[P] One more for the stars and their eyes in the walls

Since their formal meeting (and the trauma they shared during their time in the Enedwaith), Percival found that being in Salka's company was something that he desired more of. Aside from Inara, who he thought of as probably his greatest friend and closest confidant (of that much, at least, he was certain), Percy did not have any other close bonds with pack mates outside of his immediate family and, if he was going to be of any use as a Diplomat, he needed to overcome those feelings of anxiety that he often got at the prospect of letting someone new in.

And what better way to do that than by putting oneself in a literally vulnerable situation with a good old-fashioned spar?

Thinking back to his lessons with Keabetswe, Percival sucked in a long, deep breath and closed his eyes serenely. His skills were still budding, for though he had been given ample exercises and techniques to practice throughout their time together, it had not been time enough for him to perfect any one of them. And, with Betsy having left to enact her own ending (happy or not, Percy was unlikely to ever know), his lessons had fallen along the wayside. He was sure to have grown rusty.

Opening his eyes again, Percival breathed out slowly and then, with his palmed pressed together in front of his chest, he bent at the waist and bowed to the mottled sighthound and her glinting blade. When he rose again, he squared his feet and dipped his nose subtly. Unarmed, but ready, the scruffy Parhelion searched his opponent for evidence of weakness while he attempted to predict what action she would take first.

OOC: The Mists prompt: "To the shock and horror of all the old belltower has begun to chime at odd hours. The sound is deafening and can be heard for miles around. Largely in a state of disrepair the occurrence is disconcerting and nearly beyond belief. Could this all be the work of the same person? Perhaps...but strangely there is no sight nor scent of blood." Probably dated after this thread. | Despi will also using this thread for Salka's bronze Rogue co-rank (Hone your skills with blade or bow. Engage in a spar with a pack-mate or foreigner!).

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