[J] Just Come and Save Me, My Dear
Leader needed!
Desired Profession Path: He's a pup so Ayule for now
NPC's: None


Shaw only to begin with and set not too far from the AniWayan borders.

Word Count → 238

Caleb and his mother had been running for days though he wasn’t quite clear as to why exactly they were running. All that his mother said was that his daddy was a bad man and that he was after them. She also said that if he ever saw his father to run. His father's name was Caligula and was a big black dog like him. He nodded like he understood and then let her lead them further away from where they had lived.

She kept looking back as if they were being followed and then suddenly an arrow was sticking through her and she was off to deal with whoever was after them. He waited for her scared and thought that she might not come back. But his mother soon appeared and though she was weak, she said that the bad man had been taken care of. They however ran and eventually she collapsed and grimaced, saying she couldn’t go any further. She gave a long howl and then stopped breathing.

Caleb nudged her to get up and begged her to get up but when she didn't move, he collapsed next to her cooling body and started to sob. There had to be someone nearby since he could smell lots of wolves nearby but he didn’t want to try and move. His mother might try and wake up.

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WC: 213 OOC: She's slightly awkward and unsure and saaad ; ;

Saqui’s day started out as any other. A nice happy routine of getting up and working Mirage before practicing with her bow and arrow, then she did what she could what what plants were available to keep the animals happy as well as themselves, though since winter was coming there wasn’t much more to do.

So she took out Mirage again, who enjoyed her outtings, and Saqui thought she could possibly get a little hunting done, but a sound came that would change the woman’s life forever. A howl of deep pain came from the borders. Saqui’s head perked up and she reigned Mirage toward the sound and soon was galloping towards the howl. What she would expect she had no idea but it wasn’t the scene she came upon.

Having her bow out already in case she needed quick use of it, she saw a large dog layingon the ground, it seemed far too late for her and Saqui’s ears pulled back in sadness, but then movement from that body made her stop. It was a smaller creature, but it was another dog. Saqui dismounted her mare and slipped through the fencing that was AniWaya’s border; “Hello, are you ok?” She asked not sure how to take in the scene. She did, however move slowly as to not scare the child.
OOC: His grammar isn't very good right now :D

IC: He wasn’t sure how long he stayed curled up next to his mother. Caleb somehow instinctively knew that she wasn’t getting back up. But that didn’t change how much he wished that she would get back. He futilely nudged her some more to try and get her up but soon gave up when that did nothing to her.

Caleb looked up startled at the sound of someone approaching him. He thought for a moment that it was a bad man sent by his father. But he was relieved when it was a female, or at least as relieved as a hungry, tired, and scared pup could be. She asked him if he was OK and he gave his shoulder a vague shrug. "I is OK. But mama isn't getting up. Is she OK?" He sincerely hoped that she was and this nice seeming female would help his mother.

He did remember his manners and said, "My name is Caleb. Who is you?" His grammar could use some major work but it was hopefully understandable to the mysterious female before him. He shifted on his feet and stared at his mother's body before sniffling. "She getted back up?" His voice was extremely hopeful and he turned his big, innocent eyes upon this stranger.

Saqui could see the hurt and fear in his eyes. She looked over at the body of the woman, knowing well that she was not ok. Whatever she died of it had killed her slowly and this made Saqui’s heart churn. This was not something she would tell the little boy though. She turned to the boy; “adawesolvsdiha, She is at peace. I am sorry, she...she will not get up again.” She said motioning for the boy to come towards her. “My name is Saqui.” She said once Caleb introduced himself.

She didn’t want to leave his mother’s body there, it was a way to make bad spirits and AniWaya could not afford them, but she could not make the boy watch the burial of his mother. The thought came to her as she moved toward the border; “Come here then Caleb, are you hungry? She only had dried meat, but this would help her get the time to bury the woman without him seeing. He would be too busy while she found a place for her. Without shovels or anything Saqui had little resources to use so she’d have to work with the elements and make a makeshift cairn.

She pulled something from her saddle bag, a pouch that held her meat she kept for occasions when she was hungry but had no time to hunt. Dried meat tended to last a while but it was also hard to chew too. It would be perfect for the child to chew on. She handed him a particularly long, but thin strip.
The female said this weird word and Caleb had a 'huh?' look on his face but she continued to speak. He frowned at being told she won't get up again. "Why not? Is it 'cause she had that sharp thing in her? Is she deaded?" His lip started going like he was going to cry and his eyes were misting over as well. He had heard about death in passing and in reference to prey but never encountered it in a canine and definitely not someone so close to him. He was having trouble thinking of not being with his mother. But he did catch the female's name. "Saqui?" His pronunciation was hesitant and not perfect but he tried his hardest to repeat how she said her name.

Yet Saqui managed to keep him from crying by asking if he was hungry. Caleb nodded miserably and replied. "Yeah. And tired." His stomach growled at the thought of food. So he watched eagerly as she went to the big thing with her and got some food. It was long and dry but he eagerly took it and chewed on it. He was busy enough that he didn't really pay attention to anything else, not even being sad that his mother was dead.
WC: 275 OOC: ; ;

Her heart went out to the boy and she couldn’t figure out how to bring it to him lightly so when he dead the word “deaded” She gave him a pained look of her own and nodded yes. Words were not needed but she did hasten to keep his mind from registering too hard on the whole situation. She nodded as he did his best to pronounce her name leading him towards the horse.

She gave the boy the food and he ate at it. Mirage looked at the boy but snorted. She was usually a mean horse, and probably wouldn’t be accepting towards the boy at the moment so Saqui turned the horse away from him and walked her away. She then found enough brush and wood to cover the poor woman. So she had been hit with an arrow, which meant there was someone after her. She couldn’t smell anyone else around though. She then moved to cover the woman up, saying a few ceremonial things under her breath as she went along and promised the woman she would be back to give her a proper burial then turned her attention on the child.

It had been many minutes to gather the wood and leaves to cover the dead woman, but it seemed the meat had done what it needed as the boy had been distracted enough. When she came over she knelt by the boy and spoke; “May I pick you up Caleb? If we ride on Mirage I can take you to my home and warm you up, would you like that? She asked in a calm quiet voice.
Saqui nodded that his mother was indeed gone and he pouted sadly. "So I no see her again? Ever?" He sniffled a bit at that. But she did confirm that Caleb said her name mostly correctly and he gave her a watery smile for that but he still was a bit miserable. He knew who was to blame and although he never met the man, he didn't like his father. He hoped that he would never meet him.

He ate the dried meat quickly at first but soon slowed down at the end, feeling sleepy. So he didn’t notice her taking the horse away from him. He also didn't see what happened to his mother, which was likely better for him. But he looked up sleepily as Saqui came back to him and asked if she could pick him up. He nodded. "OK. What you do to mama? Where is she?" He yawned and just wanted to go to sleep. It had been a hard day for him and the trip here was rather long and tough as well. He did look up at her. "You take care of me, Saqui?" Home and warm sounded nice and he drowsily nodded his head to it sounding good.
WC: 223 OOC: so cute ; ;

The boy had dozed off while chewing on the food, which was probably better for him. He agreed to her picking him up and as she did, he asked what she did to his mother. She hesitated then spoke softly; “I put her in a safe place.” She said as she pulled herself gently up on the mare, using a rock to give her a little height. Normally she would just vault up on the horse quickly but with the pup, a pretty large one at that, in her arms she wanted to be careful as could be.

She looked down at him when he looked up at her and she smiled; “I sure will!” She said, a reassuring smile on her lips as she kicked the horse into a fast walk. She did not trust Mirage any faster than that and then howled for a leader to meet her in the village. She would take a little time, but the boy looked tired and she didn’t want to wake him if she got to the village itself and had to wake him with a howl so early was better than late, and headed towards the village as quick a pace as she felt comfortable with the large puppy in her arms and the finicky horse under her saddle.
OOC: I haven't really decided for sure how shy he'll be so I'll just go with what seems right :D

IC: Saqui picked him up and he snuggled against her, nodding at her keeping his mother safe. If he was older, he would have been surprised that she didn't ask why his mother was dead but at his young age, he didn't mind not telling her without being asked. He wasn't likely to bring it up without prodding. Though his father did sound very scary and he hoped to never meet the man. Hopefully he wouldn’t find him here or anywhere. But he was mostly fascinated by the big thing, which he didn't know was called a horse. But he was also very tired and did feel like he could talk very well right now.

He did give her a grin at her taking care of him and he drifted off slightly but did hear the howl which did make him open his eyes for a moment before drifting back off. He figured he might need to wake up at some point when whoever Saqui called for showed up but until then he would sleep. There was something nice about being held along with the gentle movement of the horse meant he was fairly well out of it before too long.
short, but it's late and i'm tired and i didn't want to leave y' hangin' :)

She hadn't been asleep. She'd been in bed of course, curled up with Revan. But not sleeping as such. There was little to do at that moment in time. And so when Saqui called it was easy to slip away from the cosiness of the dark jackal and her fur pile bed. The hybrid moved fluently through the shadows, but remained well seen due to the stark white parts of her furs. Long coyote legs gave her pace and she arrived at the edge of the border and waited for Saqui. She assumed, that as per usual, it was for a joiner. Though she obviously wouldn't mind if it was for something else, it was her job to attend to the pack members, day or night.

It was cold, but she was a Northerner in Europe, and she could handle it no problem. The weather was tat the rear of her mind in truth, the job at hand was more important now.
WC: 253 OOC: is ok, I didn't give much leeway. And Saqui is full of tons of emotions and thoughts lol

The horse walked on and they came in sight of Io, Saqui couldn’t help but smile. She did not make the horse go faster though, she kept her at a fast walk, still afraid the bundle in her arms would be jostled too much; “Io thank goodness. We have a young visitor, he has had a hard time it seems. She said then bent low and whispered; “His mother has passed, and I want to get him to my home quick, but I would like permission for him to be adopted here in this pack, he is too young to be on his own.”

She sat back up cradling the boy in her arms tenderly, she was feeling responsible for this boy and knew that there was something terribly wrong, because that woman did not get hurt by accident, from what the boy said but she had been far too afraid to ask him exactly what happened because it would probably make it more real, her thoughts though, were that he was being pursued and she would not allow anyone who would kill the child’s mother to take the boy himself as well. She knew Io would be ok with her bringing the pup in, the pursuer might think that the mother being dead would be the ultimate ending of the child and be done with tracking the boy down. Hopefully whoever did it would not find the body before she buried her though and the scents cleared out.
His dreams were thankfully fairly peaceful. They were about his mother but not sad or violent. He wouldn’t remember them once he woke up except for being happy in them. It seemed that despite seeing his mother die, he was so exhausted that the fact that she was gone hadn’t really sunk in for him quite yet. It would hopefully not sink into too harshly and that her death wouldn’t affect him too badly. But only time would tell what would happen.

Caleb felt the lack of movement followed by a voice nearby and he slowly opened his eyes. The surroundings and smells weren’t familiar and he looked around in confusion before he saw the woman that was holding him, Saqui. Why had they stopped and who was she talking to? He looked around a bit more and his eyes widened comically at this stranger standing there. "Who dat, Saqui?" His voice was a bit muffled and rough from being sleepy but hopefully still understandable.

Now that he was somewhat awake, he let his eyes take in a bit more of where he was. So this was where he'd be staying with Saqui? What should he refer to her as? He'd have to ask her that at some point. Now he would settle back to be comfortable and yawn.
<3 Io's pretty much all 'omg' too

Io listened intently, joining Saqui by her side and peering at Caleb. There was no paused between the end of Saqui's words and the beginning of Io's. 'Of course'. She said without hesitation, nodding solidly. 'I will inform Claudius and Ulilohi' the hybrid promised with a smile, but her attention soon switched to the young boy, 'Is he okay? He was not injured himself, was he?' She stepped forward with a concerned frown, scanning the boy (who seemed to be asleep), he seemed to be okay thankfully. She nodded again, 'Get him in the warmth quickly then, he must be extremely tired...' there was another paused as Io considered whether there was anything to add, 'If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask'.

A voice rose, and after a moment Io realised it was the boy's. 'My name is Io' she said softly, 'What's yours?' Io questioned gently, letting her hand hover over his head softly.
OOC: Irk, short but sweet :3

Saqui was glad that Io was fine with him being allowed to stay. She smiled and put more pressure on the boy with the information the woman gave; “He was shaken , and very confused, but he seemed fine, I do not think he will be too cold but I will bring him to my home and keep him there, but there is a matter of his … his mother.” She said speaking her last few words in a whisper. Caleb was waking up and spoke softly and groggily

“She is a friend and will help protect you. She has a boy of her own, maybe when you have a good long sleep and some food in your belly you can meet a new friend.” Saqui said quietly to the boy, letting him know he was now safe. No one would chase him, no one would hurt him and he would be safe with her. She said all this as the horse moved, now slightly nervous with Io near her, but Saqui did her best to keep the beasts' attention on walking and not biting at the woman.
Maybe finish soon since he's getting really close to being out of it?


“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

His still blue but slowly turning to his adult teal eyes watched her tiredly but still with curiosity. She said her name was Io and asked for his name. "I is Caleb!" He was proud of that for no reason but the fact that he was adult and introducing himself. He knew that there was still a lot of growing to do until he was a big boy but he was still glad that he was showing that he was a big boy already. Granted the effect was rather set back by his lack of correct grammar but that was OK. He didn't really care about that.

Saqui spoke about a boy his age and he perked up as well as he could when he was so tired. "Dere's anudder puppy?" But he gave a big yawn and snuggled against her some more. He also turned towards her to talk, not realizing that his mouth was into her stomach so his voice was muffled when he spoke. "I p'ay wif 'im, Saqui?" It sounded a bit like a mumble but he wasn't really going to move just to talk. He was too comfortable. So comfortable that he gave a long breath out while his eyes drooped close, soon falling back asleep, as long as he wasn't jostled too much.
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