[AW] The Bear's Child

Summer was coming to an end, and with it brought the cool air of fall. Beatrix and her son had stopped travel midday for a short break. But the more they traveled, the more impatient the young pup got. "Mother, where is Father? Why can't we just hurry up and find our new home?" He asked.

"Take a seat," she replied, "and I will tell you a story." The boy sat but maintained the unsatisfied look in his eyes. He was becoming to come of an age where he would challenge his mother frequently. But she did not want him to worry, so she decided to tell a tale that was passed onto her. In part, this story was to give Junior an understanding of their journey, but another was to quell her own worrying. The white woman began to speak to her son, but her voice became lost in a world of creatures from long before their time.


Sigo had lost his father at a very young age, but his mother had found love with a new male wolf. While his new father was happy with the wife he had found, he was very jealous of the pup left from her previous relationship.

One day the new father said he would take Sigo out to learn the ways of hunting, and with some reservations, the mother agreed to let them go. The new father lead the pup deep into the forest before coming across an old cave. "Go check inside the cave to make sure it is safe. I will stay out here to protect you." And as the pup entered the cave, the new father ran up the side of the cave and pushed over a giant rock to block the entrance of the cave.

The pup began to cry in fear, but the Creator was watching and sent help. Two glowing eyes appeared deep in the cave. "Are you alright?" The porcupine asked. "Let's try and push the boulder from the inside." The pup and the porcupine tried their best, but they could not budge it.

The porcupine called out for help and several nearby animals gathered outside the cave. The snake tried to wrap its tail around the rock, but he was too short. The raccoon scratched the rock with its claws, but his paws only drew blood. The fox tried to dig at the ground, but it was too rocky. Not even the deer had enough strength to push the bolder.

"What is going on?" A new voice asked; It was the mighty bear. She was strong enough, and soon Sigo and the porcupine were free. When they learned the pup did not know how to get home, the bear said that she would become his foster mother. And so the pup grew up with his bear brothers and sisters and learned all the tricks that bears knew how to do.

Several months later Sigo was hunting fish with his foster mother and siblings. Suddenly she cried out, "Run for your lives, go find somewhere to hind!" As he ran, he noticed a strong wolf watching them from not too far away. Once they were safe, Sigo asked about the wolf. "You must be careful; Wolves hunt bears. You must always stay out of sight of them or you will become wolf-food."

More time past and it became winter, and Sigo grew into a young adult wolf. They spent most of the winter safe inside their cave, warm, happy, and full. One day the mother noticed the smell of wolves nearby. "We need to escape! Please Sigo, maybe you could distract them while your brothers and sisters run away. Perhaps they will listen to you. But I will head out first to attract the attention of the wolves so your siblings can get away."

He watched as his mother bolted out of the cave to attack the wolves, but they took her down easily and killed her. Sigo rushed out after her, "No please! I am a wolf-like you! Please spare my siblings! They are only bear cubs!"

The wolves were amazed, but they listened to Sigo's story. Afterward, they were very sorry that they had killed his mother, and they offered tobacco to her spirit and adopted the bear-cubs. Sigo wept over his mother's body and vowed to never hunt a bear or her cubs.

Sigo went to live with the wolves, along with his foster siblings, and became a great hunter. But even as time passed, he never forgot the promise that he made or the things that his mother had taught him.

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