[RO] I lay in a bed of resistance

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It had taken too long to prepare for this day, and it seemed like every obstacle that was possible got in their way: the ring, the necklace, the supplies, and the weather. Just when Szenne had switched out the ring and gathered the supplies, a snowstorm hit that was worse than the snow that they had before. It left them with at least three feet of snow, which didn’t make for great conditions stealing horses and getting the hell out of dodge.

With each passing day, Szenne grew a little more angry and a little more annoyed. The two slaves kept their distance, but Szenne always shot Ronan a look in passing. Only a couple more days. A few more days turned into a few more weeks, though, and by the time it was good to leave, the Abdiel was totally livid.

Leading two horses from the stables, she seriously contemplated killing a scout if she were found out there. At this point, it really wouldn’t matter. She planned to disappear once she crossed those borders, and Anathema wouldn’t be able to find her or Ronan.

Grumbling to herself quietly, she suited up the horses with what supplies she’d stolen that she could fit in the bags at her back. She was already wearing a shoulder bag that was filled with medicines and food, and the other a backpack that housed arrows and other small weapons. Ronan would wear something similar once he escaped the caves. The saddlebags at Java’s sides were stocked full of things, but they weren’t heavy. The bulk of the heaviness would be resting upon the stallion’s back in the form of Szenne and her burdens.

Szenne waited for her comrade in a copse of trees near Dawn’s Breath, a less traversed part of Anathema, or so she guessed. The lines of the trees cast shadows over her and the horses in the moonlight. They looked like criminals, dressed in black and white lines - escaped convicts, if you will - contrasting against the melting snow on the ground. Some of their supplies had already been relocated to a hole or a tree further into the south to be collected when their supply was getting low. Szenne was aware that they were already over-encumbered to begin with, and it would be stupid to add on any more weight. The horses needed to last them a while, and she couldn’t afford to deal with prematurely injuries.

Once Ronan would meet her in the trees and get his steed settled, they would take off into the night, shedding their burdens of Slavery and titles of the low. Later, they would rise to power and resumed the antics that they had before they were so rudely taken against their will.

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