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Open Letters

This topic is a place to write "letters" or notes to sources of stress in your life as ranting, raving, venting, and getting some of your pent up aggression out can be a wonderful way to de-stress and move on. You are also welcome to write letters of encouragement and sympathy to fellow members.


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Me again. My friend decided to just now tell me that her landlord is kicking me out. I'm seriously starting to wonder if I have a curse on me or something.

They will likely want to tow my car too, and since it has all my stuff in it, that is just not any good.
I will try to stick with posts via mobile, but I may drop out again if it turns out to be too much.

[size=150]Vera Zharkov[/size]
well looks like my computer is about to kick the bucket. ill have to get used to phone posting or whatever
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dear "gamers" who get off sending death threats to a voice actress and her infant son,

fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU
*yeets my bank into the SUN*

This is a PSA to never use "Simple" Bank

one more week of quarantine one more week of quarantine one more week of quarantineeeeee

i can't wait to go on a run and feel a little more energetic ;A;
tfw your immediate response to an exciting thing is anxiety rather than optimism, because emotional defense mechanisms I guess?
anyway a high-end gaming PC should be arriving here tomorrow and boy do I hope nothing goes wrong!!!! :')

dear adhd,
i know that making a pinterest board for our newest d&d character is a great source of dopamine, but can you please allow me to do Other Things that I actually Need To Do? I promise they're fun things if we can get started on them!!!!
I have 15 more days until I have to move out and I still haven't gone through my stuff to see what bare minmum I can keep. Part of me just doesn't want to deal with it. My current roomate keeps telling me to find a job on a farm where I can 'stay on site' but I haven't found anything like that in all my job searching (because I have still been looking) sooo yeah, that is likely not an option and now I am really starting to feel dread and anxiety.

I really have no where to go, my family doesn't really want anything to do with me. I guess this is karma for being...well, me. Hopefully something comes up because the bylaws and normal laws are a pain when it comes to finding any type of shelter that isn't a 'homeless shelter' building.

PS: ADD this isn't an excuse to fill my head with a jumble of ideas that simply won't work, mkay?
[size=150]Vera Zharkov[/size]
This class is killing me.
Today's song is just the "you had a bad day" lyric over and over again
ah yes

the bi-weekly, million-dollar question: "do your friends actually like you or are they just tolerating you because fucking they have to"

my favorite
Yes, I am testing negative for coivd.
No, that does not mean I am better.
No, you dont just "get over it"
i need to stop window-shopping houses we cannot afford to move into (:

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