Del Cenere Gang Information Portal
Del Cenere Gang Information Portal
Charmingtown Proper
Charmingtown, with its many establishments and frequent visitors, has become precisely what Del Cenere's founders intended it to be: a trading hub for Ashen and outsiders alike to barter their goods, services, and information.

Charmingtown Proper is the very center of the action - where Outsiders are welcome to come for Housing, for drink and for trade itself.


  • Outsiders are welcome in Del Cenere's borders, unless otherwise stated, and are only permitted in Charmingtown unless otherwise stated.
  • Outsiders are given lodging at the Trailside Inn by Alonso de los Santos, by way of a room, or in the case of no vacancy, a tent on the Inn's grounds.
  • Outsiders who are Wolves or High-Content Wolf Hybrids are only permitted two days' stay within Del Cenere, before they must leave for at least two weeks before returning, unless otherwise discussed with Leadership.

Pasillo Gris Trading Post

With trade ever at the forefront of their minds, Del Cenere has designated a place within Charmingtown where any Luperci -- be they members or visitors to the pack -- can advertise their services or wares. This spot is known as the Pasillo Gris Trading Post and can be found within Charmingtown Proper - across the street from The Ugly Coyote.


  • Members seeking a semi-permanent structure within Pasillo Gris by way of a trade stall must request to do so via our Maintenance Thread.
  • Non-permanent "trade stalls" (referred to as Street Fare) are relegated to deal business outside the building of Pasillo Gris itself.
  • Non-permanent Street Fare structures are permitted for small-scale trade between members, or outsiders.
  • Street Fare structures must be broken down at the end of the day (10 PM) and the street must be clear.

Pasillo Gris Stalls

None currently!

Street Fare

Character(s): Anya Southpaw
Offering for Trade: Luperci-made outfits & Luperci-fit hats or custom outfits, crystals and gemstones, tobacco and medicinal cocaine, miscellaneous weaponry, fur/hide blankets
Requesting for Trade: Marijuana, whiskey, horse blanket, art supplies, sea glass or shells, beads, buttons, dyes, candles, leather riding gloves
Time Available: (Indefinite)

The Ugly Coyote

At the very center of Charmingtown lies The Ugly Coyote - a gutted and "refurbished" (by Luperci means) bar that opens mid-afternoon to early evening in order to help slake the thirst of weary travelers and Del Cenerens alike.

It's manned during the evenings by Alonso de los Santos, Holly McKenzie and, on occasion, tables are tended to by Paninya, who otherwise occupies herself running card games or other forms of gambling.


  • Del Cenere Gang members drink for free.
  • Outsiders are required to trade for drinks.
  • Disorderly conduct is not permitted - measures will be taken to remove rowdy or unreasonable patrons!

Currently Offering Wrote:
  • Moonshine
    • Standard (Distilled by Evelyn Escuella)
    • Blackberry Infused (Distilled by Alonso de los Santos)
  • Whiskey
    • Standard (Distilled by Alonso de los Santos)
  • Cider
    • Standard Apple (Distilled by Alonso de los Santos)
  • Wine
    • Mixed Berry (Distilled by Alonso de los Santos)

Current Acceptable Trade: Pelts, tobacco, medicinal herbs, arrowheads

Lancaster Stockyard




Currently Offering Wrote:
    • Type
    • Type

Current Acceptable Trade: Pelts, tobacco, horseshoes, wool, rope, fodder

The Bounty Board

Active Bounties

Injury on the Roads...

A hastily written scrawl with a distinctive penmanship has been written and posted firmly on the board for all to see:

Del Ceneren Trade Envoy Struck!

Traveling back from Palisade, our trading party was targeted by a malicious attack. Everyone has returned in-tact, but shaken: Please be respectful towards Gramma Dill and Dusty during this time, and help them out where you can.

Those of you who want to see justice done, speak with me.

Nazario del Bosque

Submit a Bounty


  • Do you have an idea for a Bounty? Submit it via our Maintenance Thread using the following form, or PM the OOC Account.
  • Bounties should have a small plotline to follow! Leadership will hash out details as to outcomes via PMs.
  • Please do not abuse the Bounty Board! Acceptable Bounties include but are not limited to: small scale pack projects, hunting projects, seeking individuals, parties and prep, etc. Large-scale bounties that involve inter-pack or out-of-territory are prohibited unless thoroughly discussed with Leadership.


[b]Bounty Submission[/b]
(Bounty Title)
Description of notice
[b]Note[/b]: small note, written from the perspective of the character calling on the bounty
[b]Sign-up timeframe[/b]: When do sign-ups end?
[list][*] Prompt
[list=1][*] Character (add bullet for the amount of characters that can join this prompt!)


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