Character Name: Aidan Loch
Character Birthdate: (Including year) 1 January 2014
Gender: M
Species: Mixed wolf dog, roughly 50/50
Is your character a Luperci?: Yes
Other 'Souls Characters: N/A
How you found 'Souls?: Returning member
Are you joining a pack?: Loner
If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: N/A
Character profile or three writing examples:

1) & 2) : See posts by Argus Wolfe in <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=24&t=29597&p=243274</a><!-- l -->

3) :

Kingdoms come and go, and yet, the Winters of Islyf were still (as) unforgiving to its inhabitants as always(as Azura remembered it), forcing animals to retreat to their warrens and hovels, waiting for spring to eventually come to these frozen lands.
Most wouldn't even dare step out of their den, in fear of the northern arctic winds, which bought along gusts of chilling arctic air and snow, punishing anybody who dared to walk outside.
Normally, the ruins of the old Kingdoms would be bustling with activity, but now, all was silent. For no one is mad enough to throw themselves against the terrible snowstorms that could ravage the lands at anytime.
There was, however, one lone figure, slowly, slowly, trudging through the white, pristine landscape, leaving behind a trail of pawprints in his wake.
Whilst in the middle of the snow-covered plains, he stopped, breathing out a sigh of exhaustion, and watched as it slowly condensed into a white fog before him.
It was cold. Very cold.
And that was all Azura could think of as he stared at the night sky, his bear fur cloak sodden with melted snow, as he tried frantically to recall the navigation lessons that his father taught him so long ago, to reorient himself with the multitude of stars in the skies.
There was the... What was that called again?
With the massive snowfall though, he isn't going to find his way back to the where the old Kingdoms were soon. With another sigh, Azura trod on, hoping that even without the stars, he might chance upon the ruins of the old Kingdom.
Sven had tasked him with the job of scouting out the area and to find a way back to where the ruins still stands.
Of course, they could have used the teleporter, but nobody knew if the device still worked. It was malfunctioning lately, teleporting them to random locations.
Azura could have risked it, but he didn't want to be transferred to some derelict or dangerous location. That would severely compromise his mission, however, so he chose to go like how a traditional scout would do - walk.
The wind is howling now, piercing through his thick, heavy cloak. The stars hid themselves behind layers of clouds, enshouding the lands with darkness.
But Azura would not falter. Even if the stars goes against him, even if Mother Nature goes against him, he would restore the former glory of Islyf, bringing law and order to these lands.
He trudged on, with a renewed sense of vigor, searching, forever searching.

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