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Auspicium had traveled for a long time. Ever since he realized the Vinattan lifestyle wasn't for him, and decided to retake his life as a loner, he was determined to make himself and outstanding hunter and warrior, in order to be able to survive by himself.
And there he was, the fruit of his hungry efforts laying right in front of his secui feet: a single, possibly ill rodent he had managed to track down and kill. Desperately, he got his 'fresh' meal between his jaws and sloppily ran away to find a quiet shelter under the shade of the red pines.

Once settled down, he stared with much contempt and the creature he had just killed.
It didn't take him much bites to finish up his tiny meal, in fact, he even took small bites and chewed slowly in order to fully enjoy his meal. It still wasn't enough. He was hungry for more. The satisfaction of a 'successful' hunt and the energy the rodent had provided weren't enough to get the male up on his feet and keep on hunting.

Auspicium stared deep into the Acadian forest, and disregarding all the dangers that surrounded him he slowly closed his eyes, and progressively fell into a deep slumber.
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Sometimes Tidam wonders why he's here. He wonders why he didn't stay in Europe and help his pack out, why he was sent away on a boat. Of course the simple answer is that the then alpha of the pack, his foster mother Barb, did it so he can be safe from danger, but out here seems worse. Deep down however he knew the true answer, he wanted a much more stronger and stable pack to get what he wants, to no longer feel paranoia of being constantly hunted down. He wanted to introduce himself with no fear.

The dingo hybrid sighed, he really wished that a pack would accept him for who he is, to not judge him like he felt his mother did. He knows he has to play nice and persuade others into trusting him, but how long would he be able to keep it up? He ran his optime hand through his mane which was tied into a messy bun, he really needs to stop over thinking, he's going to shorten his lifespan even more if he keeps stressing out. He can focus on pack related objectives later, right now he's hungry.

Adjusting the doggles on his head, he pulls the hood of his ratty cloak up to hide his face better and takes his bowie knife out of his bag. He could've sworn he caught the scent of a rodent or two around here because small meals are better than nothing after all. As he sneaks around he catches another scent in the air, a wolf, was it a loner or a pack wolf? Time to risk it, he quietly steps out from behind one of the trees to see a sleeping secui wolf in the distance, he appears to be alone.
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Auspicium, in his dreams, was seeing all the old territories he used to explore along his pack and family. Being nomads, it made it easier for him to last longer journeys without much exhaustion.
His dreams were what he considered paradise; his family was together, and his pack held no prejudice against him. It was the life he desperately wanted to recover, but now seemed almost impossible to reach.
After living months as a loner his social skills were almost gone, and he was most likely not the strongest wolf around. He felt as his old position as trader didn't suit him anymore, and so far it looked like wasn't a good warrior or hunter either, just look at him! Asleep as danger and potential prey surrounded him!

He didn't wake from his sleep, he was in a much calmer place in his dreams, and the lack of energy made him give slower responses. Hopefully the stranger observing him doesn't have the means of harming him.
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