[RO] I try to picture me without you but I can't


The massive shape of an Optime beast padded through the undergrowth. He was broadly built and shaggy. He walked in a very hunched manner, sometimes going onto all fours every so often. He was huge, easily a giant to most. He was huge, easily big enough to fill a doorway. He had a rough mane running down his back and the he walked with his arms curled towards her chest. He stood at seven feet tall and was a muscle-bound creature. He had rounded ears and a bobbed tail. His thicker built made him almost bearlike.

His fur was a canvas of tanner hues that was painted with chocolate hues. A haphazard mix of brown painted a saddle that went from his tail to his ears. It stopped abruptly and then his fur was dipped in dark hues. His fur was also painted in brown and his fur was simply a mess. White hues also graced his fur, splashing his chest, streaking his shoulder, and tipping his tail. He also had red eyes.

The beast didn't wear much in clothing. A simple leather vest adorned his body, though it was quite simple and he didn't bother closing it, though nobody was sure it would close around the beast's broad chest. He also wore a flower crown that was made of pink and white flowers. He also wore a pair of simple cotton breeches that were a bit baggy and stopped at his knees.

Iorek padded through the forest, his posture hunched and cowering. He was still afraid of himself. He didn't like the fact that there was a monster inside of him. He didn't like it one bit; the monster that had attacked so many people. His eyes were open to the world and himself. He was afraid of the monster that had made itself known. He still disliked his Optime form, but if the loners threatened him, the wolfdog still had his knowledge of fighting in Optime form.

The knowledge that the monster hated. He didn't want to know what he could fight. He knew how to throw people into trees. He knew that with his strength, the could pin someone down easily. He didn't need to know that he could kill. He felt like he should have never known that. As the beast's thoughts went that way, he shook himself vigorously to stop it.

The brown behemoth was pulled out of his thoughts by a cry, a bird cry. He didn't know what it was from, though it sounded distressed. He went down on four legs to pad towards the sound. It repeated every so often and the beast moved in faster. Was the owner of the voice in trouble? He sniffed the air, detecting the scents of a bird. Bird or not, the chocolate-saddled beast found the bird.

"Thank gods!" The bird squawked which reminded the hybrid beast of the rude owl. The bird's accent was hard and thick to discern what he said, but that was what the beast could decipher. He stopped in his tracks and moved more closer to the place where bird was. The bird was a small thing with black and white feathers and iridescent markings. It had fallen in a flower bush. The red-eyed male's head tilted.

"Help me? The bird asked. He needed help out of this bush. The youngster had been in this bush for a while. He ad attempted to fly before he was taught and paid for the consequences. He looked up at the massive wolfdog with no fear in his eyes. He had lived around Luperci as a hatchling so the man didn't scare him.

The red-eyed recruit stared at the colorful bird before slowly extending his arm near the bird. The bird hopped on and then hopped up his arm until he stood on the beast's shoulder. With a new passenger in tow, the male walked on four legs to be safe. He was still slow but he wanted the bird to be safe. "Wh-What n-name?" The crimson-eyed Cavalier asked.

The bird had no name since the name his mother had given him was not valid until he was able to fly. So, the bird replied. "Don't got one." His words were plain and simple in the Luperci language he had learned. He didn't have that good of a vocabulary, but as a magpie, he was very intelligent and picked up words easily.

Since the bird didn't have a name, and the gargantuan yearling felt obliged to give him a name, he searched around in his head until he matched a two words together. "Birdflower," He said as clearly as he could. He found the bird in a flower bush and the name made sense. The youngster nodded.

"Wonderful." Birdflower said in a deadpan. He liked the name, though it was in his nature to be sarcastic. Luckily, the boy seemed sarcasm blind, the snark went over his head. That was good since the magpie didn't have to worry about making him cry or anything. If the guy wasn't so big, he'd think he was a puppy.

"G-Great!" The bob-tailed boy said and in his excitement, almost ran into a tree but was saved from doing so but Birdflower's squawk. He righted his course and then bird rolled his eyes. He had a lot of work to do to work on this guy. He needed a ride and this was his only one.

"I-I Iorek." The fluffy monster said and the bird nodded. This kid didn't have very good speech, but at least it was understandable. Iorek tried looking behind him to see if his new friend had nodded and the bird squawked to keep him from running into another tree. The magpie had his work cut out for him since he really didn't want his ride to run into a tree since that would leave him with a chance of being thrown off or losing his ride.

"Nice meetin' ya, Iorek." Birdflower said. This was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. One of sarcasm and squawking. As the pair padded towards Casa di Cavalieri, many shrieks were heard as Birdflower had to make sure Iorek didn't run into a tree.


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