Autumn had arrived a long time ago, and though the chilly weather and the change of colors trees sported were easy to notice, it took Auspicium a while to get bothered by the number of dead leaves that pilled up around the Anatheman territory as the season progressed. At first, they were easy to ignore, the sound they made when you stepped on them wasn't annoying at all for the silvery male, but at this point, the whole territory seemed to be infested by dead leaves, making every single step he took as noisy as it could get. Simple actions such as walking around Anathema were made annoying by the dead leaves, and tasks like hunting, which was already difficult for Auspicium, were made almost impossible when his prey could hear him sprinting up to them.

The wolf decided it was time to do some cleaning up. It wasn't very usual for him, taking into account the little care he took of himself and the fact that he didn't really care about cleanliness, but the noisiness combined with the assumption that everybody else was as annoyed as he was fueled him into completing the task he assigned himself.
He decided to begin with the Thackary Village, around the pack gardens, to be exact. The pearly secui started sweeping the dead leaves with the help of his head and paws into a single, big pile, being careful not to step on any of the plants and slowly blackening his already disheveled fur with dirt and leaf bits. So far he had managed to clear up a considerable amount of the garden's extension, creating a decently-sized pile of leaves on the side of the garden. His process was fairly sluggish, mainly because Auspicium refuses to use his halfling form, maybe he could use some help from his fellow packmates...
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