrupt businesses (yay capitalism!) including the meat and dairy industry... Just look at pasteurized milk- a healthy, wholesome, nutritious drink... right? Hah! That shit is NOT good for you. It's much healthier in its raw state but guess what- that's illegal! Seriously though. Milk. Blech. No offense to anyone who drinks it, but you should seriously consider doing some research. Your body will thank you. (so will all the cows and goats)
There are some great documentaries on Netflix and elsewhere about the corruption of the food industry in America. Highly recommend checking them out if you're on the fence.

On another side not, I used to mostly eat humanely raised, pastured/grass-fed, local meat sources. I consumed organ meats, animal fats, and homemade bone broths to balance out the muscle meat consumption, but none of it felt right. At first I was in denial because I LOVE THE TASTE OF ANIMAL FLESH... but I couldn't eat it anymore without feeling mentally and physically off... so here I am. :P

Seal (or anyone reading this), I have years of personal research stored away in my head if you ever have any questions about diet or nutrition, or need guidance, or anything. I feel very passionate about the subject and even played with the idea of becoming a nutritionist at one point. x) G'luck on your food journey!
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