[RO] When you feel my heat, look into my eyes


The massive Secui shape of Iorek padded through the birch forests of Black River Reserve. He was almost bearlike in looks with his rounded ears and bobbed tail. The flower crown he wore on his head did make him look not very threatening. He had come out to explore and maybe to swim. Birdflower was perched on his back and squawked every so often when he was about to run into a tree.

In a meadow, a young man sat. He was small, almost delicate with the clothing he wore obscuring the wiry muscle. He was a jackal dog hybrid with the lead build of a jackal and the slimmer build of a sighthound. He had a backpack sitting next to him and a satchel. His pony cross was also grazing in the meadow with his saddle bags back full. A scimitar in its sheath lay close to the male and its twin was secured to the horse.

The man had silky mocha hues and a darker mask that made him quite different. He also wore a pair of goggles that were pushed up to keep his hair out of his eyes. He wore an outfit composed of a white shirt, jeans, a jacket, and a plaid shirt tied around his hips. He also wore necklaces made of keys and had some bracelets adorning his wrists.

The wolfdog bumbled into the meadow and the man stood up in slight alarm. Though, the man was quite nonchalant about it, keeping himself as cool as possible. The guy had an interesting fur pattern and looked strong. The flower crown on his head was cute and made him less intimidating. It took a moment for the stranger to recognize that he was faced with another stranger. The magpie chirped and the boy looked up.

"What's your name, darling?" The jackal-dog asked with a smile. He liked knowing names since it gave him the upper hand. And this guy was just cute in general. He looked like a teddy bear and he would make a good cuddle buddy. The bear boy was easily as tall as the shorter hybrid and that was cute, too.

"Iorek" The brown behemoth said as he seemed to calm down. But, he was still wary around loners after the attacks, though this guy was so far away and he didn't seem like a Syndicate member, it calmed him down a bit. He cautiously moved closer to get better look at the hybrid, though it was hard because he had clothes on.

"I'm Birdflower." Birdflower said and then decided that his ride was okay without him. Nestled between the beast's shoulders, he tucked his head between his wing and began to sleep.

"My name's Riley, Riley Rockateer." Riley said and then sat back down, leaning against his backpack and taking out a book. The guy looked harmless enough and he wanted to finish this book. He saw the red-eyed male move towards him, settling near his feet.

"Wh-What a-are...y-you r-reading?" The red-eyed recruit asked. He didn't know how to read, though he didn't mind people reading to him. He liked hearing stories and people told him that books contained stories. His head tilted as he lied down, his head on his paws.

"The Great Gatsby," The Rockateer male said an then decided it would be okay to read what he was reading to Iorek. So, he began reading out loud.

SecuiDayJulyBlack River Reserve

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