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Zsorthia - Lawman I

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[[Lawman I - Actively protect borders - chase off an intruder (be it another luperci, or some manner of beast) to protect the pack’s lands!]]

The body lay on the territory's boundaries, an ex-rouge now cadaver sought to test the limitations of Del Cenere's borders and Wayne had been present to give him a thorough and permanent explanation as to exactly what the risk of that was. Of course that only came after that interloper had tried his life. It wasn't so much the single bandit that so much rattled Wayne as it was the heavy scents of others that lingered on the man. A grave would come soon enough for him, but as it were, the likely hood of back up was a strong chance.

Wayne wasn't so foolish to think that this was a chore he could accomplish on his own.

Leaving Cud to the borders, hidden in the shroud of the dead branches east of Charmingtown, the vulture was the only warning system that the Coydog had.

Wayne was never much one to particularly take to what was considered well mannered actions, so it wasn't particularly strange to see the man taking the horse like a bolt of lightning through the guts of Charmingtown, but the urgency on his features did declare a bit of haste to exactly what he was up for. Shredding through the snow around a corner, he tore passed the buildings, keen eye looking out for the first soul he could find that had enough in them to keep themselves from getting killed. Last thing he needed was to be responsible for a death, the Gang not even in mind as far as the consequences were considered.

As he pulled himself through the streets, a worthy body appeared. Identity came first through the mottled beast that was her own, and secondly, blue sights sat on the black streak across her features. Without wasting any time and without fearing making too much of a scene of it, he made her well aware of what he was on about in as few words as possible,” Zsorthia, th' borders,” He huffed and panted, taking in huge gulps of breath and wielding a black eye on his brow,” Intruders. Could be more. Y'comin'?”

For a moment, his eye watched her, but with the pack pride of Del Cenere, he didn't figure her to hesitate too much. Gang strong and confident in it, he pulled Cochise around, the stallion giving a pitched cry, before he dug his heels in. Tearing off back through the town, he lead the way to the eastern border, throwing an eye behind to ensure she followed, then an eye ahead, looking for the buzzard that would hopefully call should more come.

The dry crackling shriek of the Vulture ahead, did not speak well for the dead rouge being alone.

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Bidding farewell to Twelve, the red lady lead her horse out of the other woman's shop in Charmintown back out into the frozen town. She had finished up business with the pack's Gaucho having Whiskey Jack's feet once again checked for thrush. With all the slushy, muddy and snowy conditions the Stallion was at risk of redeveloping the infection. Thankfully he was given a clean bill of health and the two horse and rider could head back home to their secluded cabin the woods.

Taking the familiar worn pathways through the town, the Mercedes woman and her equine companion were about to exit the boundaries of the town when suddenly the puffing breaths and thundering of hooves on frozen ground greeting the woman's ears. Flicking them back, she then turned her head in time with her horse watching as Wayne and Cochise came to a skidding halt before them, spraying up slush and snow. Blinking in surpise, Zsorthia started to open her mouth to ask what what wrong but the Lawman was faster. "Zsorthia, th' borders. Intruders. Could be more. Y'comin'?" He panted and that's when she noticed her looked a bit roughed up. Frowning she gave a curt nod, placing a paw on the wickedly sharp knife at her side and patted Whiskey Jack's neck, hurriedly murmuring words to him in low speech before swinging up onto his bare back.

"Lead the way. I'm right behind ya." Zsorthia said firmly and then reeled her stallion around to follow after her fellow Ashen. Whiskey gave a loud neigh and tossed his head racing after the other equine, hooves churning up snow and slush as she went. Not knowing what to expect she held fast to Whiskey's mane and leaned over his neck, a low growl in her chest. Catching up to Wayne golden eyes flashed in his direction. "What exactly are we looking at Wayne?" She asked once within earshot, breathing heavy through her nose. If she could get some idea of what they were up against she could be better prepared to fight.

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The rumble of Whiskey Jack's hooves thundered behind him, and the call of Zsorthia not far back, the duo rattled out of Charmingtown making wild tracks out of the snow in their wake. They flew past several strangers and Wayne, without so much as an apology about it, had hard eyes set dead ahead. As the heavy hooves tore down the path, it didn't take long for Zsorthia to catch up to the retired ranger. Her question came through a labored breath, and a serious nature beheld Wayne's face,” Killed a man on the borders,” He shouted over his shoulder, trying to make himself heard over the equine din and the rush of the wind that whistled in tall ears,” He was comin' through'n tried to take me down. Showed him what Del Cenere was about.”

Cud cried again from the sky, gaining in height above the trees and circling with the length of his neck craned down on the boarders. The lower pines were shaken from the crows that took to the air. Something was moving down there, certainly, but with any great luck Wayne could have found nothing but a false alarm. Tilting his head to Zsorthia, he met her eye for just a moment,” But I reckon' he gots' some friends out there that might need a little persuadin' to leave it be,” Icey sights turned ahead as they neared, pulling at Cochise reigns as Cud flew above them, now.

“Don't know how many. Don't know who. Don't know for what'er why. Just know they need t'be goin'. I don't wanna kill no one else, 'lest we gotta,” From far left to right, searching eyes scanned the trees beneath the shadow of the black gambler,” Cud sees... somethin',” Curiously, his tune trailed off as his ears rotated, searching for any sign that there was life out there in the pines. Cochise danced beneath the ranger as he lifted his nose to taste the air and anything on it, pulling the stallion aside to simmer him down,” They're out there.... I smell'em,” A low voice slipped into a murmur as he reached behind himself and slung the rifle off his back.

The metal and wood clattered in his hand, resting it's weight against his collar, as he prepped his makeshift club for battled. His other hand hovered, fingers flexing, over the knife that sat snugly in the sheath strapped to his thigh. Everything was still, eerily silent, so much so that he chanced coming down from Cochise. As his paws hit the snow, he gave a long gaze out into the wilds before he took the first of a few steps toward the body that rested, bloodied, in the grips of the icy confines of an open-air grave.

“These'er fresh,” Tracks, newly printed, were beside the corpse. As he leaned down to investigate, all at once the scene exploded into chaos.

Two bodies burst from the cover of the stones and brush that littered the countryside and charged. One woldog, pale like the snow, and another canine, a golden spitz mutt, and both screaming at the top of their lungs in such a fit that Cochise took off in a riot and Wayne spun up and around to face them. Before he could lay eyes on them, the spitz tackled him headlong. The two of them fell into a tangle in the snow, and the pale wolfdog hurdled over them, eyes set on Zsorthia in fury.

“Ey! EY!”
Wayne growled as he grabbed at the collar of the dog on him, trying to throw him off with his leg pressing into the other's gut, while his free hand reached for the rifle that sunk into the white just out of reach. A fist sunk into Wayne's already bruised brow, splitting the thin skin above his eye. Snarling, Wayne snapped with his teeth to make some space between them, the flash of fangs giving him enough edge to finally trade places with the golden male. In a quick motion, the knife was in his hand and put up against the dog's next, with enough pressure to threaten a cut with the flick of his wrist,” Knock it tha'HELL off, would'ya!?” His voice strained while his eye slipped up to see how Zsorthia was fairing with their latest company,” You got 'im?”

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WC: 651

As the two horses raced their riders towards unknown danger, Zsorthia listened hard through the whipping winds to catch all of the information from her pack mate about the situation ahead. Frowning deeply, eyebrows furrowing, she pressed her heels into Whiskey Jack's sides, urging him on faster to stay neck and neck with Cochise. "Sounds like a ragtag group of desperate idiots." She commented over the thundering of hooves. She remembered a time whens he one belonged to a group like that. when she first left her home in Nevada, she'd joined up with the first roving band of loners she came across. They weren't the smartest of folk, but they survived the wilds well enough. They knew not to fuck around with other loner bands and especially other packs.

It seemed however that the trespassers they were about to deal with here though were looking for trouble. As the two Ashen came to the scene of the previous fight, Zsorthia's hackles rose, sensing things weren't as calm as they seemed. Whiskey Jack's nostrils flared and he whinnied angrily. The red woman patted his neck and soothed him in low speech, watching as Wayne dismounted, golden, masked gaze scanning the brush for signs of movement.

She could smell the fuckers too. They were stupid enough to stay right in the area. "Be careful Wayne..." She warned her friend dismounting herself and keeping her paw on her knife. She was tense, ready to spring into action at any moment. And it was a good thing too, for after a moment where Wayne examined the fresh tracks around the body of the first loner, suddenly there was a great bellowing as two more luperci came dashing through the snow and brush straight for them. When Cochise took off, Whiskey Jack instinctively followed much to Zsorthia's annoyance.

Snarling, the Mercedes woman whipped around, catching her assailant in a bear hug and throwing him off balance to her right. The man went scrambling in the snow, almost falling, and Zsorthia sprang upon his back with a vicious growl. The male yelped as her teeth sank deeply into his shoulder, her claws yanking him backwards like riding a bucking bronco, and through the snow. He twisted in her grasp, bucking and reaching back, slashing at her eyes, causing her to release her hold and leap off him to avoid the attack. Drawing her knife, she squared off with him as she shook himself off and stood, then charged her again.

Fucking fool.

Grinning sadistically, Zsorthia slashed her blade through the air as the man came into range. Crimson blossomed in a deep gash across his white chest. The dog still collided with Zsorthia, taking them both into the snow, but before the tussle really began, Zsorthia once more gained the upper hand pressing the blade to the man's throat, a clawed foot threatening to neuter her attacker should he make one false move. "Let me up, nice and easy now..." She growled deeply, commanding the bleeding loner from beneath.

From where Wayne was he could see the last of Zsorthia's fight unfold.

Without a word, trembling with the sharp blade pressed to his throat and claws at his sensitive parts, the white dog obeyed until Zsorthia stood over him while he remained on his knees, hands splayed on the ground in front of him, eyes averted. When she finally was able to see how Wayne fared, she was surprised to see him straddling his opponent, panting hard and watching her. She smirked over at him, and then kicked her "prisoner" in the gut, causing him to double over. He'd been sneaking glances up at her. She flipped her hair and frowned at Wayne. "So, what ya wanna do with these dumbfucks now that we got 'em." She asked, unapologetic for her treatment of the man at her feet who remained gasping and retching in the snow.

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Pin-point pupils found the end of Zsorthia's brawl with the pallid man that had thought it wise to go after her. Little did he know that the Mercedes woman was likely twice as harsh as Wayne could be, and the rogue had picked the wrong woman to mess with. She seemed to settle him proper, a blade to his throat as well and met Wayne's gaze with a smirk. Now that they both had the upper hand, he allowed an impish grin to greet her.

His own quarry winced as his brother in arms met the ground with a boot to the side, but was quickly startled back to Wayne's attention as the coydog gripped the grimey hair of his scalp. Blue gazed deep into the eyes of his victim as his fellow Ashen's question, and for a moment it had crossed his mind to kill them where they lay. That wasn't the most intelligent of ideas, however, judging by their fool hardy border camping and the potential for more of them out there.

Wayne urged the blade against the spitz throat, watching the man's lip tremble as he turned his chin up to avoid the pressure,” While I would be awfully glad'ta kill'em,” The blade pressed deeper into the fur, the tension of the skin beneath taught beneath the sharp edge, but after a breath, he relented,” Unless they had a good reason 'fer tryin'a kick my ass on my own land,” Pulling the dog up, he took the back of his hand to his face and dropped him to the ground.

Rising from the body that curled from the strike and watching with intent eyes on the snarl that braced the temporarily free man on the ground, he kneeled and collected his rifle. The knife returned to it's sheathe as he stood, and he stood with wide stance at the golden spitz feet,” Care to, uh... Explain 'yer way outta this?” He worded appropriately. An out always held a certain flavor in a dire situation, and far be it from Wayne to be a liar and offer them a concrete life or death without a little feedback on their behalf.

“We ain't gonna talk,” The pale man at Zsorthia's feet croaked, his face huffing against the cold snow on the earth.

“Don't be a'hero, kid,” Wayne spat at the icy crystal to the side of the dog's body, letting the rifle lay lax against his shoulder. A gesture from his other hand flicked at Zsorthia, an offer for her to help shut him up so the adults could talk.

“I'll talk, I'll talk,” The spitz growled.

“The hell you will!” As cornered as he was, he thought it wise to try and get up, Zsorthia would likely be quick to deal with him.

Wayne didn't so much flinch as he did laugh,” Let th'man speak his mind,” Pulling the rifle down, he propped it against the ground and put a foot on the spitz chest,” We're aaaallll ears, friend,” That last word, curled like venom on his tongue, playing his part to ensure that he was exactly what he needed to be to get the information he required.

“We're scouts. We're lookin' for someone and you fit the bill. Something about something in Amherst. We didn't care about the details. We were getting drinks.” The spitz narrowed his eyes,” You killed the only man, my brother, who knew what and why. ”

Wayne bore his glare deep into his quarry. How quietly angry he did seem. He trusted the relationship that he unveiled, but the rest? A quick motion brought the broadside of the rifle butt against his face. A crack resounded and blood spattered on the snow,” Bullshit t'that. What you think?” Turning his eye up to the red woman who was kept busy with the pale hero below her, taking in her opinion of the bogus story,” What kind'a brother would get a drink when they were trackin' the Ashen? More import'ntly, what fool thinks he knows anything 'bout me enough to send a trio'a hired thugs, instead' 'an army?” Now? Now he was invested.

Turning around, purposefully putting his back to the wounded man, he let him know there wasn't a drop of fear in him for these dregs of society,” You sully yer' brother's m'mry with lies, friend,” Returning to stand over the man when he recovered and propped himself up on his elbows, Wayne returned the rifle to his shoulder,” What's th'real story?”

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WC: 509

Zsorthia had one job and one job only right then. Keep the man down and from escaping while Wayne started to interrogate them. She was not a kind mistress, not. one. bit. She did not play fair nor nicey nice very well and when it came to border matters, thieves and threats, she didn't take well to 'em. IN fact she was downright cruel. She watched Wayne wrestle his quarry into a different position and then punch him solidly in the face dropping him back into the snow. The red woman merely smirked at the display of violence. Fucking good.

Reaching for his strange human club and returning to the spitz man coiled in the snow with a paw over his bloodied nose, Wayne then gave the loner a chance to talk himself out of the sticky situation he found himself in. By her feet the white furred dog croaked out defiance and she growled, stepping her foot harshly onto the back of the dog's head, smushing his face into the snow and effectively shutting him up for the moment. "Nobody's talkin' to you." She sneered.

The spitz was more willing to talk however and Zsorthia shook out her hair, giving a derisive sniff, golden eyes still carefully watching her prisoner. When he once again rose his face from the snow to snarl at his companion for wanting to speak, Zsorthia crouched and grabbed the man's ears and yanked them back, pulling his head back. "I don't think ya heard me. Shut the fuck up when nobody's talking to you!" She hissed, teeth clicking together and she slashed her knife through the air so swiftly, the spray of blood across the snow was unexpected. The male yipped and yelped over and over in pain as she had ultimately cropped one of his ears. "I go for fingers next. She said icy quiet to the male into his bleeding mutilated ear, before releasing her hold. He said nothing more.

Looking up, a deadpan, nonplussed look upon her face, Zsorthia wiped her crimson stained knife off on her sleeve and gestured for Wayne to continue. "Don't mind us." She smiled sweetly. "You were saying?" She nodded to the spitz and listened as he told his tale. She could smell bullshit. Rolling her eyes she was about to comment something along those lines when Wayne responded along the same thought. Zsorthia laughed roughly and nodded her agreement with her companion's assessment. Anyone sending a hit squad after an Ashen was pretty damned stupid.

Crossing her arms over her bust, the red woman scowled down at the white male who just frowned silently over at his companion being interrogated, bleeding from the slash to his chest and his cut ear. He was temporarily subdued. Or at very least he was just being silent. He breathed heavily, trying to swallow the humiliation and pain. The Mercedes woman resisted the urge to make a snide comment and instead contented herself to watch the red blossoming slowly into the lump of white fur at her feet.

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