[P] Between Two Points
OOC: Takes place in Shiloh Hills. ^^

IC: Continuing South through the unfamiliar lands, Adari and her companions were slowly covering ground, seeing just how far the lands would extend before reaching the ocean once more. Today they wandered their way into the Shiloh Hills. It was beautiful countryside but a little too open for the Blaise woman who preferred to remain unseen and unheard more often than not. She wasn't interested in joining any of the packs she could sense all around her, even though they could provide her with more protection than she could muster up by herself. Even so, being so exposed made the flame pelted wolfess very uncomfortable.

On this day she relied heavily on her peregrine falcon Qeyta to keep her keen eyes trained ahead of the company as she traveled over the rolling scenery, the hills making it difficult to see what lie ahead in their path. In the trees at least she could keep herself mostly hidden. Out on the moors riding atop the massive Gypsy stallion Vespasian, and with her bright orange pelt, Adari knew she stuck out like a sore thumb. She needed to get back under cover of trees. She felt safer there. Especially with all her valuable belongings traveling along with her. She really needed to find a place to store the things she didn't need with her all the time. But until she'd explored the lands entirely and chosen a place to mostly settle in, she couldn't deposit her things anywhere and keep a peaceful mind.

Crossing her way nearby a pack border, but not within the danger zone, Adari just focused on one thing. Get from one point to the other. Her goal was a copse of trees up ahead. Between the two points she just had to keep her wits about her. With bi-colored eyes scanning all around her, and sensitive ears swiveling in all directions the wolfess just prayed to the goddesses that she'd not be spotted. She didn't need some nosy stranger up in her business. Though being so close to a pack as she was, she had a sneaking suspicion that she'd end up stopped by someone anyways. Sighing she desperately urged Vespasian into a trot, getting closer and closer to the treeline. "Almost there..." She thought, eager to be undercover again while remaining inconspicuous in the meantime.
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Niro was finally home but Marahute was restless and the eagle wanted to just go further south. Niro grunted at the thought but he let the large bird of prey lead the way. He wished that the golden eagle would just give up what she was looking for. Because Niro knew she looked for something, but what he had no idea. Perhaps she was growing further away from him and wanted to find a nesting place.

The open field they found themselves in was not what Niro thought for a good nesting spot. “Come on Marahute... I want to relax Tasha is already home and sleeping.” He said under his breath. Then he saw the shape in the distance. His head perked up. There were very few with a pelt like that. His own son had one that looked much like that but he knew it was not Jiva. The shape was far more feminine. He figured he could figure out who it was now. Marahute soared overhead keeping her eye on the falcon but was paying more attention to other things. “Hello!” Niro called as he walked toward her. His limp quite noticable but he did not show any agitation or show of unfriendliness.
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In a rush to get across the open spaces, Adari nudged Vespasian into a canter. The trees were straight ahead. She'd feel a lot better when she was back under their covering branches. Leaning over her stallion's neck to aid in his speed, Adari closed her eyes, mumbling a small prayer that she'd not have to cross another open terrain like this in a good while. But just then a shrill cry echoed across the field coming from Qeyta and the woman's eyes snapped open and her head whipped about alertly. Vespasian slowed at a simple word from his rider and sure enough Qeyta's warning cry had been correct. There was a figure approaching from ahead, from the very copse of tress she'd been hoping to disappear into.

Pulling the reins back to bring the Gypsy cob to a full hard stop, Adari cursed to herself. "Damni it all! Looks like I've got company after all..." She growled a little and huffed out a sigh. "Hello!" The male called amiably then and Adari's mood grew even more sour. Stiffly nodding her head to the stranger, lip slightly curled in a displeased sneer, Adari glanced away a moment. "Hi." She said quietly through gritted teeth, unheard by the limping wolf. She debated just spurring Vespasian onwards and around him, galloping away without another glance, but she knew that would look super suspicious. She couldn't risk that. With a reluctant groan and a roll of her eyes, Adari stayed put but kept her paw on her knife just in case, forcing herself to suck up her annoyance as the the male approached. Vespasian sense his rider's unease and pranced a little sideways and snorted nervously, ears slightly pinning but Adari lightly jerked against his reins to make him hold still. Allowing the male to come close enough for conversation, Adari kept her expression neutral though internally she was frustrated beyond belief. With an effort she spoke as simply as she could. "Afternoon. Can I help you with something, sir?" She barely managed to keep her annoyance from her tone. Bi-colored eyes trained themselves haughtily upon her new found company displaying clearly she was in a bit of a hurry. She had wanted to avoid having to talk to anyone today, but it seemed fate had decided otherwise.
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