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Salsola had proven to be more than useful in one matter, but just another benefit of this was it's location. The pack was located just south of a central claim between the surrounding territories that were claimed in Nova Scotia at present. Southern travel beyond the northern tip of the Halcyon Mountains was a dedicated journey, with supplies and numbers that Shaamah did not have the purpose to fill while in Sapient's claim. While a loner in Amherst, the expanse of time that further south travel required more preparation and less contracts, to which he had plenty enough to fill at the time without requiring vacationing in Casa di Cavalieri.

What an awful vacation that had ended up being. Digging a den out to repay a favor and holding a child of a man at bay from his own death sentence in careful balance to retaining him from his debtor until she decidedly wasn't going to make it due to blood loss. Even now, as they passed into the northern most reaches of the Damp Woods, Shaamah could feel the tension in Zetsubou rising. The boy's addition to this trek was only for the addition of another back to carry scavenged goods on, but it hadn't taken long for Shaamah to regret the notion. Still, Zetsu had a debt to pay and Salsola needed supplies from those under their claim.

A wince sounded from behind him and Shaamah turned to face his servant with a glower, the boy nursed his foot, red iron in his hand from a wound. The soldier didn't have any patience left to give the boy and with irritation at his constant failures, Shaamah approached him quickly,” Walk,” A widened eye and hot breath danced in Zetsu's face. The beast didn't care if he were wounded, nor if it was torn wide or became infected. The single word was all it took to get a hobbled limp out of the servant, and Shaamah in turn followed to ensure that the pace was kept properly.

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All that he could focus on was the ringing in his ears and the panting in his lungs. Despite the chill in the air, the heat of his breath wafted in panting, a lolling tongue taking in gulps of cold air in an attempt to remedy the warmth in his body from exertion. Of course, he had the bags, the food, the weapons, everything on his back, despite Shaamah's superior strength. Without having trained properly in a couple of weeks, save for when Shaamah thought it ought help by knocking him around for a time, he was sore from having traveled only this far. He knew he'd traveled farther with less effort, but the churn in his stomach bayed him stop and take a break. ;

Knowing better than to ask for something that meant so little to his father, his slave driver, his 'master', he carried on without a complaint. Not a peep came from him until the electric fire of pain shot up his leg from his foot. He stumbled, the pack sliding to the ground as he braced himself against a tree and pulled his footpad upward. A shard of glass embedded a shallow wound into the black leather of his pad, though despite it's depth, it was wide. Two claws picked at the shimmering, transparent edge that slowly grew red until the bit was finally free of his foot. He didn't have the moment to right himself before Shaamah was already in his face, barking orders that both of them knew he could back up, and both of them knew that Zetsu wasn't willing to test.

Kneeling, he lifted the pack from the ground and swung it over his shoulder. He waited for Shaamah to take the lead, but a look in the soldiers gaze had him walking on. The last thing he wanted was that monster behind him, watching his every step, waiting for him to make a mistake. It made his pace hurried, despite the new wound that stung with each instance of the rough, cold ground that dug into it with leaves, sticks and stones. Ink-tipped ears followed the beast from behind, his mind only begging for preparation when Shaamah had enough of his limping, of his being a living-being. Every moment was waiting for a fist. Every breath was a trembling, fearful thing. How many more moments of life did he have left?

He should have listened to Hibiki.

The two toned fae had set her mind on making this journey quite some time ago. No amount of pleading from her father or anyone else could make her reconsider. She wanted, no, she needed to find the man who's pups were quickly growing inside her. It didn't matter if he wanted to be involved in the lives of his children or not, she would ensure he at least knew of their existence. In all honesty, Dusk didn't hold out much hope that she would end up with a big happy family after this little confession, after all, neither one of them had intended for pups to come from their interaction. She had so much to drink that day, she could hardly recall how exactly it all happened in the first place, but she knew it happened and the pups within her rounded belly were proof of that.

Atop her steed, the journey was relatively easy. There was no way she would have been able to even make it out of Casa in her condition if she hadn't been on horseback. How in the world her mother managed to train, hunt, and care for their family up until the day she actually gave birth was beyond her. Thoughts of her mother quickly distracted the woman from her intended coarse, until a familiar scent reached her and a name softly left her lips. Zetsu. She urged the beast beneath her to race off towards the scent. Now that she had finally pinned down his location, she wanted to move things along. It was unfortunate that he was not alone though. The two toned fae had hoped she would be able to speak with the male alone, but with his father's scent mixed in with his own, it didn't seem that would be possible. Telling two people they were going to be a father and the other a grandfather at the same time was certainly awkward, and in no way ideal. Perhaps the old man would be kind enough to give the two a moment to speak privately, though her intentions would likely already be clear as soon as they saw the belly. No matter what may happen though, at the end of this pregnancy she would have pups of her own. This meeting would only tell her if they would know their father or not.

As she closed in on the pair of males, the faint scent of blood also reached her, though it wasn't something that would cause concern. It likely only came from a minor wound after all. Mismatched eyes locked in on the male she had been searching for, slowing her horse to a walk as she approached them. Zetsu, I've been looking for you. As her gaze flicked between the two, it quickly became apparent that they were in the middle of some sort of task. Zetsubo was carrying a good amount of bags and items on his back. She stayed up on her horse just a moment longer before slowly dismounting. It took a bit of extra effort to ensure her feet touched the ground with a good amount of care, not wanting to bring any harm to the little ones in any way. I uh, was wanting to talk to you. She did her best to keep her gaze fixated on Zetsu, but every once in a while those bi colored eyes glanced back up at the towering grey man. Dusk was aware that he and Zetsubo didn't have the greatest relationship, though she hoped he would at least get the hint and give them just a moment to talk privately.
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A horse wasn't a quiet beast, and it didn't take Shaamah but an instant to turn around and face where they'd once come from. Brows furrowed with agitation as a broad hand slapped on Zetsu's shoulder, pulling him around to face the coming woman on horseback. This was not a good time for the Hushhowls to be happening upon him, nor was it planned. He paid special mind to the idea that the woman had tracked them, and the stern expression on his features spoke a quiet question. 'How long?'

Zetsu swung around, pivoting on his injured foot with a grimace, before wobbling around and finally facing ahead. He didn't have to look at his father to see the dismay on his face. Ears flattened. He was in trouble now.

“Dusk?” He spoke softly, a hush over the deep breaths that his father took between them.

As he gaze wavered between the two of them, Shaamah's eye looked down upon her with a condescending tilt of his maw. It didn't take a sniff to know she was pregnant. She was just about bursting at the seams. It made little sense for her to stray from Casa di Cavalieri in this condition. Either a fool, or wanting something. He'd thought for a moment of how his debts had been payed well enough through, but a flash in his eye caught his breath.

Pregnant. This far from home? Tracking them. Seeking Zetsu by name? How long had they been gone of Casa di Cavalieri?

The pieces of the puzzle seemed to only fit one way, but it couldn't be possible that Zetsu had done anything with the woman. She was capable, at least, and had a pack full of far more capable and likely suitors than Miwa's failed attempt at a legacy.

Already Shaamah's blood was growing hot and the wrinkle in his nose put a spotlight on his growing anger. Jaws clenched with a tension that played out through his features. He was a very, very unhappy man. The benefit of the doubt could make or break his paper-thin patience at this point.

Knowing Shaamah's silence meant that his fury was too much to speak at the moment, Zetsu tried to smooth over the sudden meeting,” Talk to me?” One brow rolled up as he fought not to make eye contact with Shaamah. His father, slave driver, didn't have to do anything at all but breathe for Zetsu to get the hint,” I-uh... We-... Uh...” Looking down at her belly for a nice distraction, he stumbled over some hesitant laughter,” We'd love to help you with that... but... after last-time,” Ebon dipped ears rolled flat against his head. It was a bald-faced lie that he didn't want to help, but there was more truth in what Shaamah wanted and would allow him. It seemed what was obvious to Shaamah wasn't so-much-so with Zetsu. The boy was looking down at his bleeding foot. Oblivious. How predictable.

In order to speak without revealing his fury, he released the tight hold his teeth had on his tongue and he took a heavy breath through a pink-tipped muzzle. Zetsu would be so very, very lucky if she were simply here to ask with help for her birth as Hartt had done. To which he would quickly decline, they would be on their way, and none of them more worse for wear.

Talk with him of what?” Shaamah's arms held tense at his sides, his fists coiled, with a tension no different than he held before. It wasn't a resting position, however, and he clearly was interested in very little of what Dusk had to say,” It can be said to me,” Taking her notion to dismiss him by speaking directly with Zetsu first, he tossed out any idea that she'd be able to utter a single word without him present.

To further the idea that she'd have no partition in this conversation, Shaamah stepped between them. Tail high. Ears alert. His dominance would not be taken lightly, and in her condition she'd be a fool to see to it otherwise. Zetsu's two toned eyes peeked from behind Shaamah, worry on his features,” Are you gonna be okay, Dusk?” Putting his claws between his teeth, he breathed in sharply. He couldn't understand why Shaamah was so puffed up, but he wasn't about to argue about it. It wasn't his place anymore. The red son no longer had that freedom, or any freedom anymore.

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The moment she arrived in their vicinity, the stern, agitated look upon the grey beasts face was quickly noted. In all honesty, Dusk had never truly taken the time to get to know the man. She simply knew him as a friend of her mother's, though she never expected to be met with such hostility simply for wanting to speak to his son. Zetsu seemed to visibly shrink in his fathers presence, something she hadn't really noticed quite as much before. Was his father really someone he feared so much?

Every passing moment she stood there in the presence of the pair of males, only seemed to anger Shaamah further. The clenched jaw gave away just how angry he was becoming. Though, the two toned fae was unsure if it was simply her presence alone that angered him so, or if he had already figured out why she was there and that was what caused his blood to boil. Why would he be angry about pups though? Sure, they weren't planned by any means, but it wasn't like she was simply dropping them off with the males.

Zetsubo didn't seem to catch on, but before she could even attempt to talk with him, his father moved to stand between them. He made it clear that she would not be speaking to his son, his hands curled into ready fists. It was in that moment that she seriously considered leaving right then, but Zetsu needed to know. His head popped out from behind Shaamah, posing a question to her with concern spread across his features. A hand reached up to grip onto the saddle of her steed, the other resting on her rounded abdomen as her gaze flicked to Shaamah before meeting Zetsubo's worried face. I just wanted you to know the pups are yours. You can be involved if you want, or not. I just wanted you to know you are going to be a father. Her two toned gaze then flicked back up to Shaamah. And you, a grandfather.
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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: .
Just like that, everything had gone silent in Shaamah's ears save for the ever present ringing.

Dusk's maw continued to move as if speaking, but not a sound reached him. Zetsu's eyes widened and he moved around Shaamah, who had become frozen in place in disbelief.

“What-? How cou-!? Wait, that night?? That night!?” Even as his screams were silent in his father's ears, Dusk could easily hear him loud and clear," It was just one time- I didn't think-, but how? I-..." The swirl of emotion that came over his features in waves crossed him as confused, then terrified, and as if Shaamah didn't exist any more, his trepidation slowly morphed into something warmer. Something welcoming,” They're... They're... mine?” His jaw jutted forward as he craned his neck in awe and placed his hand on hers as it rested on her stomach,” They're.... ours?” He looked up at her, pleading that maybe she sought him out so he could earn his duty as a father.

Just as quickly as that wave of hope washed over him, it crashed into the sea again.

Eyes widened as he straightened up, his sights staring into hers with a terror that she'd soon find out. Two-toned eyes darted to the corner of his sight where Shaamah loomed. Not knowing what to expect of the man, he turned slowly, as if the world was made of glass and any motion could break it. His eyes found Shaamah's. The heat was radiating from his body.

Every muscle in Shaamah's body tremored with a whirling storm of ferocious rage. A pin-pricked blue gaze turned down as his world spun in slow motion, meeting Zetsu's aghast horror. Light rippled in his vision and the edges grew dark with each furious, trembling breath. Muscles twitched in all corners of his face as the words rung now obstreperously in his mind.

“...The pups are yours.”

His lips curled.

“You are going to be a father.”

Brum brum. Brum brum.

Blood pounded in his head as his vision faded despite a single, wide, malevolent eye.

“And you, a grandfather.”

Just like that. He was gone.

An explosion took off inside of him. His voice erupted at a height it had never taken, a furious roar like nothing Zetsu had ever heard. Anything that dared the winter nearby took flight at the sudden thunder. Within seconds, Shaamah had moved through the father-to-be and armed himself, sending Zetsu sailing aside as he lifted a Tekko clenched fist and brought it down across Dusk's jaw. Their pack flung wildly onto the ground, sliding across the earth and leaving no cushion for Zetsu to land on. The boy rolled across the earth in the same instance that Dusk was struck.

It was in her luck that he'd found the one without the blade on it's end first.

It was not in her great fortune that when her body twisted, stunned by the brute force so suddenly, she could not defend herself.

With the other hand, free from the weapon, he gripped throat before gravity could bless her with the kiss of the earth. With a straight arm, his fingers pressed into her throat as he found his backing. With all of his weight, he forced her body against a tree and reared a fist back. With another blood-rotting roar, he released the spring of his shoulder and forced the Tekko upward, into her swollen belly.

Again, and again, and his eye not once left it's glazed, absent state. Not until a force stole his balance, pulled him to the wayside and his grip on Dusk was lost.


Zetsubou's weight was enough to push the beast over and steal his footing, and it took everything in him to get Shaamah down to one knee. His arm coiled over Shaamah's throat and he squeezed with everything he had in him, turning up to look at Dusk just long enough to get a second wind of fury," Dusk!" Curling his knuckles, he brought a rain of fists down on Shaamah's skull, but the attempt was futile.

The beast's lips curled, one arm reaching over his back and gripping Zetsubou by the shirt. Inertia did the rest of the work as he flipped Zetsu over his back, and stumbled to his feet, still dazed in fury.

He landed beside Dusk in a heap, but didn't waste a breath to take the opportunity to crawl over to her,” Dusk? DUSK!?” Zetsu's warm hand placed on her face as the towering behemoth took steps labored as his consciousness fought to take him back from his irate black-out and into the corporeal world,” Dusk, C'mon! Please! Please wake up!” Black fingers cradled her head and neck as he kneeled," Dusk, please," Tears welled in his eyes," I want to be their fath-Uyaaagh."

Before Zetsu could finish his confession, Shaamah wrenched at Zetsu's hair. The leather bound, ebony locks were a fast hold as he pulled the boy to his feet and tossed him against a tree thick enough to hold him. Rather than meet Zetsu face to face, Shaamah moved in reverse, and sunk the charcoal corner of his elbow deep into his chest. The boy could do nothing bust gasp and gag as the wind left him. He fell to the ground, wheezing, curled into himself and clutching his chest as he quaked in agony.

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Dusk got out what she felt needed to be said, just waiting to be told to leave based on how Shaamah was acting. For whatever reason, the large man did not seem pleased by her company in the slightest. Instead of what she had prepared herself for, the older male stood there frozen in place while Zetsu was the one to speak. His surprise was quite apparent, his eyes wide as he stammered out his many questions. Those confused and frightened questions only proved to sadden the Hushhowl girl.

She had hoped he would want to be involved in the lives of their pups, even if he didn’t want to be with her. Mismatched eyes glanced down at the earth below her feet, just trying to accept that her children would never know their father. Before she knew it, the tone in his voice changed. It didn’t hold that terrified tone as he spoke, asking if they were truly his. A soft smile tugged at her lips as his hand reached out to rest on top of her own lying on her swollen belly. She didn’t say anything, just gave a simple nod of her head to confirm what she had already said.

This cute little moment didn’t last long though. Confusion crossed her own features as terror shone in her companion’s eyes. It was different from before when he was simply scared of thought of having pups for a moment, this was a look of pure horror. He turned to look at his father behind him, his movements slow. Dusk followed his gaze and looked up at the grandfather-to-be and even her blood seemed to run cold instantly. The look on that man’s face held a blind furry that she had only seen one other time, when Hartt had learned what Remus had done.

Shaamah exploded into a fit of rage in an instant. In the blink of an eye, he was upon them. He threw Zetsu to the side and swung his fist into Dusk’s face before she even had the chance to attempt to defend herself. Before she even hit the ground, his hand was clamped down around her neck and he forced her back against a tree. Rough bark pressed against her bare back, her feet kicking out wildly as he pressed into her throat with all his weight. Her airways were effectively cut off, leaving the poor girl to claw at the man’s arm and doing whatever she could to try and loosen his grip. Unable to get a single breath in, her jaw hung open in a useless attempt to fill her lungs. The blood vessels in her eyes began to pop, leaving patches of bright red on the whites of her eyes. In that next moment, a fist connected with her belly multiple times.

Just as she lost consciousness, the Hushhowl girl was finally released and fell in a crumpled pile to the ground. Ragged breaths came from the unconscious woman, the raspy sound leaving her open mouth the only sign that she still lived. Blood quickly began to seep into the ground between her legs as Zetsu came to her. Red covered eyes opened slowly as his voice reached her, though she couldn’t say anything or move. Everything hurt far too much to even try to do anything. Even keeping her eyes open was quickly proving to be too much work, that is, until a new pain began to radiate from her abdomen.

This was different than the pain already inflicted by the blows dealt by Shaamah. Her eyes widened in horror and agony at what was happening, still unable to make a sound or scream. She could barely even muster up a whimper as her body reacted and did what needed to be done. More blood spilled out onto the ground, though it was not her own this time. Unable to move, Dusk could do nothing as a small pup came from her, it’s white fur stained red from the blood pouring out of its cracked skull. Tears streamed down the Hushhowl girls face, knowing what was happening and why she couldn’t feel any movement from the pup or hear any of its cries. This was nowhere near over though.

A hate filled gaze glared up at the man who did this, a man her mother had considered a friend, who was there for her death and helped mourn her. If she lived through this day, she would come back for him and take his life in exchange for the lives of her children. A life for a life.
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A beast marked out the sun, casting his shadow on the two bodies he'd felled with efficiency and precision. Souls in their time that couldn't compete with what he had been forced to become. Cold blue gaze, a single hateful eye, looked down on the woman that Zetsu had crawled to, and the curse that had poured from her. The brilliant sheen of the snow steamed as pools of crimson melted deep rivers into it's icy surface.

No more children of his blood would live. Not if he could help it.

His father would be proud.

Corded arm lifted his palm to his face, the tekko sitting neatly, and patiently, as his sight slowly came to the corporeal world. Anger, so steadfast, fury, so strong. It would be a lie to deny that he'd been longing for the feel of his old skin, again. His actions, while some might find them sporadic and unhinged, seemed to be planned from the start. He'd not been looking for souls to strip from the earth, but as they always seemed to, the living that were set to die found his hand. It was comfortable. Familiar. Satiating.

He never did like the Cavaliers to begin with.

Wheezing in the background was only given one ear as he leaned over Dusk's pain wrought body. In her eyes, he saw what he hungered for. Hatred. Vengeance. The look of a casualty of war. Just like home. A narrowed eye scrutinized her body, taking in what she was worth. It was a well educated guess that she wouldn't be getting up and walking anywhere any time soon. A hand met the snow, bracing his weight as he leaned toward her.

“You will learn your lesson, or you will die as well,” The intensity of his eye played no joy, no impish nature or crazed hunger. No; this was corrective action in the only way it should be done. If she so chose to make the same mistake again, to try and offer a life to his bastard son who hadn't earned it, then she would suffer the same fate as the child that died between her legs.

If he could see himself, now.

Rising to his feet, the sudden sounds of footsteps in snow brought him around. Zetsubou charged him, still gasping, voice hoarsely cursing. Shaamah didn't even have to move. The boy hit him, and punched at his chest with waning spirit. A frail attempt. Even more a reason to be disgusted with the boy. Finally prepared to show the boy what he was worth, Shaamah raised his tekko high. What Shaamah hadn't expected, however, was a roundhouse that was faster than lightning and strong enough to turn him completely away.

Dark feet stepped aside from the inertia.

Zetsu crumbled, then, at Dusk's side one last time,” This is my fault. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry, Dusk, please. I'm sorry. Forgive me,” Tears streamed from his face as he used his last seconds he could to do what needed to be done,” Dusk, Dusk, listen to me,” Holding her jaw, he tried to keep her eyes away from the blood below her, even as his stomach turned and his heart grew faint,” Dusk, Shaamah is a killer. I am his slave and I can't get out. We need Hibiki,” A growl stole his attention for but a second, but he brought his eyes back to her,” Hibiki is my brother. He's in the Court. Find him. He can help us,” His last words a whisper,” Please don't die because of me,” The tones of his voice shuddering with weakened breaths,” I'm not worth-”

Zetsu was torn from Dusk by a livid and powerful force. Shaamah's body stood where Zetsubou once begged her to live, and without another eye offered to the girl, he marched to where the boy's pack had rolled. Leaning down, he plucked it from the earth and ever so quietly, he spoke to the woman on the ground as he made way to Zetsubou,” His life hangs on your silence,” The low hum rumbled, his features curled in feral fury.

Beside his servant, he reached down and pulled him from the earth by his ankle. Even at his height, he still hung well off of the ground, save for dragging fingers. A groan crept from his throat, but any other sounds were silenced by the swift kick. It was pure heartless fire that moved him, and his anger roiled in his heated blood. When they returned to Salsola, Zetsu was going to be gifted the finest of Shaamah's preferred treatment that was offered to prisoners of war.

Limp and frail, Shaamah lowered his arm and brought the boy's head against the earth. Like this, he drug him from sight, without another word, or threat, or promise of return. If Dusk survived, then it would be in her family's best interest to refrain from finding the wolf that claimed a legacy that wasn't hers to have. Shaamah already knew he could take Darkness' life from him, and there were little more but children in their den. It would be a fool's errand to wish death upon her own family by seeking him out, because after today, it would be proven to her that he was capable of doing anything he set his mind to. Even if that meant truncating his own blood for a higher purpose.

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