Foxiest of the hounds

1: 18/12/11 Move your body Ethereal Eclipse, Leon. Seb goes swimming in a forest and encounters Leon.

2: 20/12/11Tastes like Swedish Halifax Airport, AW. Sebastian goes to an airport.

3: 24/12/11 Machiavellian, my dear Cercatori D'Arte, X Sebastian visits Cercatori D'Arte.

4: 28/12/11 we're all a little crazy Halifax City, Light. Sebastian finds a stash of wine and gets drunk with Light Goldenfeather. Fun times ensue. [M] for sex.

5: 1/1/12 The BFG Sugarwoods, Jazper. Sebastian goes exploring and encounters Jazper, a gentle giant. [M] for drinking and sex.

6: 3/1/12 Query and Echo Halifax City, Lorenzo.

7: 6/1/12 Princess, in my country I'm called a Queen Casa di Cavalieria, Lorenzo Knight and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.

8: 7/1/12 infinity mission Halifax City, Omni Cadeaux. [M] for drugs.

9: 10/1/12 Diamonds and rust Halifax City, Drakien Lusk.

10: 17/1/12 see the world spinning upside down Casa di Cavalieri, Laikira.

11: Drunken Revelry Blackmoor Castle, Amy Sunders. [M] for drinking and sex.

Note that everything here is horrifically outdated! Because I'm laaaazy.
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