[RO] Running in circles
Rumpa Nightshade

With summer fading fast and fall quickly approaching, the weather was beginning to cool off at an alarming pace. For most luperci, their thick coats managed to keep it from being much of a problem. Rumpa, however, seemed to have the poor luck of taking after some coyote or jackal ancestor. His fur was coarse and thin, barely enough to keep out the cold even now. He was already dreading winter.

In the back of his mind, he recalled Darius mentioning that he'd need to learn leatherworking soon. Perhaps he could convince the man to let him make some clothing out of hides with the fur still on it.

Though Everett, the scholar, had been his designated mentor, the coyote tailor had been his true teacher. Everett had been kind enough to step back when he realized his own expertise was little wanted. Rum had managed to get away with knowing how to read and navigate his way through a library and ending his scholarly education there. That's where Darius had taken over.

Initially, he'd been hesitant with Rumpa's reputation, but he'd soon found the boy to be an apt learner in his trade. Though by no means talented in the area, Rum put in the time and effort into learning how to create works from cloth that he should have put into learning combat. Before his first blood, he'd already mastered sewing in a straight line and cutting cloth. He knew how to hem and was still working on his seams.

Dying cloth was an interesting lesson though. Darius swore that Rumpa couldn't properly dye a cloth if Fenris himself came down from the heavens and did it for him. Rumpa thought his dye-work was beautiful.

Arlen Stryder, the resident merchant-wannabe would be the true test of how successful the Nightshade's work was. With a bundle of thin, cheaply made cloth folded neatly in his hands, Rumpa approached Arlen's door. He sheepishly glanced over at Darius, who nodded in encouragement, before knocking on the prince's door.

Knock, knock.

No answer. Darius rolled his eyes. You have to actually make it loud enough for him to hear you. With an experienced ease, he pulled the bundle from Rum's hands, shouldered the timid boy out of his way, and beat on the door, loud enough for the sound to reverberate down the halls.

Knock, knock!

Still no answer. The coyote and hybrid glanced at each other. Maybe he's out? Darius shrugged, choosing to rap on the door before Rumpa had a chance to suggest they leave. The boy's stomach began to curdle in anticipation. As if he'd had the power of premonition, his greatest fear came to life.

The door slammed open loudly, a disheveled, shirtless Stryder leaning against the frame with bleary, bloodshot eyes. Muzzle wrinkled in irritation, he snapped at the men who'd woken him up. This had better be good. What do you want?

Darius's ears fell back as he harrumphed. Rum, in a characteristically snarky manner he'd picked up from his sister, sneered. Well you sure are grumpy for someone who's been sleeping all day. It's already noon!

Darius bit his lip, backing away from the ever-antagonistic foes. Len's eyebrow arched up, his hackles raised. However, rather than waste energy on the Nightshade boy, he turned to the tailor instead. I was out conducting business all last night and didn't return until dawn. What do you need Darius?

I was hoping you could take these - he extended the dyed cloth to Len - next time you go trading. See what you can do with them?

Len sighed, taking them from Darius and examining them with a careful eye. I can't do anything with them looking like that. Have your apprentice make them into something I can sell, then come back. Without another word, he retreated back into his room and shut the door with finality.

Why's he always such a bitch?

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