[AW] outside my troubles are colder
Quote:An icy fog has settled over Salsola's territory, coating most of it with a sparkling shine. The air itself seems almost frozen today, though it's not so bitterly cold as to stay inside and miss the scenery outside!


She had abandoned the burnt-out shell of a cabin and decided to never look back. Felix and Tali trailed after her more often now that Noel had never reappeared – and though Adelia was known for her taciturn nature; since the fire she had withdrawn, disappearing for long stretches of time with the remainder of her children.

Symre had found a small cabin set apart from the bustling Ruins and hidden amongst a copse of silvery birch trees that lay beyond the old wall. The cats enjoyed curling themselves against the broken windows to peer out at the unending snow, and as Symre dragged brush and debris to pad the frigid cobbled stone they would twitch their tails in silence. The little Rask-dotter stuffed lichen into the holes that she found and hung witches hair from the rafters.

The broken windows on the second floor were stained in such a way that when the sun hit just right her cabin was dappled in color.

Symre hummed to herself as she worked and imagined the life that she could build for herself here; away from the prying eyes of the Salsolan people. Tali wove her wave toward her, bopping her silky forehead against Symres knees. ”I like it here.” She purred softly, and Felix murred his agreement from the dusty sill, his paws curled tightly against his chest.

<”Good!”> Symre glanced about and sighed, <”It needs more decoration… but it will do.”>

She worked late into the afternoon, scrubbing down floorboards and the crooked mantle that lay above her hearth with a rag.

When she finally emerged the forest had been coated in a low hanging mist - one that left a strange muffled silence on the air. Symre stood in the door way and pressed her hair from her face, twisting it up so that it sat messily behind her ears. With a rumbling sound she tiptoed through the crackling frost, appreciating the way that it made everything glitter and shine. The cloak slung about her shoulders was lined with fur and still smelt like her mother - a gift from the gypsy woman when she had visited her at The Outpost.

So much had changed since then, and Symre fastened the collar against her throat as she slid through the trees; her breath hanging like a cloud to blend with the fog that surrounded her on all sides.

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To rise and shine is so hard to do
When all the light has been taken from you

OOC: Here, have a Silas with Twila in tow. Twila looks like this but with pinkish eyes: Here. +300 words.

In a way, it was hard to believe how old and how big Twila was getting. It had seemed almost like yesterday that he had given her up to Elphaba for her own protection from the cruel woman that had taken his other children away. He was well aware that none of them would ever be able to be his' or have them as a part of his life in more than just the usual servant to ranked member interaction, but how happy he would have been to see all three of the pups grown up...

And not to have seen Julia go through the heartbreak that she had when she lost two of her children. No doubt it was harder on her than it was on him.

The child followed along at his side, padding a bit ahead of him. Now that she was past the age of being able to speak, it was her desire to drag him along wherever she wanted to go. A bit rash in nature, but he complied to her request none the less. Even to a child, he was still bound to do as she wanted so long as it did not bring her into any danger.

As the pair padded along, it was Twila who spotted her first, the brown woman moving through the lines of the trees, dancing along with the fog at her side. As his golden eyes moved up, spotting her too. He recalled the first time he had come across Brocade, the female having tagged along with him. Since news of the man's house burning down had spread, he had been prepared for some manual labor should the need arise where he was working to rebuild his burnt home. Even so, she had been the one to read for the male since he could not do so.

The two approached her, Silas moving along is back legs as his hands moved up to sign, "Silas knows you." No doubt she would have some confusion, so the child chimed in, "He says he knows you." With a deaf mother and a mute father, it only made sense that the pup be able to learn sign language along with her own speaking and writing. At least it made for translating the mute servant easier.

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