[P] And you know what they say might hurt you
Word Count: 510:: Finally getting to this! :D:D:D Set on the 26th, near the borders again. ::

Saut had been rebuked once, but it would take more than that to send the little puppy packing. Saut still had the childish mind-set that the world worked like the stories he had been told in his youth; fanciful tales of adventure, adversity and glory. Surely the trials he was facing now meant that he was on the right path, surely his mother lay beyond the imposing border of scent that stood in his way.

So, Saut had let himself be rebuked but rather than try and return home – and by this point the puppy wasn’t completely sure which directon even led to home, but that was a problem to be solved later – he had slunk away into the neutral lands surrounding the border and found himself a warm bush to curl up under. Once the morning came he was back to it, moving along the border a bit more stealthily this time as his nose probed desperately for any sign of a familiar scent.

While he went through the monotonous task, Saut spent a lot of his time thinking. For the most part his thoughts rested on his mother. What would she be like? For a while Saut had entertained the thought that he had actually met his mother, that she was the wolf – whose scent he only now recognised as Salsol – who had visited the Inferni borders so long ago. Saut’s heart had wrenched when he had first matched the smells wondering for a moment how close he might have been for happiness. His mind had lingered on her scent, on the way she actually seemed half serious about offering him a home, and on the puppy who looked like him. The thought that he might have been his mother and not even known it was maddening and disheartening, and only the pressing need for stealth in his mind prevented him from howling his frustration into the air.

Eventually though, he had discarded the thought. Ever since he was a boy, Saut had held the belief that he would know somehow when he eventually saw his mother. Maybe the scent that still haunted him from his earliest dreams, that heady scent of milk and earth and plant, would turn out to be right. Or maybe some sixth sense would awaken within him, and he would just know the second he locked eyes with her. The various ways that he might know his mother made for cheerier daydreaming than agonising over the woman who had visited Inferni at least.

Whatever the sign would be, Saut was convinced that it would eventually come. He had made his way across the unknown lands, recruited the help of a fellow traveller, braved the fury of the guardian and was now a tail’s length away from his objective. By all the rules of narrative Saut knew his mother should be just around the corner, all that he needed to do was find her.


It was him. It must be him. She had always heard that mothers knew their children before anything else, even if they had never seen them before. And she had seen him. His face was all she had looked at in the brief time she had held him in her arms. But she had never seen his eyes before. They were her own, and they were familiar.

Only a short distance separated them. A few trees concealed her, and the child who minutes before had been unable to be silenced was now solemn against her mother's breast. Svasra's breaths were shallow, and she could not bring herself to move, although she desperately wanted to make herself known. But something stilled her legs, and for a while she watched, and familiarized herself with her son.

The boy was unmistakably of Gehenna. His face was long, and noble, and his build was far more doggish than her own. His mask was taken from the Asylum man, as well, but he was much darker. Not as dark as his wolfish mother, but he was unmistakably wild in his pelt. But those eyes – they were hers, and they surely searched for her now.

Her second child was uncharacteristically still as Svasra finally stepped from the shadows, and she was thankful for it. She wore nothing but a fur cloak, and it was beneath it that she held Wendigo, out of sight and hopefully unable to be detected. She could not imagine what her eldest would think if he saw her.

The shadow's voice was lost to her as she descended from her hiding place, but her eyes brimmed with the emotion she couldn't demonstrate. When she stood before him at last, she fell to her knees. Svasra extended a trembling hand, as if she was reaching for her salvation.


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