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His master had thrown herself into work lately, and try as he might Bastien found that he was only getting in her way. Finally freed of household duties and released with threats of making himself useful, he made his way to Marrgerd. Whilst the farm had been pointed out to him in one of Helena’s lessons, he hadn’t explored it as much as he wanted to. The garden’s sweet scent overwhelmed the male as he bent to unlatch his ducks from their shelter.

Myrkr was first to bolt out with a series of raucous sounds, followed slowly after by Tara. the hound wagged his tail as he chatted to the birds, his hands trailing along glossy necks and backs. Bastien knew his journey was likely to be slow, as the ducks stopped often to argue over a choice insect or nibble at plants as they waddled. The boy smiled as he fell into an easy stride, turning back every so often to check on his feathered friends. Gods, how he’d missed them!

The trip went without a hitch. The comforting smell of animals and their feed told Bastien that they had arrived. Myrkr boomed as he recognised signs of home, yet Tara hovered at his ankle with low sounds of confusion. “You’re right, this isn’t home.” The concept was hard to explain into their language, so instead the boy gently picked Tara up and held her close to his chest. She relaxed into his arms, and in that time Myrkr had disappeared into a barn.

Bastien groaned as trailed after, and halted as he stepped into the shaded interior. The drake had found a new canine, his head bobbing up and down as he searched them for food. The hound cast his glance down at the others, “Oh, er, I’m so sorry. I'm Arbiter Helena’s servant, c-can I help you?”

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