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New Stuff Added 05/30/13!
Whenever I make free lineart purdies, I'll post them up here. :) In here are the old linearts from the old board and some new stuff too! :D I'm alright with some editing of the lines, but I ask that you don't alter them too much. Also, please credit me and of course, have fun! ^^

-Derp- M/F Wolf (Lupus)
[Image: WolfLines2sm.png]

Female (Optime)
[Image: FTemplatex.png]

Male (Optime)
[Image: MTemplatex.png]

M/F Young (Optime)
[Image: YTemplatex.png]

Female Av (Optime)
[Image: FemAvx.png]

Male Av (Optime)
[Image: MalAvx.png]

Kissing Wolves
[Image: Kisswolves2xed-1.png]

M/F Wolf (Lupus) 2
[Image: WolfyLinesx2-1.png]

M/F Wolf (Lupus) 3
[Image: NewWolflines2.png]

**NEW as of 03/25/13**
I left the pencil sketchiness on these cause I thought they looked kinda cool that way. If you don't like it, feel free to remove the inner inked lines or the pencil stuff, whatever you prefer.

Wolf Secui Lines 2013 (Probably best for Females, but can be edited to be more male maybe?):

Wolf Lupus Lines 2013 (Male or Female):

Dog (partial) Lupus Lines 2013 (Male or Female):

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New Lupus lines added. :)

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New Linearts added today! :D Check 'em out above! ^^

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**NEW!!!** 5/22/13: A female Optime form wolf. I'm okay with minor edits to this, but I'd prefer if this one in particular as used on 'SOULS ONLY! Thanks. Enjoy! ^^

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**NEW!** 05/23/13: Here's a lupus form Coyote (male or female) free to use. :)

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omg. That one's beautifu! I'm kinda tempted to use it for Nora :P

derptar by westy / avatar by nat
post/graphic log
**NEW!** 05/27/13: Drew this male optime wolf for anyone to use. I'll probably be editing him and cleaning up the lines and the icky paper border and shit later, but I thought I'd put him up to I guess show him off in the meantime.

**NEW!** 05/30/13: Cleaned him up now. :D I still may do some editing to him later, but for now, feel free to use him as he is. ^^

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Fixed the male above. :)

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