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[size=120]Autumn had always been a season for harvest and preparation. With prey growing fat for the winter and crops reaching the point of maturity there was plenty to do in order to be ready for the harsher months of the year. Hard work was required for survival, however Packs as big and prosperous as Salsola could afford putting aside the seasonal grind for a lavish celebration.

All other tasks were put aside so the arrangements for the wedding could be completed in time. Not particularly enthusiastic about the more manual assignments Kaeli chose to focus on the obtainment of the meat meant for the great feast their ambitious Queen had in mind. To feed their numbers many large animals would be required, more than she could hope to down and carry by herself. Because of this and in spite of her own pride she summoned all those willing to lend a hand with the strenuous enterprise.

In the pre-dawn gloom she waited for the hunting party to gather, her face stern as she tapped her fingers over her steed’s flank. Her stallion would help to quickly locate the herd which she knew had to be somewhere between the Blackwoods and the Halcyon Mountains. Once they found fresh tracks to follow she would proceed by foot, her feathered scouts watching from above and her bow ready to hopefully fire many accurate shots.

Verdant eyes scanned the treeline impatiently, seeking the approaching forms of her pack-mates. Once everyone was gathered she would give instructions and arrange the participants quickly to immediately take off. She was eager for the rush that came from the sport of a good hunt, she craved it now more than ever, to make old bones feel alive again.

000+ Everyone is welcome to come help provide fresh meat for the feast!! Feel free to assume Kaeli previously notified your character about the hunt. She is waiting somewhere close to the orchard. Backdated to the 12th.
Word had met him about the group hunt that Salsola's own would host in response to the celebration that the pack was heading toward. Shaamah wasn't one for the grand feasts and the pleasantry of company that came with them, but there was an idea in his mind that Elphalba wasn't going to sully her own pack's name in the presence of an alley at the expense of a potential lover. She didn't seem Nivosus' sort, that is, but as grand as this wedding was to be under the eye of Salosla's leader, there would still be work to do.

The soldier would take that as his invitation to express to Salsola who he was in regard to labor and involvement. Despite being rather anti-social, even he'd done more than his share of work beneath Sapient. Salsola would be no different, save for the respect that they'd earn from him. Something Nivosus' only lost as time carried on. It was safe to say that Shaamah was still bitter about the whole thing, contract obligated, or not.

Choosing a more feral form, Shaamah arrived to the Orchard at Kaeli's mention. Black paws carried him as light as he'd ever been, despite the weight of the knives bore into his shoulders from his past pack. Many years had taught him that if he was to hunt in a group, the only way his heft could keep up was in his slightest form, though even in Lupus he stood over the heads of other quadrupeds. Meeting Kaeli's seeking eyes, he dipped the pastel edge of his muzzle in her presence. Stature. It was worth something here.

In his newness, he thought to make mention of his name to those that would be present, but time for introductions could come at a later moment. If they hadn't seen him around yet, they were bound to now, and his name would follow his deeds here on, if it hadn't come from Helena's maw first.

In that light, it was time to get a good look at those he'd not formally met until this moment. First would be Kaeli, since her presence was initial by her call. Malachite eyes, features dark in color surrounded by a swathe of beige, a toothed necklace and a cloak about her shoulders. Dedicated, by her task at hand. Anything else was subject to her own influence over how she would want herself perceived. Next, his eye moved from the woman that lead her hunt and onward to the next soul that would find their way here.

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Silas was known to hunt, particularly when there wasn't much else work to be done. He could take the animals he had caught, skin them, and cut their meat into portions. It was what he had done to keep himself and his master in a good stock while they were either traveling or staying at home in Amherst. It was usually at his master's call that he went out to hunt, but now that he was here to serve all of Salsola, he saw no harm in providing this skill to all of them, adding his furs, leathers, and meat to the kingdom's collective storage.

The wolf's head lifted up early that morning, having heard of the dark woman that was looking for others to go hunting with her. It would probably be unheard of, a servant hunting with ranked members, but maybe it would be alright so long as he followed the woman's every order. Besides, he could assist them in bringing down something larger if he came along. There was no harm in that right?

Slipping his pants off, the servant's body began to shift. His much more natural form took the center stage, the one he had felt the most comfortable in. Stretching forward, he gave a silent yawn before padding towards the exit of the quarters. His head peeked into the woman's side, seeing Corrine still by herself. A smile moved along his muzzle, letting her rest more before she would need to get started with her day.

As he came to where the other members of the hunting party were gathering, Silas sat to the side of everyone else, his head lowering, eyes turning on the ground. He was a servant, and could not look them in the eyes as they could with one another. He waited silently for his orders, trailing along the side of the group when they decided to move, keeping his nose open for any scents that could be picked up.
It would be harder to communicate in this form, but he would find a way if he needed to get their attention.

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[size=120]It wasn’t long before the first individual emerged from the underbrush, a large male whom she had only seen from afar in the company of a certain unsavory female. His association to Helena disquieted her, for while the Lykoi alone didn’t appear to be such a big threat by herself she had a tendency to surround herself with creatures of great strength and prowess. Her dark bodyguard already looked like a formidable challenge, brutish, large and loyal to the death. In a one on one match she may have been able to overpower him. Against skill and experience Phobos’ savagery may not have been enough, but this new recruit had something about him that made Kaeli less certain of her possible victory.

She regarded him with an acknowledging nod, her gaze lingering on his form perhaps longer than it was proper. His scars and the tense demeanour spoke volumes of the man’s past, he was a warrior through and through, a creature of discipline and lethal skill. In the hands of her rival he would be a dangerous weapon, however she wondered how strong his alliegnance could prove to be. Rumor had it he came from the now defunct Sapient and instead of remaining by the side of his ex-pack mates he had chosen to become part of the Thistle Kingdom right away. That could mean he valued his ambitions more than his acquaintances. A man like that could be swayed with the right means but she would have to play her cards right and wait for the right moment to make a move.

The arrival of another hunter distracted her from her ponderings, she would leave her planning and scheming for another time, the task at hand would require her complete attention. Her stern gaze fell on the brown male, given his status as a slave she didn’t bother with polite courtesies and once more glanced up to the distance where she waited for others to gather.

After a couple minutes she decided that two able-bodied males would suffice for their enterprise and proceeded to give instructions. The plan was simple, when her ravens spotted the herd they would approach as quietly as possible. Whilst the hunters on four legs flanked the group of deer, Kaeli would find a good spot to shoot down their prey. She would injure as many as she was able to so the other hunters could then jump in and take down the weakened animals.

After asking if there were any questions she mounted on her stallion and kicked him into motion. Above three shadows followed, expectant of her command.

000+ If anyone else wants to join in feel free to assume their character caught up with the hunting party on their way out of Salsola's territory.

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