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The fawn coyote dominant hybrid was studying, to become what, she did not yet know, but she was studying nonetheless. The young female carried a satchel over her slender shoulders, her ears were larger than those of her mother and her muzzle more tapered and angular, but the two looked similar nonetheless. May was taller, but still small at 5'6", and her eyes were a paler shade of lavender. The female was willowy and didn't look very strong, or like she even ate much at all, but she was still out and about. Her satchel contained in it, glass jars from storage that she would place herbs into, and the bag's other inhabitant was an old book of herbs and other medicinal plants that could be identified in nature and harvested.

And so she went about looking for things like yarrow and elderberry, leaves, roots, barks, and berries that could be utilized to create medicines, teas, or even to be used in rituals and ceremonies that May was not yet entirely familiar with, but for these things the girl had her mentor to look to, Evangeline.

May stopped at the base of a tree where she silently observed the leaves of a smaller plant, flipping through her book to try and decide if these particular leaves could be used for anything. The girl bore on her shoulders however, not just a satchel, but a cream and beige feathered avian, a barn owl that would periodically look down at what it was that May was doing, speak an insult or a word of dissaproval to the girl, and then turn back to keep a look out. The bird had been quietly watching the surrounding woods for quite a while now, tilting his head as he listened to the area around him with increasing interest. An owls hearing was greater than that of a canine, and so Aywin was already on alert before a rustling became audible to her, and she turned her head to look as a mouse darted into the clearing, silent wings unfurled and deadly tallons had crushed the rodent before its previous hunter even came to a stop, and May stared blankly, feeling a mixture of fear and second hand embarrassment for the other canines failed hunt.
Auspicium, being born into a nomad pack, and his slender figure being perfect for this type of exercise, seemed to be just learning that being able to run long distances without much exhaustion wasn't the only key factor when it came to hunting. The male, in his secui form, had already spent what seemed eons chasing a mouse across the Anatheman territory, and with each step his now aching paws took, it seemed like the mouse would only be getting faster.

Really the only reason he had picked up hunting was because during his time as a loner, it was the only way he was able to survive all alone in an unknown territory. Living on only mice was already hard and let alone was catching them, at least for him. It was almost impossible for him to have a successful hunt unless his miserably small prey were sick or somehow previously injured.
Now, the reason why he still tried was the same reason why his survival was no longer at stake: joining Anathema. Even though there were plenty of wolves that would joyfully hunt for him, he felt as if it was his responsibility to have a wider skill-set for his new pack mates- or family. He was absolutely convinced his time as a loner eradicated all his previous skill-sets, meaning had the need to acquire new ones no matter what.

And now, more than ever, the small chance he had of learning any new skill-sets was fading away right in front of his secui paws; the mouse he had been viciously running after for such a long time ran into a clearing to be effortlessly crushed to death by an owl. 'An owl?!' Auspicium's mind yelled, 'an owl was able to kill my prey before I was even able to catch up with it?! Well if only I had-' And soon his defeat-fuelled self-hatred was met with heavy waves of embarrassment as he realised the owl had a companion.
With the nocturnal bird was one of his fellow pack mates; the new family he was terrified of letting down, or even getting close to.
He examined the female's expression and easily came to the conclusion that she was carrying with the second-hand embarrassment his failed hunt had produced, and it was during that endless fraction of a second he opted for doing damage control instead of trying to pretend nothing wrong had happened.
"I uhh..." The male froze for an instant, "I was going to uh... Eat that but I don't mind it if your owl has it instead." He said to the female, forcing his eyes to evade the bird in order to avoid even more embarrassment for the both of them.
This strange male ran into her clearing after a mouse that was already dead and eaten, and the pair of canines sat and exchanged a look, a long moment of awkward silence, at least one that felt long, before the male began to speak up. He said he had been planning to eat that, but that her owl could have it instead, and May shrank a bit within her own skin. "I-I-I... I'm sorry." She stammered nervously, a miserable expression crossing her features as she looked down at the bird of prey that normally casually sat upon her shoulder. "Aiwyn you need to apologize! Catch him a new mouse!" The girl said in a tone that sounded as though she were trying to sound forceful but not quite getting it right.

A sound that may have been a scoff was produced by the raptor, his avian features hardening into a look of indignation as he observed the two canines, before croaking out in surprisingly fluent high speech, "I will not apologize, nor will I catch him another mouse. Useless wolves get nothing. Look, your useless selves make a perfect match." The unbearably rude bird spoke his mind before breaking into the air on silent wings and flitting off into a tall tree to look down upon them in proud silence.

The slender female let out a little whiny groan and covered her eyes with her light grey paws, her tail curling around to tuck in beside her leg and her ears flattening backwards. "I'm so sorry, Aiwyn is um... Proud." The young girl muttered, glancing up into the tree tops before looking back down at the stranger who had wandered into her herb collecting spot. "I-If you'd like I could help you catch something but... I'm probably not very good at it, I'm sorry." The shy girl spoke, letting her long hair fall into her face and dragging both hands over a strand of it nervously as she avoided the Secui creature's gaze.
Auspicium wanted to interrupt the stranger as she spoke.
When she first apologized and demanded the owl to apologize too, and even catch him a new mouse, the mostly-silver secui felt embarrassed. He knew it had been his fault the raptor had caught the tiny animal before he could even get close enough to do it by himself. By that time, Auspicium was convinced he should already be a better hunter and having someone else do the catches for you, no matter if it was an apology, wouldn’t really feel satisfactory at all. But before he could open his mouth and say how such apologies were not necessary, the owl spoke with an unbelievable fluidity.
Auspicium fixed his gaze on the animal for a second. Throughout his life, he had already seen other animals else from canines speak just like him, but he had never seen one with such a peculiar attitude, or fluent high speech. And if it were possible, the poor wolf yet felt more embarrassed after the predator was done making fun of not only him, but the female, and flying away proud of what had been said. He was even starting to feel embarrassed for the female, as he assumed animal companions like the owl weren’t supposed to talk back like that. He sure was a terrible hunter, but even through his self-doubt, Auspicium knew he wasn’t a useless wolf. And as he didn’t personally know the stranger at all, he was sure she wasn’t useless as well.

Instead of speaking, he stared back at the female and awaited with slight astonishment for a response to her companion’s attitude, but he knew she couldn’t do anything at all now that the bird had perched on the high branches of a tree. She only said her companion was proud, which made Auspicium assume the owl’s attitude was probably keeping her from saying anything else and provoking the animal more. They sure wouldn’t like a second rude response, or whatever else the bird could think of.

After she was done apologizing for the second time, Auspicium noticed the stranger was trying to avoid his gaze. He would’ve done that too, considering the unbearable amounts of embarrassment he was experiencing, and after the stranger offered to help him, he saw the comment as an opportunity to maybe make the situation slightly less awkward for the both of them.
”I-I’m also not very good at hunting, as you can see…” He said with a small chuckle. ”Some help would be really great, thank you. Maybe if we work together we can catch something and not watch it get caught.” He kept looking at the female, hoping he made the situation a little better, as well as hoping the owl wouldn’t fly down speak to them again, or comment anything from his spot.
The small willowy coyote mix smiled as the strange newcomer answered her, saying that if they worked together they might actually be able to catch something. "A-at least if we fail now w-we can both joke about it?" the young female joked with a soft giggle, packing her satchel and storing it beneath the low hanging leaves of a nearby shrub so that no one would see it and swipe it while she hunted... Hopefully. Afterwards, the fawn colored female bit her lip and asked that the male "H-hold on for a moment." while she stepped back and placed her hands on the ground, scrunching her face up a bit in concentration as the slender hands began to change shape, her arms elongating and her legs shortening, bones rearranging until she settled herself into the middle ground form, the Secui, to match Auspicium's form.

May's was spindly though, not big and strong like most, but rather she looked like a doe with the slender grace of her build, and as she settled after her shift, the female shook out her pelt a bit and padded closer to the stranger. "M-my name is May, b-by the way, a-and that owl up there I-is Aiwyn." she smiled, but the indignant hooting that echoed her words from high up in the tree made her cringe slightly. "Um... shall we go then?" she asked, padding off a bit into the woods, her nose held low to the ground insearch of any scents of prey nearby amidst all the greenery and underbrush. It smelled as though a rabbit had been by not too long ago, but May, in her inexperience, could not tell which way the scent was leading and which way the animal had come from. Spindly legs paced around a bit before she looked up at Auspicium with a hopeful gaze. "which way do you think it went...?"

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