[RO] [M] The Creator will guide us
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Two roads lay between them: One path would lead them to a life of peace and love, the other would lead them to a life of pain and suffering. The only problem was that The Creator could be tricky; Both paths looked like they could be the path that would lead them the right way.

Beatrix's white fur, still smelling of cedar from the earlier smudge, moved gently as she gave a prayer for her and her family. "I pray to the Air Spirit to guide our travels, to lead us down the right path. I pray to Mother Earth to keep care of our bodies and keep us safe from sickness. I pray to the Great Ocean to keep us calm as we face many challenges. I pray to the Sacred Fire to keep us true to our beliefs, and to avoid the temptations of Mundoo."

"Travel is a part of the cycle of life. Our ancestors traveled across the lands beside the First Human, and continued to travel once they abandoned us to live alone in this world. Be strong as we make our own journey now, for this is a journey we have decided to make. We must trust in ourselves, just as we trust in The Creator."

After a moment of contemplation, they turned to the bright red fox that lay between them, its feet and mouth bound. The fox's brown eyes darted frantically as it tried to escape its confines, to no avail. The muffled squeaks of distress increased as Beatrix picked up her ceremonial knife and approached. Without hesitation, the woman plunged the knife into the creature's fast beating heart.

She waited until the life had drained from the fox's eyes before she removed the knife. Once clear of obstructions, the blood gushed from the body into the wooden bowl below. The dark liquid splattered and pooled into its container until the body had been fully drained.

"Wela'lin," the woman whispered, before taking a drink from the bowl.

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