[NEWS] June 2020

Spotlights for June 2020

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for June is Calrian (San)! He's met all sorts of traders and other faces from the region, and picked up a few to join The Troupe along the way. After facing a bloody incident and the dramatic, emotional aftermath, Calrian is doing his best to hold the band together in order to get their upcoming enterprise -- La Estrella Roja -- launched.

Community Soul

The Community Soul for June goes to all of the Spring Spree Contributors, and especially Miranda for spearheading the effort! This member-run event generated a lot of buzz and had plenty of involvement, and for those who helped bring it to fruition, we salute you!

Featured Pack Adoptable

This month's featured character is Esyllt of Mistefell Vale. One of the freshest faces on 'Souls, little Esyllt is but a chunky little ball of fluff at the moment. But given her prestigious parentage, she is sure to blossom into something particularly special.

Her mother's only daughter, she's sure to be absolutely doted upon by her sizable family both within Mistfell Vale and out of it, and is absolutely certain to get up to all sorts of mischief with her older brothers and twin Evariste.

Will the Vale's new "princess" take after her mother, the proud Ursarchon of Mistfell Vale? Or will she seek her fortunes as the acknowledged yet illegitimate daughter of New Caledonia's charismatic Lord-Regent?



News & Updates

Things have settled down for real. Finally. Right?

Notable Events

Though the weather remains temperate and largely pleasant, strange events continue to occur throughout 'Souls...

  • Beginning in early June, dead fish begin floating along rivers and washing ashore both on riverbanks and beaches. Some of the more shallow streams and creeks develop a foul odor as the amount of rotting fish pile up. For the most part, the freshly dead fish look perfectly normal with no signs of disease or distress. Still... could this be... the plague?
  • Along with fish, dead harbour seals begin to wash up on south-facing beaches. As the summer temperatures rise, the smell gets increasingly worse and mingles strangely with the persistently pleasant smell of flowers.
  • A huge, dead Minke whale washes up on the north end of the Shattered Coast. (A bountiful source of meat, fat, and oil, for the knowing opportunists... but best move quickly, the summer weather will make the stench unbearable soon enough.)
  • Another large dead thing washes up just north of the Penobscot Bay; it's smaller than the Minke whale, but has been dead for much longer. It's hard to tell what it was, but the mess of bones, flesh, and fat may still be valuable to some.

Territory Updates

Though they lasted for a little while after the May quakes, the Howling Caverns and Stellarton Mines of Halcyon Mountains have both collapsed and caved in, becoming impassable.

Skills Guide

A brand new Skills Guide has been added to the RP Guide! Character skills and abilities have become more important and more complex as society in the 'Soulsverse has advanced in recent years. We hope this guide will serve as a helpful reference for players as to how to realistically tackle things like skills progression and mastery in a game without a stats system! Shy


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