[AW] Such a nice Night to be outside.
Appearance: Night is in optime form wearing a black cloak with a harness underneath with two daggers attached to the back.
OOCRegcryThink beast from beauty and the beast only wearing a black cloak and a Wolf. lol)

Night moved cautiously through the thickly wooded area. His paws instinctually went for the areas where less of a track would be made and he found himself falling into the habit of sticking to the shadows and watching his tracks doing his best to leave as little as possible. If nothing else his father trained him well but when his mission was to meet others, his "training" could make it difficult if he snuck up on someone. He stopped for a second and raised his head sniffing the air around him and again he was greeted by the smell of the trees and bushes and some small animals. Many would be able to pick up anything with the weather as it was, that being said, it was a nice night and he was enjoying himself even if he was alone under the night sky.

This made him mellow a little as he kept moving, his eyes scanning the area looking for any movement of any kind. So far a small animal or another was all he made out and that was good. Should he need a meal he knew he would have to hard of a time looking for one. He found a nice spot where the trees got thick and their branches and the other flora in the area blocked a good amount of the wind which would help conceal him. He found himself taking a little bit of a breather and he relaxed but kept his ears and eyes keen. "Such a nice night...I got to see the old pack and now it's time to get my butt South" He said these words lightly and smiled as he took his rest for it would be a long journey.
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Auspicium was, unsurprisingly, still going around and about his hopes of kicking back into his trader ways. Lately, he had been obsessed with finding objects so good there would be no option for his clients but to offer him equally valuable products. He was hoping to find items which would be considered interesting for his fellow pack mates, such as weapons, animal bones, plants, or even books. But soon, he started to realise maybe in the woods he wouldn't have much luck finding objects such as books and weapons, so maybe he would have to stay with organic matter.
His quest had been extended up to the late hours of the night, but Auspicium didn't worry much about that. He was already used to late night strolls through Anathema and its surrounding territories, so this behaviour was absolutely common for him.

The mostly-silver wolf, making use of his secui form, cautiously scanned the wooded areas in search of any valuable flora, or any creature of the night which he could easily hunt down for his pack and himself.
So far, the zepar had gathered a few clumps of indian tobacco which he had buried within a pine's roots to keep them safe, as well as to keep his senses focused on finding more organic materials. Soon, he came across the indistinguishable scent of another wolf, a loner, quite possibly. Instead of his usual panic, Auspicium instead decided to ignore the wolf, in hopes that the loner would do the same thing, whilst inspecting the area for much more promising objects.
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He sat there taking in the scent and the sounds of the area. He closed his eyes sitting there in Secui, almost meditating. His ears twitched slightly as he picked up the sounds of someone moving around in the darkness. He kept listening and at the way the person was moving it was made obvious that this person wasn't there for him. This wasn't an attack and had it been then the stealth used would have been considered horrible. He opened his eyes and saw a pair of silver tinted ears moving this way and that. Yes, this person was definitely looking for something.

"Need help finding anything? I have been through the area and have a good memory of the things I've seen"
He offered lightly and then he kept his head on a swivel as he watched this wolf look around, he thought maybe he was looking for...well he didn't know. But since they were in the same area it wouldn't hurt to be civil and to maybe talk a little. Perhaps this individual was part of a pack he was going to maybe even Anathema? That would be funny if so because then he will have met yet another member.

While he waited there to see if maybe they would speak he was very calm and unmoving as he sat. The only movement was his head and eyes as he did not move the rest of his body, not even his tail moved. This was fun and a heck of a spot to wanting to rest and this area seemed very common for other canines to travel though.
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Auspicium flicked his ears and focused his blue eyes in the direction of the loner. The wolf was difficult to spot during such late hours of the night, but his scent and voice made it possible for the Anatheman to locate him. The loner didn't move much, and there were no traces of aggression in his tone, which made Auspicium's response as equally calm, which would've been unusual in a different circumstance, due to his resent episode of self-doubt.
"I'm not looking for anything in particular." The male spoke. He was surprised with himself, as in previous encounters with other wolves his doubt and anxiety had taken over him, but this time it seemed to be the complete opposite. Perhaps such encounters were helping him better himself already, or maybe his new obsession was keeping his mind too busy to worry about everything and anything that could go wrong. "Well, I'm trying to look for anything... valuable, really, but I don't think trees and grass have a lot of value." He added, as he wondered why the dark loner was offering his help in such a disinterested way, initially assuming he had probably talked and quite possibly helped other canines like him.
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Night looked to the male as he stated that he was looking for something valuable and he thought for a second and then he shifted into his Optime form of which was hulking and large but he stayed low as he reached for his harness and pulled out a knife he had come across in his travels. It was a decent blade with a nice white oak looking handle. He placed it on the ground and then promptly shifted back to his Secui form and moved back a little and spoke up.

"This should earn you something. The blade isn't the sharpest but it's ornate and good looking to the eye perhaps you would be able to sell it or make a worthwhile trade. My gift to you."Night offered this item truly and meaningfully. He was genuinely a good guy and was kind and giving even if he shouldn't be at times but he felt no reason not to help the stranger, he had his two weapons and didn't need the knife. Night smiled and nodded to the other male and just watched to see if his gift would be taken.
Auspicium's light blue eyes kept staring at the dark male as he shifted to optime form (his movements finally revealing his exact location), and got out what seemed to be a knife. If it wasn't for the stranger's previous charisma and calmness, Auspicium would've probably ran away at the sight of the weapon. It looked like a decent weapon; it had a good looking handle but the blade was slightly deteriorated, so the wolf assumed he was offering it up as a trade. At this point Auspicium did a panic, as he knew he didn't have anything to trade at that exact moment, or at least anything as good as the knife the stranger seemed to be offering.

When the stranger shifted back to secui form and explained it was a gift, the zepar had to control himself in order to not let out a small cry of happiness emerge from the back of his throats. He knew the kinfe's blade wasn't in good condition and could affect its value, but it was the right object to begin his career with again. "Oh stars, this is so nice from you!" Auspicium finally spoke with happiness, "Thank you so much! An object like this just precious! He added with a small cry.
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Night smiled big letting the corners of his mouth show his amusement and happiness and finally getting a reaction out of the other male. He did not, however, know just how large a response he would get and he was truly happy. "I'm glad you are happy. It is my pleasure to help and if you clean the blade the dirt there should come off. It might be ceremonial or for display judging by the sharpness of the blade. The blade looks to have some kind of design on it. I hope it helps you in your future endeavors. I was resting here before my trip and I'm happy to have the opportunity to meet you. My name is Night by the way.

His tail moved slightly from left to right as he grew excited at the joy he had caused and he nodded to the male again as he introduced himself. This was good, he was worried before that he wouldn't have the chance to meet anyone knew until he had reached the pack lands but it would seem that luck was on his side and some friends would be made while he was here.

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