Character Name: Alena (Ah-Lee-Nah)
Character Birthdate: June 25th 2018
Gender: Female
Species: 50% Canis lupus tundrarum, 50% Canis lupis lycaon
Is your character a Luperci?: Yes (Ortus)
Other 'Souls Characters: Returning, My Wiki Characters
How you found 'Souls?: Returning. Originally found on google
Are you joining a pack?: Loner for now please.
Character profile or three writing examples: If possible, I would like to use the writings of my past characters found on My Wiki. If this is not acceptable or if the SA find that these are to old to use, please let me know and i will happily write more examples.
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Welcome to 'Souls!


You've been accepted into the craziest bunch of roleplayers on the vast Internet! We encourage you to keep checking out our information; you can find a wealth of it on the RP Guide. Don't feel pressured to read it all at once -- the guide is a huge resource and is meant to be used as a reference.

If You've Joined the Game As a...

  • ... Loner, do begin considering which of the packs you'd like to join. Survival as a Loner is less realistic -- wolves and other canines are generally social creatures, preferring to live in a pack structure!
  • ... IC pack joiner, you can now begin posting -- you may start your IC pack joining thread whenever you're ready. Make sure you check the pack information to see if the leadership requires anything extra from you!
  • ... OOC pack joiner, the leader still has to respond here before you can start roleplaying -- don't worry, though; if you're rejected from the pack you'll be titled as a Loner, and you're free to pursue other packs or the same one later.

Post-Joining Process

  • Make an In Character post within five days. Post a thread request to get started, or consider starting or replying to an open thread.
  • Make an Out of Character account, if you haven't already. OOC accounts allow for a clear and separate player identity alongside various character identities and serves as a single point of contact for players. You can easily link IC accounts to your OOC account!
  • Keep reading! While there's only a minimum of three topics you have to read to join the game, we provide a wealth of information for a reason -- we expect players to read and reference this material often while they roleplay at 'Souls.
  • If you're leaving us, please try to let us know in the Player Updates forum. It helps keep our stats tidy! There's no penalty for leaving; you're free to re-join at any time later. No hard feelings!

Still Need a Bit of Help?

Post any questions you may have in the Questions and Help forum. Check the FAQ first, though! Failing all else, contact a staff member.

If you need help getting adjusted to your pack, you should talk to your pack leader! They can help you to understand the pack's rank system and how to get a better rank, as well as direct you to plots, potential thread partners, and active members of the pack who may be interested in engaging you.

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